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  • Romus glanced down to his phone, a smile pushing his lightly bearded cheeks back when he saw the home screen. It was Rosa, his girlfriend of a little over a year. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, beautiful coral lips. She was his lighter counterpart, nuzzled against his cheek in the frozen image on his phone screen. He could remember how she smelled that day, with a nose as powerful as his, who couldn’t? Thanks to those wolf genetics gifted to him from his great grandfather, Fenrir, Scandinavian Lord of the Wolves.

    The Viking-to-be looked up when his plate was delivered, as well as his Oreo milkshake on the side. Triple cheeseburger, with two deluxe fries. As a descendant of Krampus, he could eat a millennia of these plates. Food slightly sustained him, as he was a wolf and grandson of the child eating demon, Krampus, but his father was a soul devourer- the Apocalypse Incarnate.

    Romus sometimes felt the overwhelming urge to take souls, he became hungrier for typical food more often than not, but human food hardly did anything for him. Still, the Scandinavian wasted no time digging in. He glanced around the diner- old school places like this could be easily called his aesthetic.

    Peaceful thoughts were soon interrupted by the voice beside him. No, not the voice, nor the smell either, it was the feeling. The aura, some would call it. Romus turned to look at the fellow beside him. Male in appearance, brown hair, big eyes, not bad looking at all….he looked quite similar to Romus. However, it was what lie within that intrigued him. Souls, not just one, multiple. Not the man’s soul either, multiple of other peoples, most likely human.

    Romus cleared his throat. “So um,” he popped a fry in his mouth. “What are you doing here, ordering food when you could be sucking the life out of something?”

  • ((I’m kind of debating between Malcolm or Melodie ? and right now I’m really leaning more towards Melodie the little sister too Malcolm witch I have muse for at the moment. ))

  • (Your welcome. Let me know when you're up for something)

  • (You know, I've had a browse through both of the characters you mentioned and I can work with either one of them, it'll depend on you. Whichever you have more of a muse for works for me.)

  • ((Before we start witch characters of mine do you want too use. Or do you want me too pick ?))

  • ((It’s okay I’m a bit late on my responses as well. And sure we can start up a roleplay or just do some friendly banter with one of you’re characters? that’s if you don’t mind ?. Since I have a few really late owed replies too finish up O.o. ))

  • [ Thanks for the invite ]

  • (Sure thing, did you have any ideas right off the bat?)

  • (Thanks for the invite)

  • The lights seemed to blare above him, like the stairway to heaven. The crowds raucous cheering filled his ears as well as the declarations for an encore. The stadium was packed with people, desperate blonde girls in the front pushing against the metal barrier to grab at his shirt, his hair and toss bras listlessly up on to the stage. But there was nothing brighter, nor that spoke louder than the smile he wore on his face-

    Romus snapped back to life, his round, deep brown eyes blinking around the cafe. He sat atop a wooden stool, acoustic guitar in his lap, one hand clutching the fretboard, the other dangling over the guitars body. This was reality, the world he returned to from his daydream as he sat on the stage. His time was over, realizing he had spaced out halfway through "Dear Maria, Count Me In."

    Scrambling to his feet, the young Scandinavian was up, hurrying to the backstage, red blossoming beneath his fair skinned cheeks. He hurried off with his earnings, only a little less than one hundred, leaving the cafe as quick as possible, guitar slung over his shoulder.

    It was only a dream.

    Romus made his way down the street, chilling night air grazing his skin, however his blue and white varsity jacket acted as a defense from the cold. He didn't quite feel like heading home yet, and his stomach growled beneath his white tee shirt. The old school diner wasn't too far from here.

    The Apocalypse Incarnate turned a corner, frightening a stray cat that undoubtedly smelled his lupine scent and caught his chaotic aura. Most non-supernatural animals got like that around him.  It wasn't very long before Romus arrived at the diner, opening the door, the red and blue neon lights and silver aesthetic hitting him hard. He took a seat at the counter, on the blue, red and metallic silver stools, eyeing the menu. He set his guitar down beside him, letting out a sigh and combing his calloused fingertips through the beginnings of his brown beard. 

    "Oreo milkshake, please. A triple stacked cheeseburger and fries....make that two large fries, please." The waitress nodded kindly as she took his order on a pad of paper and headed off. Romus sighed a bit. He loved places like this, bright and dark at the same time. Vintage. A bit of the past that had bled into the present.

    It almost reminded him of himself.

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