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  • Times were tough, jobs becoming more strenuous as more and more desperate people sought out the Black Cat to enable to proceed the most daring jobs.

    Left with little choice in the matter, a lone thief took said contracts, often proceeding with outside help to disable security, and hack into systems, most of the physical left to her. Combat boots mercilessly flattened flora, leaving behind squashed prints whilst marching through the undergrowth, pausing to peer round the corner towards the
    extensive building looming ahead, menacing and foreboding in its own right. Plump pink lips pursed thoughtfully speculating her options.

    The crescent moon glimpsed out from the cover of clouds flitting across the dark dreary skies, smothering the tiny dots of sparkling stars, finally blotting out the moon completely casting the world below in shadow only lit by the flickering lanterns and lights, tiny beacons in the black. The perfect opportunity, afterall a slim petite frame fitted out with ebony snug tight pants, a matching long sleeved top, encased with a form fitting black leather jacket. Brunette strands whipped in the teasing breeze as the girl crept forward, decision made.

    The house was scoured for
    available entrances, resolving to just go for the front entrance. The lock was picked with expertise, the handle tugged down whilst leisurely thrusting open the door revealing the darkened hall before her. Not a creak betrayed the thiefs’ whereabouts, not a scuff resonated to give her away. Surefooted and as quiet as a mouse, the woman made her way up the winding staircase, to one of the many rooms having scanned through blueprints of the structure beforehand, memorizing the halls, and most specifically the intended target. A safe deep in the belly of the structure.

    Pressing a sensitive ear up to the cold metal of the vault, twisting the knob until resounding clicks of satisfaction sounded
    mutely throughout the room, until the steady beep of the safe releasing finally terminated the code. Swinging open the heavy steel door, wads of money were grabbed and stuffed into a backpack, counting out the amount carefully. Rosemarie will only take what the contract ordered, nothing more, nothing less. Once done, the safe was closed and locked, a zip ricocheting securing the bag making her way back out of the room, glancing up at one of the security cameras with a wry smile and a salute. They can see her now, but they can’t find her later. Afterall, disguises were fabulous in their own right.

    With a sigh of relief, she made her way back to the front door, mindful of making as little noise as possible. 

  • Serenity came to find just what she needed a rock just the right size to crack the fruit open. Her singing falling to a mere humming tone. Lifting the pineapple up above her head bringing it back down against the rock. Though it took a couple attempts she finally cracked it open with a smile dancing across her lips. Taking a small piece lifting it up to Chip watching him just about swallow the small piece causing a burst of laughter to fill the air. She adored the little sea turtle, she had saved him yet wasn’t able to save his mother. Pinching off a piece for herself drawing it up to her lips closing her eyes enjoying the sweetness. Having not noticed Arch walking up behind her. Blinking her eyes open at the sudden sound of a male’s voice. Sucking in her bottom lip drawing the juice from her lip the feel of her heart beating against her chest. She hasn’t meant to stare, but what was he? Surely he wasn’t human she had never seen anyone that beautiful before. Sucking in a breath with a soft rise of her chest breathing out slowly.

    Serenity lifted her hand wiggling slender fingers towards him bashfully. Studying him for a moment she wandered was he like her of the sea? Though she couldn’t ever remember seeing him, she would remember a face like that. She couldn’t trust her voice enough to speak it took her awhile to warm up to others to even think of speaking. Her father had raised her to believe her voice was poisonous even deadly like that of her birth mother’s. Pressing those thoughts to the back of her mind craddling the pineapple in her hands lifting her lithe form up in a soft wave extending her arms out towards him offering him some. Nervously drawing the curve of her lip between her teeth surely her cheeks were flushed. Forcing herself to stare at the fruit not to make it awkward. Feeling Chip scramble over her shoulder hiding in the loose tresses of her hair as the parrot retreated back into the trees.

