Blink the blood from your eyes

and p r a y it doesn't see you



S h a d o w F o x                        M a l e                            A g e l e s s

"Syn" || "The Black Animal" || "The Shade"

"The Mortifera's Shadow"

"Bastard of Ash, bone and Blood"



 THE FOX varies in size: he is able to increase and decrease in size at will depending on the amount of darkness cast over the area. His figure can range from a small, ghost-like silhouette upon the wall, to a seemingly normal vupine, to a monstrous amalgam of eyes and teeth. 

    The shadow swirls and flicks like smoke every time the fox moves, not unlike a candle freshly blown out.

 The darker the area and the thicker the shadow, the stronger and larger Synova can become. 

> MILKY WHITE irises lack a pupil and to throw a white, lantern-like glow, which highlights a wry grin that remains a prominent feature etched across his carefully-chiseled features. 

That grin,

that damned G R I N is hardly quick to fade

> There is not much to say of his "Dweller" form, or "Stolen Skin" as he calls it, for it was taken in a time of dire need. Synova snuffed out the life, the very soul that inhabited the body and claimed the shell as his own. 

This humanoid shell stands at a height of a few inches below six-feet,  and bares ink-black hair against pale physiognomy. 

     He has the EYES of a Fox: they are Striking gold in color with vertical pupils when he wishes them to be. His eyes change from gold to a pale silver when he is about to shift.

This "shell" is seldom used. 

Charismatic ✔  Meticulous ✔  Bold ✔  Determined 

Egocentric X Presumptuous X Blatant X Audacious X

Synova is a fox. 
Expect him to act like one. 

- - -

> IT IS needless to say that Synova is an incredibly sly, cunning, and quick creature. He will use his sharp skills to his advantage, and is known to manipulate others to his will. 

     He is a rather arrogant and oftentimes presumptuous individual who tends to prod at other people’s nerves using discreet tricks and sarcastic snaps to push his company to the limit. These are usually mere tests to see if they are "worthy" of his company, or could possibly be useful to him in some way, shape or form. Either that, or he simply finds you interesting

Synova is not the sort who will easily resort to physical violence, and takes little pleasure in blood-drenched rampages. However, If one succeeds in crossing him, Syn will be more than willing to stoop to the lowest of lows to get back at them, using dirty tricks and debouched strategies to make the offender suffer sevenfold.

He enjoys the occasional cold-blooded hunt, but prefers to not waste the effort on needless activity

Synova is very intelligent and has a talent for strategic planning. Yet surprisingly, he is oftentimes incredibly lazy and bears a lack of moral motivation. He chooses to scheme, hunt, and "work" on his own, unless he knows he will be able to get something out of working with others. Never before has he helped another out of the "goodness of his heart." The Fox always has reasons behind everything he does. He lacks empathy for the most part, so he cares little for taking lives or putting others in danger to meet his own goals. 

However, there are a few... particular, and exceedingly rare exceptions to this. 


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Synova is by far my oldest and most well-developed character. His background, his story, his relationships, abilities/powers, and any interactions and other characters mentioned in RP have been thoroughly constructed through years of role-play. However, I still consider him a Work-In-Progress, and he will continue being a work-in-progress for as long as he is around. Any significant plotline and / or character interactions WILL become part of his main story, and will potentially influence any future roleplays to come.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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  • Was his statement heard? Jason hardly thought so. Yet he knew they had to have been; the man was hardly so soft spoken that they wouldn't. Frozen in place where he had found himself, until the final confirmation was given. The silence- the tension between the stare was something that felt as if it were ready to snap like a rubber band. To what response was given, there was no telling the actions of either. Any could get him killed just as quick as the others. 

    The gap he had given himself was diminished to none with the fox's strides forward. Leaning back heavily on one of his heels, Jason would find himself still. His jaw tightened when persistent words came. There was a subtle twitch of his fingertips, the inventory of what he had on him running through his head out of habit.

    His stare dropped to the hand offered in front of him with less certainty than was present going in. His lips pursed, and he gave a shake of his head. "You can collect your down payment, you'll find it in the theatre... I'm out."

