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многія means "many" in Belarusian.

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  • As Fox stepped downstairs he would start to see a bright light that shined over him. The sounds of people yelling and shouting can be heard around him. The lights would slowly dim revealing a town with people standing near stage as a woman would be kneeling in front of three men supposedly judges. "Margaret Nin, you are here today because you have been caught trying to cast a spell by using blood magic.  Do you confess on these charges?"

    The woman now known as Margaret Nin would begin to cry as she would beg to the judges. "I did no such crime, I am innocent, I am telling you that I lost my eye from the flames of a lantern!" She shouted as she tried to make sense to those who would not listen to her. "Silence you curr, for your blasphemy you will lose your tongue at dawn!" One of the judges spoke while two men wearing all black would lift Margaret off her feet and take her into the tower.    As the townspeople cheered, a man wearing all red with a helmet on his head with horns decorated onto it watched idly behind the crow with a frown on his face. 

  • Replies will be written up later today!
    Thank you for your patience. 

    ~ Foxy

  • A meeting at the docks could work. He could be dealing with someone who owes him money for a shipment that came through and got damaged or lost. Hmmmm. Do you want it to be day or night time and who begins?)
  • Rocket had ran on ahead of his master, making his way down the hill first before Royal could do so, his auburn brown eyes glanced around his world, wagging his little docked tail before his ears flicker picking someone walking in his direction. He turned his head in the direction of which the noise was coming from, for a moment a soft growl escaped from his chest, he wasn't sure who it was but whoever they were, kinda spooked Rocket in a way to say the least. After a couple of minutes later, a tall male was seen walking towards Rocket, guess the guy was just as spooked at Rocket was cause he fell on his backpack with a loud crash. Rocket tilted his head to the side as he venture over to the male, looking at him and sniffing him a bit to get a hold of his scent.

    Just then, Royal had finally reached the bottom of the hill, her ruby red eyes scanned around looking for her companion, at first she had thought that the little dog had gone further then what she had thought but then, she spotted her dog a couple of feet from where she was, sniffing someone he had bumped into. Royal shook her head slightly at the dog before she begin to make her way over to both the dog and male that was now on the ground, she kinda figured that her dog had a hand in this. Rocket was such a friendly dog when it came to meeting new people; as she walked closer to the male, there was a slight pause in her steps when she took in the male's scent. Well, not really a scent but red flags were going off in the back of her head, warning her of danger was close by...her body started to tingle just a bit and not in a good way either, she was getting this certain kind of vibe from this guy, a vibe that she hadn't felt in years since the death of her father...

    "Sorry about that, Rocket here....likes to jump on people when he knows that its rude to push people down to the ground." 

    She turned to eye the dog that was now by her side, Rocket looked up at his master, giving her a soft whine before turning his attention back to the male again, the way that Rocket was acting was very clear to Royal that something was up, though of course she didn't let be noticed or anything, for now she just decided to play along for the time being as she reached out her hand to help the guy off the ground.

    "Pretty nasty fall there eh..?"

  • Thanks for accepting(:
  • The cloud of red would dissipate from around her, revealing the triton-armed mer before Iaophae. And it revealed to him, some sort of monster that in just seconds would morph into the frame of a beautiful woman. She swallowed hard, gills flexing at her neck where the skin had tore, her gemstone gaze dancing over his frame. "Ah'm nah 'ere ya hurt nah one." Iaophae began, her eyes darting down to the labored whale, then up to the merman before her. It took every ounce of strength for her to ignore the temptation of blood, the cloud around them taunting her inner Rusalka. How badly she craved living flesh but- another sensation tugged at her heart. The female whale was in excruciating pain, something unnatural and inapplicable to what birth should feel like- Iaophae should know. "She be in pain." The Sith said suddenly. "She be in pain an' her babe is hurtin' too."

    Without a moments notice, Iaophae dived for the whale, floating down to her side, placing her long nailed fingers on her gray, blubbery fin. "Her babe be breached, lad." She murmured ominously, looking over her shoulder to Caspian. The soothsayer began to make her way down to the giant gray whales long tail, touching along her muted-colored blubber in order to offer bits of comfort and consolation. As a Cat Sith, she possessed the ability to communicate with animals in a way most others could not. And in this case, she was telling the terrified mother whale that it would be ok. Everything would. But Iaophae knew how breached babies often resulted- she knew all too well. But a whale calf was much stronger, more durable than a delicate, frail human infant, and Iaophae had birthed children before, both human and animals, all sorts of creatures.

    She paused at the base of the mother whales tail, reaching forward to begin to turn the infant whale around so it would enter the world head first. Inside, Iaophae was panicking. What if she couldn't save the calf? She knew the mother would live but...it was possible the poor infant would perish. Her heart ached at the sound of the mother's pained, worried wails, feeling every drop of fear and agony the whale was in right this moment. "Distract her, do somedin' ta help her, lad. Don't jus' float dere!" Iaophae nearly growled as she looked up to Caspian, sapphire eyes flashing with ferocity, as she felt a motherly protective instinct over the whale and her half-born calf. "Do somedin'!"

  • {A large island perhaps or by the sea like a beach? Someplaces land meets water since sharks stick to the water and dragons like one stay to the air or some large cavern. 

    Assuming this meeting is taking place in present day. They could even cross paths at some shipping docks/pier, or some boat port. 

  • Caspian:
    {Only if you want! I know having two threads with me plus main is a lot}
    “Of course!” Scout wouldn’t let him stay in the storm. That would just be cruel to Caspian, after he had helped her out. “Glad you like it.” A small laugh escapes her lips as she watches him get startled by the couch. “I’ll sleep on the couch, you take the bed, if you stay.” The rusalka watches her with an amused twitch of her eyebrow.
    “I’m planning to stay here for as long as needed. Got clients to help, you know?” She said casually, before realizing how it might sound. Like she was a prostitute or some shit. “Not the guys- those aren’t my clients. There are girls who’ve been in similar situations as I was in the past, so I go to who they want, and expose the bad guys.” In short, simple, pg-13 terms.
    “Land person?” Scout smiles again. “Aren’t we all a bit of a land person? I get it though. People don’t like motels. They aren’t the best place to stay, but they are good for travelling, even more so if you got to go and leave fast.”
  • When Fox spoke no one replied to him, as if he was the only one there. He would start to feel a chill around him when he  took the book.  the wall that he broke down would soon begin to slowly form an ice wall. smoke could be easily seen with every breath he took just from how cold it was.  "Leave this place, do not come back."

    A voice spoke out to Fox, a woman's voice that came from behind him.  If he would turn around to look he would see a woman running straight toward him screaming eerily.  She would phase right through him but a greater chill could be felt when she did so. It was clear that she wanted him to leave, but why?"

This reply was deleted.

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