of house Kyljoy

   A born prankster, the young elf prince does anything to have a bit of fun, and doesn't care who he hurts. Like everyone he has a dark side, but he doesn't even try to hide his. If he has information on you he will use it. He is nicknamed the 'Wicked Prince'- and for good reason. Manipulation is his forté, his passion and main hobby. But one mustn't forget that just the same as manipulating Virian also relishes in the art of theatre and the attention it gives him. Like all high born nobles he plays many instruments brilliantly, but no one has been able to match his skills in dancing, singing, composing, and writing. He also harbours a stealthy talent for magic, but then again it couldn't come as any surprise that an elf has a talent for such things. It just comes naturally for them. With a look that books take pages to tell of, the Prince has the sort of charm where you don’t quite understand whether or not you detest and desire him. And, not unlike when you do read a book where it takes pages to explain just one person, you either love or hate him.



  • As a prince of the blood Virian wears the very best money can buy, and he expects nothing less. Satin weaved by the frost elves of the mountains of Nimtum; linen from the untouched plants far in the field of sorrows; leather made of royal bread fae cattle, etc.
  • His hair is a natural curly mess which he often tries to control by slicking back, unsuccessfully.
  • His eyes are a swirling shade of gold- a striking contrast to almost every other silver elf which always seems to have either icy, sky, or sea blue eyes.
  • His skin glows with the shine of luna during night, a sign of his blood bond to the moon goddess and all her power, and his powers thrive during the night.
  • Always a snob for hygiene, Virian will never wear the same hem or gloves twice, and he bathes every day in the private lake of Haagh Shallows.


Most people call Virian a snobby narcissistic arse. But never to his face, of course.

   In truth, he doesn't even notice this in him. He's always been raised as part of the nobility- the better part of society, as he was always taught- and so he has grown to believe it. Trouble follows him everywhere, but he seems to relish in it rather than dread it.

   Virian is also dangerously charming with a sort of childish innocence about him, which he most often just uses to further manipulate people, but he can really be a total sweetheart when he wants to be.

   He will always be a snobbish narcissistic arse, but he will also always be loyal and true to those who matter to him. It's just a shame he hasn't found anymore to matter just yet.


Whether it be during the 17th or the 21st century, Virian prefers to spend his time in Paris when he is in the Earth realm.

Fluent in French, he is able to pass off as a local with ease and is well known in some periods.

Of course, as a 'human' he has to 'die' sometimes, and when he does he flees to Italy before coming back as a new man with a new life.

And so the cycle goes.

The Royal House of Kyljoy

Taking care the land of Esteria, the sovereign royal house of Kyljoy is made up of 4 elves. The king (Eldar), the queen (Amkissra), the prince (Virian), & the princess (Gwendlian).

The elves of Esteria have much different rules and customs than Earth, the realm most others are used to. Royals must marry to create alliances and treaties, and they must provide both a male and female heir. But, after that deed is done, royals are allowed to marry again. In fact, the second marriage can be for anything. Lust, money, power... Anything at all. But, for the very elite, the second commitment of marriage is most likely for love. For that reason, both of Virian's parents have second families.

There is Ailmer, queen Amkissra's chosen husband, and together they have a son named Ilbryn. King Eldar, however, has chosen a wife from the sun kingdom instead of the moon one whom which the house of Kyljoy belongs to. Faraine, the king's chosen wife, stole his heart many years ago but the two were unable to be married until after he had produced the prince and princess, and it is said that the day after their birth he and Faraine got married and conceived a child that night. This child was named Ellsar, and he is Virian's closest companion.

Not considered as strange at all, the whole family is all considered one of the highest ranks of royalty- but it will be one of the blood twins who will ascend to the throne. In full truth, no one knows which one it'll be.

If you're uncomfortable with something my muse is saying/doing or the subject matter of a roleplay I will happily shift things away from what's hurting you, because being respectful towards my RP partners is the most important thing and I am in complete control of my character, just like you are in control of yours. In the end, we both decide what our characters say and do. Don't be afraid to talk to me OOCly.