    Serenity’s attire was that of the sea, though maybe he would only think she lived on the island. Curves adorned with pearls a variety of different colored sea shells. Though she had porcelain features pale she was not. Her skin a soft sunset bronze, those loose curls array of chestnut, crimson, with a touch of blonde flowing into the ocean breeze. Her scent of flowers along with saltwater. Releasing her lip allowing it to spring back naturally. Lifting a trembling hand using sign language a form of communication unsure if he would understand anything. She would sign to him “Serenity” is my name what is yours? Allowing her hands to place the fruit upon the rock. Though besides her father and her half twin annoying brothers Arch was the first male she had came in contact with in what seemed a lifetime.

  • Malory's grateful smile quickly fell from her lips as the scream reached her ears, quickly looking towards the door of the hut. Oh no, not again! Not so soon after an attack had just finished. Springing to her feet, Malory followed Kyra out of the hut, her new sword still in her hand, ready to fight, until she saw what was actually going on.

    With a frown, first in confusion and then in anger, ending in fear, Malory watched it all happen. Arch being restrained was not a sight she wanted to see, it nearly twisted her heart. But seeing Asa being dragged, looking so scared, utterly terrified, and then--

    Malory didn't want to see it. She didn't want to see Asa decapitated, by Sails none the less. But she hadn't been able to look away, hadn't been able to say anything to stop it before it happened. She wasn't surprised to hear that Asa had been up to something, her behavior had been odd the past couple days, but she was just a child. A child deserved punishment, not...not this.

    Still feeling sick to her stomach, Malory started walking towards the crowd, her face set in anger. "What the fucking hell did you do that for!?" Shouted the Gryphon Rider to Silas as she approached, holding her sword tightly in her fist to the point where her knuckles were turning white.
  • With her friends Midnight a would black dolphin and his sister Winter a soild white dolphin swimming the currents side by side nearly racing to see who were the fastest. Chip her little baby sea turtle nestled in her shoulder. Watching the two dolphins soaring upwards flipping into the air only to dive right back down beside her causing a fit of giggles to spill past Serenity's lush pastel pink lips.

    She would of done the same but being her species was rare to humans a mere fantasy story told to their children. She was cautious when she came close to any shore. Always sending Midnight and Winter up to make sure the coast was clear before she would surface. Nuzzling into their little snouts as they bumped into her affectionately their way of saying it was safe. With a soft kiss against their little noses she swam closer towards the shore till the waves crashed against her shoulders. Inked condensed lashes fluttered upwards revealing the depths of those emeralds hues with hidden golden swirls hidden within them glancing around seeing no one in sight.

    Noticing it was indeed safe she whispered a little spell she had found in her birth mother's journal. The mystic colorful orbs danced about her lithe form where once a tail there were now a pair of legs. The orbs creating a skirt of pearls and sea shells about the small of her waist. He's chest still covered in her sea shell top. The wind flowing through those chestnut tresses breathing in the fresh air giving Chip a little nuzzle with a tilt of her head. A bit wobbly at first till she got her bearings set it. A giggle escaping her lips once again of the ticklish feeling of the mud squishing between her toes a feeling foreign to the little siren. With soft foot falls leading her towards her favorite place among the island. The field of flowers that were beyond beautiful all sorts of bright colors. Parting those rosey lips a soft alluring melody nearly as angelic of those of angels spilled fourth into the ocean breeze kneeling down slender fingers gathering a variety of different colors weaving the steams together creating a beautiful flower crown placing it upon her head.

