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Simplicity defines the best writer

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Owen Rambang

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Dark, tall athlete body.

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Meeting new people and taking challenges

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Character History/Story

January after the conflict broke out in South Sudan, I dashed out of the country to take a new challenges. Being a writer, feeding the world with the atrocities carried out by both Government and Rebel. Now that am here, I think it's where I can developed what I have started.

Character Inventory

Initiated Youth program to unite all South Sudanese Youths

Character Abilites

Ability to become better and better everyday.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

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About the Writer (OOC)

The writer is from South Sudan, Africa. He initially created programs to unite his people but with parties engaging in fighting all over, he can't seem to get a hold of unity he wants. He now prefer reaching out to the world through writing.

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