We're in this together ❤

That being said...

So you think you have what it takes to keep up with me?

I'd like to see you try.

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  • ||Yay! I'll throw him later, but pretty soon.||
  • Malory was quick to keep pace, more able to now with her head throbbing less and her leg in far less pain after she had cleaned it properly. And the dress felt wonderful to walk in, the soft fabric brushing against her skin. Malory stole a quick look at the darkened but beautiful night sky, smiling to herself. She would definitely try to steal some time to star gaze while she was trapped here. And some time to wander around the garden.

    Even if Malory hardly understood what Gwen was talking about with the dressmaking and the fabric and the other elves, Malory did try to listen. She needed to learn, needed to actually figure out what the heck was going on on this planet. Even if she wasn't going to stay there long, hopefully, Malory needed to know enough to make it look like she belonged there. So she listened, trying to absorb as many details as possible as she looked around at the flowers in the garden, the life all around them. Though the garden was a very good distraction, and she started to not pay attention anymore. That is, until she heard him.

    Upon hearing Virian, Malory plastered another huge grin on her face. Time to try and throw him off balance. Both physically and literally. When she saw him, she only took a moment to look at the man beside him before her focus fully went to Virian. "Virian!" Malory said in as happy and cheery a tone possible, pulling away from Gwen to actually run the short distance to her 'intended'. When she reached him, she threw her arms around his neck, pulled him down to her, and kissed him. Square on the lips.
  • ||I figured out a side character for me to write--one of the warriors on pegasuses that met Malory and Virian when they got to Esteria. He finds Malory's bag, looks at all the non-elf stuff inside, gives it to Virian, but starts to get...suspicious.||
  • "No, I suppose we don't want that..." Malory said with a sigh, looking down. She hated having to be nice to Virian, even when he wasn't there. If she had to share a room with him, or share a bed with him, just to keep the act up...Oh boy, that was going to be a tough pill to swallow.

    Malory took the flower petal from Gwen, looking at the little thing as it shown brightly in the dark before looking back up at Gwen. "Oh no, Gwen, I do trust you. I just don't want to be a bother." That was probably the most honest sentence she had said since she had gotten there. But, not wanting to doddle on that or waste anymore time standing in the woods, Malory popped he petal into her mouth. Any amount of relief would be helpful to ease her slowly growing headache.
  • Malory was just going to deal with it, like she usually did. She would have had her pain medications with her. Had she been on Earth. Or at least with her purse. But even if that had been dragged through tree portal with them, even if she had it with her now, she didn't have an endless supply. She'd run out soon enough, considering how often a day she usually took them.

    Malory stopped when Gwen did, frowning at the elf. "What is it?" She asked, as is oblivious to her own pain. People usually didn't make a fuss over her, so she really didn't think that Gwen was worried about her headache. That was slowly turning into a migraine. She watched Gwen run back into the rock wall, still frowning when she returned with the petal. "Will help what?" She asked, looking at the petal. Finally, she figured it out, and dropped her hand from the side of her head quickly. "I-it's really not that bad, there's no need to worry about it." She said quickly, forcing a tight smile. She was clearly lying.
  • As the maid left, Malory took those silver slippers that she had brought and put them on. There was no way she would wear her muddy tennis shoes with such a dress--even if maybe blue slippers or even yellow ones would go with the dress better. No one would be able to see them anyways, and there was no way she was ever going to complain or ask for something else. Malory looked at Gwen and blinked when she said she could have the dress. She looked down at it, then back up at Gwen with a small smile. "You are too kind, Gwen. Thank you." Maybe she was still being a bit formal, but it wasn't as obnoxious as before. Now it could be written off as just being polite.

    "Yes, let's get back to Virian." And talking obnoxiously again. Malory forced herself to not sound disappointed, but she knew that it would be better to go back to him anyways. The longer she stayed away from him and had people ask her about how they met and her past, the more their stories would likely be different. Best to go back to him and let him do the talking. Even if she hated him.

