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  • Romus blinked, absolutely baffled at the compliment...thing...right? However, the Scandinavian flinched once the stranger suddenly turned on his heel and went back from whence he came. And, he was left confused. There was something oddly familiar about him though, some kind of hunger in his eyes that Romus could relate to. It was strange, however the boy merely shook it off, wetting his lips and returning to his guitar, fingertips dancing over the fretboard once more.

    And right as another passerby's child scurried over with three dollars and dropped them down into his guitar case, a smile pushing her rosy cheeks up towards her dark eyes, was when the stranger came back to Romus' surprise. "Ah..hey again-" He started, scratching at the beginnings of his beard but was interrupted as Cole began to speak. And after the strangers quick string of words, he was bolting off down the street, leaving poor Romus flabbergasted yet again.

    But when that lovely brown gaze returned to the concrete before him, a slightly bent concert ticket lie before him. And who was Romus to pass up a free concert? He carefully picked the ticket up, examining its design before folding it and placing it inside of his wallet. The Incarnate couldn't help but allow the questions to fill his mind; why had a stranger on the street handed him of all people a ticket to his own concert? Just...why him?

    After half an hour, excitement pushed away doubt and he packed away his guitar, then proceeded towards his car, a little Honda he had gotten for his seventeenth birthday, and placed the instrument in the trunk carefully, before stepping into the drivers seat. After checking the location on the ticket, Romus was off.

    He parked not too far away, stepping out and shutting the door behind him, sultry gaze following various junkie-looking millennials, rather edgy looking teens and skater-punks as they entered the venue. So, he followed suit. 

  • There was something borderline enchanting as his long, lissome fingers danced over the strings of the guitar, hand gliding over the frets, the pick plucking away and occasionally he played a few finger picks. Music seemed to dance on the crisp, night air as dark indigo hues bled into the reds, oranges and pinks of the sunsets, chasing away the luminescence on the base of the clouds.

    Romus didn't quite mind the concrete beneath him, even though his hipbone stabbed against it, no he was too focused on his sound, his rhythm and soon the sound of his voice.

    "I had a thought dear, however scary, about that night- the bugs and the dirt~

    Why were you digging? What did you bury? Before those hands pulled me from the earth~"

    His voice was like milk and honey, something so agonizingly captivating that it seemed only the Devil could make something so pleasurable to the ear. After all, most things that felt good, that felt right were deemed sins of the flesh. 

    And so he sat, legs crossed, acoustic guitar set in his laps, long fingers with tips calloused from a lifetime of playing, his music overtaking the avenue. His wooden brown hair highlighted slightly with subtle dirty blonde was tousled, windblown to one side, his large yet deep set eyes trained down on to the hard concrete beneath him, his full, plump pink lips forming each syllable.

    "I will not ask you where you came from, I will not ask and neither should you~"

    However soon enough, a lanky fellow stood before him, casting darkness over the little light he had to play. The Scandinavian looked up to him, lips parting, scratching at the bit of facial hair he had growing around his granite-cutting jawline. "Oh-" Romus murmured, clearing his throat again. "...Thank you."

  • She stared at him, an eyebrow raising.

    "I don't even know you, and I find you disgusting, Milo."

    And Anke turned on her heel and walked away.

  • What a fucking smart ass. 

    That lazy smile that worked it's way up onto his lips irritated her even more then she was already irritated. "Milo? What kind of name is that?" Adorable, she would admit, but at the same time, she hadn't ever even heard that kind of name. Though, considering her name was Anke, she had no room to speak. 

    She took a step back to take in his appearance. Black hoodie, that oh so irritating, smudge look, that relaxed way he stood. God, he had gotten what? Two sentences out, and she already felt like she hated the guy.  But she couldn't just accuse him and beat the shit out of him in the middle of the New York. After all, she had her pocket full of certain merchandise that the police shouldn't have.

    "Don't act all innocent. What if you did something, and just don't know you did?" Her eyebrow raised, but Anke let out a chuff. "But that's not why I'm here, pissed at you. I just want my wallet back." It had everything she needed to get around, like her I.D and forms that stated she was just visiting America. Her credit card and phone hand been shoved handily down her bra this morning.

  • Times New Square,-

    -the collision point of Broadway, Seventh Avenue and 42nd Street, at 11:48 P.M.  

    It was always a little busy until it got dark like this. The traffic remained horrible, not that she could care how fast the traffic was, or the fact that it was still not the place she called home. Street and car lights alike lit up her path, as her dark brown eyes closed, so she could fully appreciate the "I'm eaaaasy~ Easy like a Sunday morning." that pounded through her headphones.

    This was New York, and New York wasn't like any of the Russian villages that she had occupied before. 

    She hugged the lilac fur jacket around her tighter, zipping it up once the skin that showed through the plain gray crop top was just too riddled in goosebumps, and in the process, her wallet had jutted out her back packet of the skin-tight, washed out, skinny jeans. A perfect for something that she hadn't had to worry about back in that small-time Russian village- pickpockets. It took a moment for her to realize that someone had slid by her and took her wallet, and when she was turning on her heel, she had pinned the crime on the wrong guy.

    "Hey-" Those earbuds were tugged out of Anke's ear and stuffed into the coat jacket as she went after the guy she thought took her wallet. It didn't take long for her to catch up though, and before she knew it, she was grabbing his shoulder, and in a jerk, trying to make the false offender look at her.

    "Who the fuck do you think you are?" 

  • I will send a starter asap~ Where would they meet up?

  • W H E E Z E
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