    Lifting her small frame up in one fluid motion her voice carried upon the breeze with a song in her heart bare feet making prints in the sand heading off towards the little jungle in search for those sweet tasting fruits she loved so much. A growl in her tummy with a mere thought of how sweet they were. Chip nuzzling her neck giving her ear a nip here and there letting her know his little turtle self was wanting a bite or two of those fruits. For it was a treat for him as well. Hearing the sounds of nature venture closer towards her she could only smile at the parrot once he landed on her shoulder lifting a delicate hand to give a little pet to its head not sure what else the siren's voice would attract. Once she made it towards the heart of the forest she came to her favorite tree reaching upwards to extract the pineapple craddling it into her arms looking around hunting for a rock to crack it open.
  • Malory did as was suggested, sitting down beside Kyra and crossing her legs, which was much easier without the numerous injuries she had been inflicted with while fighting. Thanks again, Arch. At that thought, she spared a glance at the door, as if looking over there would make the man in question come back, but she knew he would be far gone by now. Shaking her head quickly, Malory looked back to Kyra. "They came for me?" She wasn't surprised to hear that, that's what she had thought, but hearing it did make it...worse. So many people--men, women, children even--were dead and mourning because of her, because people had come for her.

    Maybe that was a selfish way to think about it, maybe the other tribe would have attacked if she had been there or not, but she couldn't help but feel guilty. She hadn't been able to defend these people from people who were attacking them because of her. Having become so engrossed in her own thoughts, Malory blinked and shook her head quickly before looking back to Kyra. Now was time to listen, not wallow in her pessimistic ways.

    Honestly, why wasn't it a tribesman? Why was it Malory? She wasn't even from this plane, yet here she was--The Gryphon Rider. Thank god the tribe who had found her and Arch was the tribe who the Gryphon Rider originally came from. But would it really be any different if another tribe had found them? Maybe they all thought that someone from their tribe had been the first Gryphon Rider...Again, something to think about at a different time. Malory looked down at the sword as Kyra unsheathed it, gasping softly. "Oh, Kyra..." Taking a breath, Malory set her cup of tea down before running her finger along the sword, feeling the cool metal on her skin. "It's beautiful. Thank you--if your grandmother's grandmother was here, I would thank her as well." Malory did love her sword, it was better than any human could make--but it wasn't like this. This sword was...something else.
  • "Huh?" Cole raised an eyebrow in question, his mind taking a moment to properly register what exactly it was that the guy with the guitar was saying. "Oh, your welcome? I mean -- at the end of the day, you had to have already known that. Or else you wouldn't be out here playing on a street corner." He gave the boy a smile and shrugged a bit. "Your really good. As I said already. So... keep playing. You got some real talent."

    With that, he turned away and began walking back in the direction he had initially come from and started heading back that way. He knew that his soundcheck was most likely happening soon. If he was late again, his manager would most likely have his head, or take away his guitar while they were on the bus. Both of which would have been absolutely horrible in their own rights, though one more so than the other. Though he only made it to the street corner before his brain somewhat forcibly stopped him with one of its somewhat idiotic ideas.

    "He's gonna think that we're absolutely batshit crazy. You do know that right?" He murmured under his breath, as to not make people think he was completely crazy since people would no doubt think that about someone who's talking to themselves is. "Apparently you don't care." He sighed and turned around. "Let's do this then." Cole turned around and jogged back over to where the boy was sitting. He began speaking before he could say anything else, for fear he'd chicken out if he didn't. "This is going to sound weird and creepy. I know that. But I'm going to say it anyway." He paused, running a hand through his hair and essentially making it messier than it already was before he continued. "My band and I are having a show today. You should come down and watch. Maybe we can jam a bit afterward or something." He pulled a single spare ticket out of his pocket and dropped into his guitar case. "Come if you want. Or don't. I'd understand if you didn't since I'm a stranger. But it'd be cool if you did." With that, he turned around and took off running in the opposite direction, trying his best not to be late again.

  • ||Aaaaaarch xc I haven't heard from you in a while...||
  • Litness. I am open for threads.
  • All the cities tended to blend together.

    New York, LA, Chicago, they all just began to look the exact same. Big cities that all held building. All the buildings had people either in them or working on them. Everyone in them walked, talked, and did essentially everything in their lives the exact same way. It fascinated Cole. How people could go their whole lives living the exact same way and not even think twice about it. Cause heaven knows that he could never do that. Live the same day over and over again. He lived for variety. For surprises. The only stable things in his life were music and food. But one of those wasn’t in the least bit typical.

