Over a hundred people died to give me my powers. I'd like to think their deaths were not in vain. It's all I have left to cling to.

Mr. Richard Swift
Aliases: Rich, Dickie Swift, Mr. Black, The Shade, Louie Fox, The Duke of Darkness

Born: 1801
Nationality: English
Rebirth: 1838
Current Status: Immortal
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Relationship Status: In a relationship.

Past Professions: Merchant, Art Thief, Thug For Hire, Bank Robber, Supervillain.

Currently: Retired & (partially) Reformed. Chairman of the Starman museum.

Current Alliances: Starman, Stargirl, The Flash, Sentinel, Jake Benetti, Black Condor, The Elongated Man, the O'Dare Family, La Sangre, Dr. Fate

Former Teams: Injustice Society, Injustice Unlimited, Suicide Squad

Current Enemies: The Mist, Solomon Grundy, Neron, Satan, Doctor Phosphorus, Lex Luthor, The Inquisitor, the Ludlow Family

Base of Operations: Opal City
Status: Defender


Through a dark act of magic, London merchant Richard Swift was imbued with control over the powers of darkness that no magic can combat. He has a mystical connection to the Darklands, greater than any other living being. This connection grants him many abilities, including the following:

-Functional Immortality
-Darkforce Manipulation
-Time Travel
-Dimensional Manipulation
-Energy Absorption
-Flight & Levitation
-Illusion Casting
-Willpower-Based Constructs

Notably, the Shade served the Allies during World War II, returning to Europe to fight against the Germans during the conflict. He does not speak of this act to anyone and most do not know it occurred at all. He fought beside Captain X for the duration of his involvement in the war.

The Shade is the reason any Kryptonians still exist today. He purposely sent Jack to the wrong time and location so that he could tell Jor-El about Earth, thereby saving Kal-El and Kara in the process.

Some of the Shade's achievements include outsmarting and surviving Deathstroke, fighting a Mangar-Kunjer-Kunja, learning how to master and control the Dreamtime, saving Barceonla's Sangrada Familia, and saving London from rampant Egyptian deities that may or may not have truly been aliens.

The shade is known for his methodical patience and devotion to those he calls friends. He has never been one to wound unaffiliated innocents, and his idea of villainy never involved risking civilian lives. He is a peaceful and courteous gentleman who loves a good chat over tea or lunch. He is open and does not hide his deeds, past or present. He is unable to pull away completely from misbehaving, though Jack Knight keeps him from going too far over the edge. This means he is not considered a threat by most other heroes.

Better the tamed devil you know than the one you don't.


Elizabeth Swift (Wife, Deceased)
Sam Swift (Son, Deceased)
John Swift (Son, Deceased)
Albert Caldecott (Grandson, Deceased)
Darnell Caldecott (Great-Grandson, Deceased)
Charles Dickens (Best Friend, Lover, Deceased)
Oscar Wilde (Lover, Deceased)
Brian Savage/Scalphunter (Best Friend, Lover, Deceased)

La Sangre (Adopted Daughter, Immortal)

Hope O'Dare (Ex-Girlfriend)

Jack Knight/Starman (Boyfriend)
My Star ~ My Knight in Shining Armor ~ My Darling

His Knight in shining armor, his Star in the sky.

Long live the real prince of darkness.

Threads are selectively open.

Selective. Picky. Bites well. Writes better. I've been known to write a mean villain and am more than happy to use him to ruin your character's day. I'll write anything from as small as one paragraph up to several pages for replies based on your style and what our thread demands at the time.

OOC Information-

Writer is 21+ || Full-Time Graduate Student || Full-Time University Instructor || Part-Time Comic Store Manager
Canon characters, OCs, AUs, and crossovers all welcome. || No random smut.

Character Information-
Publisher: DC Comics
First Appearance: Flash Comics #33, September 1st, 1942.
Created by: Everett Hibbard and Gardner Fox
Reimagined by: James Robinson and Tony Harris

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  • [You have ideas? I would like to plot]

  • (I think the JSA connection will work... Unfortunately at this given moment I cannot think of anything, I do apologize.)

  • “Yes. Hello there. I was in the neighborhood and thought I run by and see what’s happening. Stop some crime here and there, grab a bite to eat, run a marathon. Yada yada. What’s good with you? ...... Shade.”

    She said with a smile. Though Tal was carefully deciding on what to do next and for how long she wanted to continue this charade.
  • ((I apologize for my silence.. i hope we can plot sometime))

  • (Yes. It is me. Went with a character concept I wanted to go with before and made a seperate profile for him and changed the story on this ond
  • "C'mon, Rich! I wanna go somewhere fun," Jack is a fifty year old child. You have such a catch, Shade.

  • The Night was her realm, and when ever its darkness has been touched or someone pulls its strings she will know. But she never acts on those who use darkness for she had never seen the reason not to. She knows that someone has been using it frequently, an immortal being that has used darkness for almost an eternity. She began to become curious when she felt a large drift as if something had opened a wide gap in the darkness releasing a great tsunami. This was not going to be unnoticed, for Nyx, Goddess of the Night has sensed it.

    She would be in Tartarus at the moment holding her candelabra wearing a black dress that covered her figure and scarf that covered her neck as she was ready to leave. She would soon wave her hand as she would suddenly cover her surrounding in darkness taking her to the darklands to see the one that has caused such a gap, when she arrives the flames of her candelabra would flicker revealing her figure and brighten around her seeing the shrapnel and the opening of where it all came from.She would soon step through a shadow like portal making her way through the park and toward the limp body of Richard Swift. "You have used up most of your strength child, at this rate the Shade would soon fade." Her words echoed while sounding elegant, she would lower herself extending her hand to him.

  • Also, a good-to-know; due to me being picky as shit, most of my characters have yet to get a proper story blog. As of yet, only Ivy and Enchantress has one. This is nothing that will affect role play in any way, as I already know the characters well enough.

  • I should really read those Starman comics! Haven't read much lately at all to be frank. 

    Now. For plotting and stuff. I have a few characters to choose between. And don't worry, having multiple characters makes it easier for me to delve into their mentality and personality, so that won't be an issue. And I write some of my characters a bit differently from one another. However, I can write two or three characters at once too, if that is something you'd ever desire. Although, if so, my writing will be adjusted to fit the group. I do not write more than three characters in one thread. And I do not mix my Marvel and DC characters. I am currently also working on Doctor Doom, Copperhead, and Professor Pyg, and although they are not yet on my page, you are allowed to choose one of those too. But note, some of the more... mentally distant characters can be difficult to interact with in a sensible manner. Mainly Hatter and Pyg. both which are based on their Arkham, and New 52 appearances. While Crane, Ivy and Firefly are based on Arkham and pre 52 comics.

    Copperhead will be mostly original, as he's got no actual origin story if you don't count Copperhead 2, Nathan.

    Hela is based on the MCU, with hints of Bloodbrothers.

  • I owe Marcus and Kara!

This reply was deleted.


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"(He's quite strong, despite his thin appearance, and has a scary mastery of his abilities. There have been several times he's collapsed, though, so I know the level he'll need to operate at. I can easily make that happen!)"
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