  • Amusement was hardly shared between one and the other as a stern expression landed on Jason’s face. As he listened along, the imagery he had come to in talking to Donivan once more entered his head. The child, the house, the flames. Perhaps he had known all along what side the fox lingered on within the story. He still didn’t know what to make of it moving onward. When the fox gave an itinerary until morning come, he said not a word. Sorting out what was overloading his thoughts already.

    The silence was a shared thing for the next expanse of time. Without eye contact offered, he still kept his stare on the obsidian creature’s form as if it would slip out of his vision if he didn’t. Was there more to be said, or was he going to be left at that? Words were forming in his throat to be spoken if it was the case, but before he knew it Synova’s tone drifted through the air once again.

     “So it wasn’t the kid, the family, not Donovan… it was the whole damn army.” Jason muttered as if to note bitterly, all the while Syn’s current human form had shrugged. He fell back into listening, weighing this information in his head. What would have happened, then… if Donovan had known of the fox’s presence? Was there any stopping what had happened? And the amalgamate of a creature that had forced its way into the library?

    Before a hypothesis came, Syn continued on to answer promptly. The further along, the more it put a pit in the man’s stomach. Remembering the Devourer, the flames. Putting forth an image to his head. “And if they had never infiltrated… the building wouldn’t have burned, then?” Jason suggested. Around the corner they turned, his boots stopping on the pavement not long after the other had. To the sight of the scroll being unrolled, hesitation shone in blue hues. There was something in the air. Something in his gut that was telling him to take a step back.

    “Some third party, or the kid himself, then.” Jason concluded under his breath. The words seemed dissociative as his mind lingered elsewhere. So he’d killed the man on purpose. Maybe he should’ve been asking himself why he cared. What the matter had to do with him, and- …well, that’s just about all he was thinking about.

     “I’m out.” He spoke. Just as fast as the words came as conclusion. Jason stared back at Synova almost startled that he had said it aloud. Something of a wild look in his eyes while his expression was stone cold. “Unless you’re planning on telling me the whole damned story, but you don’t seem like the type to do it, are you. You’re gonna have to find some other pawn.  I’m out.” The man spoke lowly, a bit more certain of himself. A couple steps back were taken to accompany it.

  • Sounds seemingly bounced off the walls of the library space, none louder than the pounding of the man's own heart in his ear drums. In a place where very little sense was allowed to be made, given the split seconds that accumulated into his time within the library. As for the current, those split seconds erupted in what were the sounds of the beast's thrashing. The slightest of attempt to glance back were given, attentive to the creature at hand as well as the cryptic task given. 

    To the sight of the child, Jason's heels pressed to the ground in an attempt to stop himself, shifting direction to follow best he could. Silence struck him no differently than as if a cold air had swept through the building. A wayward glance was cast over his shoulder to where he had once precariously checked for the whereabouts of the amalgamate. The screeches lingered as absent, replaced by the footsteps. Heeding the warning, Jason glanced back to the fox nearly apprehensively before his back turned again. Listening in what was silence until the huddled frame of the youth was found. 

    "Here you have it. What the hell's next?" Jason muttered quietly. A tone accustomed to the quiet that was the once-library space. The man's jaw tightened ever so slightly as the boy was hoisted upwards. He wasn't a child killer. And yet, it wasn't his job to finish all the same, was it? Taking a pose as still as a statue, the fate of the child was all but decided in his eyes. As the flames rose up, a brow furrowed to the withering of the second entity. Had he imagined that? All concentration would hardly stop a subtle flinch to the grasp of his wrist, eyes snapping to the fox. 

    Jason took long strides in pursuit of the doorway, leaving the building behind while there still was a building to linger. "...Do you feel like telling me what the hell is going on here, yet?" The man had the gaul to finally ask, feeling heat on his shoulders dissipating the further they went. "It was you then, wasn't it. You set the place ablaze back then... purple flames and all?" While adrenaline worked wonders on getting him to open his mouth, his feet were moving quicker. 

