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  • She smelled the rabbit blood of the prey Raymond had caught before she smelled him. Rosa went up to pinch her nose, her stomach growling. How long had it been since she had hunted in that form?  Felt the air pushing against her fur, carrying the scent of a potential snack, biting through fur and flesh, breaking the bone around the neck, crushing out the air, life, and blood or something?

    Too long. It dulled her, but it didn't pull her to the point of distraction, where she couldn't see amber colored eyes glinting through the trees in front of her. The little werewolf almost stumbled back in a slight jump, shocked to see any sort of wolf out in the neck of these woods.

    Part of her could tell this wolf was off, even before she held a hand out, not in a way that said 'sniff-it-please' but rather 'don't-attack-me.' Those blue eyes try to meet with the amber colored eyes, the blue around her pupils flickering like a fire. She was trying to assert her dominance and make it clear: Not just any wolf could pick a fight with her and live. Yet, this wasn't just any wolf.

    That nose wrinkles up as she takes a sniff and lowly, she mumbles out. "Whoah boy. Just passin' through. We good?" There was no expectation for the wolf to speak out, so Rosa slowly moved out of her defensive stance.

  • The forest was peaceful. Not the kind of peaceful were everything was deadly silent, because, obviously, that would mean something was wrong. It was the kind of peace that called to Rosa as she looked through her bedroom window, seeing sunlight drip through the pine and maple trees, hearing the bird chirps, and could practically taste fall in the air.

    She slowly got up from the bed, mourning the loss of her blankets with a yawn, before changing into the outfit she set out the day before. A burgundy crop top with a black leather, skin-tight jeans, and high top, matching, burgundy converse. Blonde strands of hair were tucked carefully into a neat ponytail as she checked her phone. There were no new messages, so she wandered off downstairs. 

    "Mom, I'm going outside." She announced loudly. Her half-sisters, the twins, weren't there for the weekend, so the a-framed home was rather quiet. "Ok, but please, stay so I can have a word with you-" But before Rosa's mother, Mouse, could get another word in, the teen had spun around on her heel and was walking outside.

    The birds chirped up above in the wooden limbs of the trees, and Rosa smiled to herself. One thing, larger then most birds, was crawling down the large oak tree by the front porch in a quick movement. "Mornin' Pebbles!" She called out as the pocket dragon scuttled over, and fitting to his species name, settled down in the front jean pocket. She chuckled lightly and ran a maniquered nail under his chin in a small scratching motion, her ears twitching in amusement as he purred. 

    Then there was some down wind, hitting her straight in the face, and carrying a new scent. Her eyes dilated, and before she knew it, she was chasing the scent. 

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