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Inspired by Alice in Wonderland 

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The underground world of crime is not something most just happen to stumble upon, but Lacie did. After all, she is unlike most. Orphaned at a young age, Lacie has been raised by her sister, and is very curious about the world. 

C u r i o u s e r


C u r i o u s e r....

Until one day it brings her into trouble. She learns the identities of three powerful gang leaders. The Queen of Hearts- hot headed and determined to make it so she is the only person WITH a head. The Red Queen- a cold blooded bitch who only lives to over throw her sister, The White Queen. And The White Queen, a nonsense kind of ruler, sees much of herself in Lacie and wishes for Lacie to take her place.

Lacie has to learn how to navigate this world of madness and magic in a game of life and death. Every choice is one move further into it all, and if she can make the right moves, she might be a 

q u e e n.

The Wolf

Alfie "Patch" Brown

19 years old

Born July 17th

Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs 

This story starts in Acrine, with a girl named Scarlett.

It hasn't ended with the boy named Patch.

Acrine is a city in the state of New York, known for it's violent streets and gang divided life. It's no secret that the police are corrupt in many  ways, and because of this, Scarlett was always warned by her grandmother:

"Don't talk to strangers. If someone approaches you, run. If you don't know 'em, you can't trust 'em." 

So every day, on her to and from school, to and from the bakery, Scarlett did exactly as her grandmother told her: she avoided strangers. But Patch was the tall, dark stranger that everyone warns you about. He was the kid in school to start fights for no reason, to be rumored in one of the gangs, to be so violent, he was like a god damn animal. Scarlett avoided him the most, because he was trouble, and as far as she cared, he might as well have been an animal.

Things change though. 

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Start of senior year of high school: She's walking down the same street she always walks down, baked goods in one hand, ready to show her grandmother what she made in her Home Ec. class when she spots the familiar yet unfamiliar face standing outside her bakery: Patch. At first, she wanted to run before he could make eye contact with her and slip in through the back door of the shop, but then, she noticed that he was holding the hand of a small child.

"I want that one, brotha, please?" The toddler had pointed to a pile of display muffins. But Patch shook his head. "Sorry little dude. We don't have the damn money for that."

"Oooone, just one, Patch!"

Scarlett watched as he looked at the muffins then picked up the toddler, heading into the shop. She wondered what would happen, so she followed after him into the bakery, slipping on an apron as her grandmother handed over a single muffin, and Patch handed over the last of his cash.

Scarlett watched as Patch took his little brother over to a table, and patiently watched his sibling scarf down the food. Scarlett also noticed how thin Patch was. Patch looked tired. His cheeks were hollow. And in his eyes, he looked more hungry then the toddler did. Inside, something changed. She admired Patch.

The next day, on her walk to the bakery, she spotted Patch, this time alone. Breathing in, she approached him, and offered him a muffin. At first, he looked skeptical, then noticed her shaking. He took off his red hoodie and gave it to Scarlett. "So you don't ever grow fucking cold." He mumbled, then reached for a muffin.

And after that, Scarlett started to fall for Patch. She learned all she could about Patch.

Patch was in a gang, but he was only in it because his father had been and the gang would take care of his crack addict mother and his little brother if needed. Patch hated school. He hated the city too. He wanted to travel. He didn't date anyone.

So Scarlett asked him out and it wasn't a surprise when he said yes. Patch became close to Scarlett and her grandmother. The two women took care of him and his little brother and he wanted to protect Scarlett. But he couldn't. He couldn't protect Scarlett, the girl who gave him a muffin and took the damn hoodie.

Patch's father got him in trouble. The gang he was in had enemies, and these enemies wanted Patch's family gone. They wanted to ruin Patch so he couldn't be like his father. And these enemies paid off the police. 

Scarlett was killed, and so was her grandmother. The police 'investigated' Scarlett's death, and anyone linked to her death. Like Patch and his family.

His mother was taken away, put in prison for her drug abuse and his brother taken away by C.P.S. His father fell off the radar. And the only person left to blame? The only person anyone would blame for Scarlett's death? It was Patch. Patch, the angry teenage boy with the druggie mom and the gang affiliated dad. Patch, who dated this innocent girl. It must have been Patch who tore her apart. But Patch knew what dirty cops took away his Scarlett- who made her a cold shell.

And Patch would really tear some people apart when he did.

The night he was labeled as the prime official suspect in Scarlett's death on public media, labeled "The Wolf", he shot the three chief police officers who had set this up. He left the city that had ruined his life, and is determined to find out why he was framed. He's determined to find his father, who dragged him into it all. He's determined to get his brother back, and his mother through a proper rehab. How? He doesn't know.

All he knows is that he's going to 




-No character is allowed to impose any major life changes on my character without my say so

-This means that you cannot kill my character, maim them, cause them permanent bodily harm, alter their body or personality permanently

-You are also not allowed to rape or sexually assault my character(s) in role play without prior consent from me. That could literally trigger me, and not in the meme way. Like.. complex PTSD way. So respect this.

-Do. Not. God. Mod. If you need a definition, look it up.

-If you have a plot in mind, just tell me beforehand. This includes any possible relationships. I prefer multi paragraphs or a single paragraph in comments, but I can be flexible to where we role play.

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