Lily was born to the alpha of the crescent moon pack and his loving mate. There first born but not there only child. It was a happy life for first 8 years. Her father showed her so much love as did her mother. Though lily could still tell they were hiding something or at least hold something back from her.Lilys first shift was at the age of 5 unlike normal wolf pups who first shift at the age of 13. Even at that age Lily’s wolf was bigger faster and stronger. This lead to concerns amongst the pack, they all feared what they didn’t understand. The Alpha knew Lily would be different he just didn’t know how different she would be. Once lily started to show her true power the pack began to fear her. She ended up with no one no friends or family. Even her own mother turned on her. Finally at the age of 8 her mother gave birth to her son. With this birth Lily’s life was would change. Within a month of her brothers birth lily was sold to group of vampires. Her family packed her into a cage and loaded her into the back of the van. She screamed cried even begged for them to stop but they didn’t. Her once happy life was completely gone and she was now alone.

Once settled into her new life with her owners she began to notice how truely different she was. She had the power to control the elements to change the weather and to summon demons and spirits from the other side. Her owns were pleased with her but that didn’t mean they liked her. She was trained for the next few years to be a killer. To take orders and follow the rules. If she didn’t she was punished well more like tortured for days on end no food or sleep just pain. She was 11 years old the day they completed her training. And on that day she became the true monster everyone feared. They strapped her down to a table with silver chains put a muzzle on her. That’s when they decided that she wasn’t strong enough and they needed to up her power and strength. They began to experiment on her trying to find away to turn her into the hybrid she was now. A combination of vampire wolf and witch. After many day they finally succeeded she was as they said finaly complete. Though they didn’t stop to think about what they were doing. You see lily turned but she became someone even they couldn’t control. She suffered with blood lust a hunger that was never satisfied. She went on a killing spree killing more then 20 people who worked for her owns. She felt nothing but hunger and hate. When She finally escaped hell she made her own way into the world still fight the hunger everyday and still being hunted. Years have passed since then but she is still running moving from place to place trying to find a home or even a safe haven to just live her life. One day she hopes it will end but till then she will continue to fight for her freedom

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Character Name

Lily Wolf

Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

5”5 Pale skin Long raven black wavey hair Bright blue eyes Curves in the right place Tattoos coving both arms, back and legs. Wolf form her fur in pure white with bright blue eyes. She stands at 5 ft tall on all fours. Is an Alpha is her own right.

Character Personality

Timid , flighty, but once she knows you she can be Fun, energetic, caring. Had her guard up most of the time.

Character Likes

Dominant males Having fun with friends Drinking Fighting Lazy days in front of tv Running free in wolf form

Character Dislikes

Whiny people Being alone Working , fighting

Character History/Story

Sold by her family and pack she became the property of a group of power hunger vampire invested in creating the ultimate killing machine. She broke free and has been on the run since. She moves around a lot never staying more then a few months in one town. She picks up off jobs here and there to make money or wise she steals to keep herself feed and clothed. She still hope one day she find a place to call her own and a mate who will help her deal with what she has become.

Character Inventory

If you look through her bag you will find she loves leather. Her favourite item of clothing is her leather jacket she never goes anywhere without it. She wears mostly black

Character Abilites

She can control the elements create storms when she is angry. Heal others, summon demons and spirits. Turn into a wolf whenever she feels like it. Vampire speed strength and hearing. Wolf Scene of smell hearing and speed.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I’m easy going. Preferably write stories not straight to smut. Smut is ok but need to get to know characters before that happens.

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  • "We usually are. Wait wait,what am I sayin'?? I'm as /sweet/ as they come.
    I've never been a dom in my life."
    -Lies through his teeth-
    "What brings you across my path,doll?"

  • || See's: 

    Character Likes;

     Dominant males


    || Thanks for adding me. :) 

  • **Lightining struck the entire lands as something white had ran through the rain. It was on all fours, with white fur and having two different eye colors. While the animal ran through the ranging story, in a tiny town. It started to move north, hearing the sounds of jeeps from behind him. They drove through the roads and into the grasslands, tracking down the strange which was a wolf. The sounds of gunshots were heard from a few feet away, as the wolf started to zig zag through the trees and stops near a cliffs edge. As the wolf turned to look over at the jeeps which were driven by hunter's. They all climbed out of their vehicles, having their guns ready to take Aokrus down.* 

    *But before they could aim at the wolf, it quickly change it's coordinates into a full attack. First leaping over at one hunter, having his teeth ripped through his torso. Then ran off again into the forest, it didn't take long until he came inside an inn which he was staying at. Having changed into his human illusion, being soaked with rain and blood upon his mouth. Aokrus noticed he lost site of the hunters, which he started to take a small relief. Rushing upstairs to take a shower and try his best to sleep throughout the endless night.*     

  • ±hearing her explain Raven nodded her head a little, looking around them again as they traveled deeper into the woods, starting to relax a little bit as the pain meds work to take most of her pain away from her bad arm. Looking up when they came to a small house she smiles ± "I understand.. I like this.." 

    ±murmurs softly as she pauses looking up at the small house, liking the sight of it, going inside then she looks around as Lily helps her to sit on the couch, sitting she leans back and closes her eyes. Her eyes widening a little as Lily leaves and heads to get first aid kit,  littlr frightened by the prospect. Watching as Lily came back she tilts her head curiously and blinks shaking her head ± "Those pain meds worked... I'm not in a lot of pain."

  • (I usually wing my RP's, if you think of a good plot go right ahead XD)

  • *He smiled as he swam and relaxed in the hot steaming pond, the back ground noise of the waterfall only broken up by the sounds of her running through the forest and stretching her legs. WHen she got dressed and walked over to him he smiled and looked at her* you can join me if you never turn down the company of a beautiful lady, wolf or not *He smiled reassuringly*

  • (Anytime would you like to RP?)

  • ±watching her closely she watched with interest as Lily pulls out a bottle, she wondered of what? Painkillers? Taking the pills from her and the bottle of water she frowns considering, after a moment she lifted her bad hand and popped the pills in her mouth, following up with a quick swallow of the water to swallow the pills. Looking as Lily kneels down to her she nods her head a little. ± "Thank you..."

    ±stood with Lily's help, then hurried along with her out of the room and the building, looking past over her shoulder once she still runs forward heading to the woods, wondering where they were going. Once they entered the woods she looks around curiously, she hadn't really been in the woods before. Where we they heading?±

    "Where are we going?"

  • *He smiled as she commented about the beauty of the place he took her to.* thank you, I think very much the same thing. I wouldnt trade coming here for the world. Few know about it. *he smiled as he watched her head to the tree line to undress. He caught a couple glimpses of her gorgeous form as she was undressing before she shifted into her wolf form. He stripped off his clothing as well, that toned, battle hardened physique visible as he walked into the steaming water himself as his eyes watched her run around as he sank into the pond*

  • That sounds like a very tough childhood. Definitely not one that someone deserves. We don’t have slavery here *he shrugged and looked at her as he held out his hand* my powers don’t work like that. Well they can but only if I want them to. *he listened to her and shook his head* where I’m taking you is a days ride so your going to have to trust me *he laughed and smiled reassuringly as he gently grabbed her hand and she saw a white light before they appeared in a large clearing next to a large steaming pond and a waterfall pouring into it. He smiled at her and started walking towards the steaming pond* I’m going there. If you want to join I’d welcome it
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