    Until suddenly, they weren't. Practically running into the other he forced his boots to halt. Blue hues snapped wide open. His jaw tightened once more, and seemingly every muscle in his shoulders-up went rigid. He should've moved. He should've ripped his head back, and yet, he seemingly couldn't. Jason's stare came as a mix of something aggressive, and confusion. Stuck frozen peering back at golden hues that housed something violent they hadn't prior. When released... he let a breath escape that he hadn't realized he was holding. Shaken, was a word of choice over the matter.

    "Young kid, acting strange, speaking to imaginary friends in his room. Obsessed about it, he said. Drew pictures of an animal of some sort and put them over the walls. You wouldn't know anything about that... now would you?" His eyes settled heavily on Synova. "He said people might've thought he started the fire that took out the Soulbound's royal family... Violet flames." The ending word lingered to leave a sour taste in his mouth, the further he thought. Jason's tone of voice dropped as he continued. "So, what do you know about all of this..?"

  • The fox seemed rather tame, which surprised Nemo, but what surprised him even more was the fact he allowed the fox inside the apartment. Tundra helped instill this thought with her behavior, it was certainly abnormal to find such a woodland creature in the city, especially how different its appearance as well. It definitely felt like someone's exotic pet had found its way to his apartment, seeing how it clung to him at the mentioning of food. 

    What did foxes eat? He looked through his fridge and found a package of raw chicken. He placed it on the table and pulled the plastic cover off, leaving it open for the fox to take if he so desired. Nemo went to the cabinets to pull out a ceramic bowl which he filled with water and placed beside the chicken. "There." He said, watching to see if the fox would take the food.

  • Nemo merely watched the fox, following him from a distance, but nevertheless keeping a close eye on him. A low growl was heard from the other room. Tundra had woken up to the sound of the window opening, and was now peeking from the other room. Stifled boofs erupted from her jaws. 

    "Tundra, no." Nemo reassured. The white husky, with reluctance, went to lay in her bed, but kept herself awake to listen for any trouble.

    "Are...are you hungry?" He asked, walking to the fridge to see if he had any meat inside it. He was used to speaking directly with animals, as he had done many times before with Tundra.

  • Nemo was doing his daily chores during the afternoon, his mind wandered as his hands worked autonomously, whether it be washing dishes or watering the plants. Tundra was fast asleep in the next room in her dog bed, all curled up.

    Nemo was moving closer to the windowsill to water the plants there, until something was seen in his peripheral vision. His gaze casually fell on the fox for a brief moment, until the realization slammed against his head that the creature was sitting on his windowsill from such a height, Nemo nearly dropped his watering can. He placed it on the table which was in arm's distance and then leaned over the plants to open the windowsill. Nemo held it up until the vulpine decided to enter at his own free will. His multicolored eyes looked into fox's golden hues with concern and a hint of curiosity.

  • ( Of course. Thank you. Please take your time.)

  • ( My pleasure. I would be happy to write with you anytime.)

  • An amused snort bubbled up from his smirking lips. Nose crinkled in amusement. “Only a monster who hasn’t been caught.” Wasn’t it so? Gods were adored because none of their transgressions were aired for all to see. Yet monsters, around every corner, were labeled and categorized with defining attributes. Ask any mortal and they’d practically give you a formal for your average monster.

    But Gods. They were undefinable. They had yet to be categorized and every action they took, every word said, it’d all remained hidden because ‘only the privileged’ have the right to know.Gods were no better than Monsters. They were all monsters in the end. Mild shock from those flames made his eyes widen. The only one who’d be able to notice is the kind of creature that looks for that sort of thing. “Glad I didn’t disappoint.” 

    His movements were supernaturally quick. Careful not to blink or else, Synova might miss his movements. Apollo’s torso curved just enough for the blade to pass as he avoided it. Narrowly missing Apollo struck out by wrapping a quick hand around Synova’s wrist firmly. Some might be more focused on disarming their enemy, but Apollo’s caustic smirk only grew wider. He yanked the arm he held onto forward, dragging Synova with it, right towards the knee Apollo hoped to impale into his enemies gut.

  • ( Thank you for the invite! Perhaps you'd like to RP? )

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