    Following Gwen out, Malory frowned slightly at the mention of her hair. "It's a bit short?" Malory's hair reached just a hair (ha-ha) above her mid-back. Sh didn't think it was short, not at all. How long was everyone else's hair? Not like she would let anyone here style if, though, not with the great chance that they'd find out her ears aren't pointed. Her and Virian would need to find a solution to that--she couldn't always have her ears covered. Maybe they could find fake ones. And she knew that there was a human body-modification trend to have their ears pointed through simple surgery. Though the surgeon in that situation would he Virian, which might not end well.

    As soon as they took a step outside of the Haagh Shallows, passed the rock wall, Malory winced slightly, putting her hand on the side of her head. Whatever healing powers that the Shallows had on her apparently forming headache had gone away.
  • ||If only high quality, fancy clothes were affordable... *sigh*||
  • Even if the maid didn't flinch at Gwen's screech, Malory did. Yeah, this elf was definitely Virian's sister, no doubt about that. At least Gwen's attitude was more tolerable than Virian's, Malory was almost at the end of her rope with him. But Gwen was so kind to her, actually helpful and nice--even if her screech was annoying.

    Malory took the light blue dress and carefully slipped it on over her head. Oh, it did feel lovely to wear it. She had to be careful when she put the dress on, not wanting to move her braids out of place. Though they were covering her ears, she also just didn't want to ruin them--she was proud of them. She didn't usually braid her hair. Once her dress was on, Malory ran her hands down her skirt to flatten it out.

    "Coiffure? Oh!" Malory ran her fingers across her braid, looking at Gwen again. "Thank you." She smiled a little again, then looked at the maid. "Thank you for bringing the dresses." Malory was supposed to be a peasant, so she was going to try to be extra thankful towards the staff.
  • ||Got it c: Both dresses are pretty cute. God, I wish I had the money to wear fancy dresses just...all the time.||
  • Malory turned her head to look over her shoulder when she heard Gwen enter, though kept the rest of her body facing forward. Even though Malory was naked and there was definitely a lot of exposed skin for Gwen--and the maid--to see, Malory wasn't terribly shy or modest in front of them. They were all women, they all had the same body parts, aside from the pointed ears that were carefully concealed by the braids. But still, Gwen and the maid could only see Malory's back, which was mostly covered by her hair, though several scars were still visible, including the large goblin bite on her torso. But she said nothing about them, and picked up the silk slip when it was thrown to her.

    "Thank you, Gwen. You seen awfully excited, I can't wait to see what you've picked out for me." Malory said as she stood, pulling the slip down over her body to cover it. The material felt luxurious against her skin--maybe pretending to be engaged to Virian wasn't going to be so terrible if it came with perks like this.

    Malory examined both dresses, tilting her head this way and that, reaching forward to touch both of them, to feel the fabric. She had to admit--both of them were lovely, even the lighter one. And though she definitely loved the blue one, and hoped she would get to wear it at some point, she let a smile grace her lips as she went back to the light one. "I believe I'd like to wear this one tonight." She said, looking up at Gwen. Though maybe her reasons for choosing that one were a bit devious on her part. Virian had only seen her in dark clothes, with a dark attitude to match. She thought that wearing an extremely light dress with a positive demeanor was going to throw Virian for a loop. That, and she knew that the blue in the dress would bring out her bright blue eyes, and she couldn't resist the chance to actually wear some nice clothes for one. She always wore clothes meant for comfort and hunting, nothing nearly as fancy as the dresses presented to her. The white dress felt wonderful, she wanted to try it.
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"Gwen frowned, taking Malory's hands gently and looking down at her with a soft sympathetic smile. "Malory... Are you afraid papa will break off the engagement because you're not of our gentry? If so, you needn't worry. I promise. Mama's chosen spous…"
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"Gwen shook her head, unable to not exhale in amusement. "Vie has always been such an austere sort; I'm afraid he's inherited that from papa. But don't you worry, Malory. We take most of our speech patterns from another realm, but I doubt you know it…"
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