    He had no idea where he was. A while ago he had stopped asking his manager where he was going and simply decided to go with the flow. It was always more entertaining that way. Made getting there and each and every second afterwards somewhat of an adventure. A scavenger hunt that he had to go on to try and piece together what was happening and where exactly he was. Though that certainly wasn’t easy considering his schedule. Which was comprised of a lot of going and a lot less stopping.

     This was one of the few times in quite a while where he could take a minute and breathe. Take in everything that was around him and relax.

     The day was just beginning to end. The sky turning from the brilliant yellow color to, what Cole considered to be even more beautiful, shades of pink and purple that the sunset usually brought. Air crisp, though not cold, that nice in between that the evening tended to carry with it. All the shops were beginning to turn on their lights, turning the streets into a beautiful sea of color. A steady stream of people walking in both directions, speaking to each other as if they were all good friends. One of the rare moments of random kindness that humans seemed to have for each other.

     Cole watched everyone with mild fascination, people tending to do the same back to him. Which he understood, he had never tended to meet people’s typical beauty standards or whatever. Always seeming a bit out of place. But that was fine with him. Cause when he began to sing, people tended to forget all of that.

     He pulled his leather jacket tighter around him, though considering how low his shirt was buttoned that didn’t really do anything for him. Headphones were in his ears, playing absolutely nothing, they were more so there to deter people from attempting to talk to him. With only fifteen minutes left until side check he knew that he should probably head back. In fact, that was his intention. Though admittedly that didn’t happen.

     Instead Cole came across a boy. Sat under the covering of a building, leaned against a wall, with a guitar in his lap. He was playing, fingers dancing skillfully over the guitar strings, as his voice barely managed to reach over the sounds of the city around him. The singing and playing was beautiful, and what immediately caught his eyes. So, he couldn’t help but pause his walking and take a moment to pause and listen to him. Pulling out an earbud and focusing himself exclusively on the music.

     “You are really good mate.” Cole spoke up after the boy had finished, and flashed him a smile. He pulled a few random dollars out of his pocket and tossed it into the guitar case that was sitting in front of him. “Don’t know if you were actually looking for money but your pretty good so… Here ya go anyway.” Cole shrugged and awkwardly shifted from foot to foot. “Right. I’ll be on my way now then.  Have a show to get too and everything. But I hope you have a good night or whatever.”

  • Anzu breathes a bitter sigh and shoves his hands as deep as he can get them into his pockets, staring out at the sea.  The sound of the tide crashing into the caves below was deafening, even louder than the sigh of the wind.  His sliced open shirt flapping behind him like the wings of a bird.   Then, after a while he looks down at his bare chest to see his wound totally healed.  And drying blood all down his stomach, stuck in the thin trail of hair running below his naval.

    Then, a voice on the wind stirs him from the dark recesses of his mind.  A man's voice, smothered by an accent that's not unpleasing on the ear.  Anzu lifts his head and turns half-way to peer over his shoulder, golden hair a windblown mess of spikes.  A cool smirk tugs at the corner of his mouth, but doesn't quite make it.

    Finding a totally naked man standing behind him wasn't something he was expecting.  And he's usually never surprised by anything.  And never speechless.  This is one of those rare moments that he's surprised.  He doesn't show it.

    "Dangerous things? And what kind of dangerous things would those be?" Anzu brings a hand up to scrape a bit of dried blood from his chest, then peers at his dirty finger-nail like it's a revelation offered to him by the gods.  Perfect white teeth gleaming when he suddenly grins. "You? Or the sea?"

    Anzu's moss green eyes are glowing cat-like in the shadows that gather in the sharp, handsome angles of his face as night descends. "I'm exactly where I need to be.  Who are you?"

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