The Butterfly Effect


A tiny butterfly flapping it's wings today may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now.

The smallest decision can dramatically change the future.

Your actions will shape how the story unfolds.

Your story is one of many possibilities.

Choose your actions carefully. 

Warnings: Contains spoilers to the game Until Dawn , and 21+ mature, possibly triggering themes. Also, this is my Sam, meaning that there will be a back story to her, more then provided in U.D, and an after story too, both written by me. HOWEVER, I will be keeping Sam to as much canon as possible. I also encourage you to read my rules, down in the about author section. Also, in the spirit of Until Dawn, and other amazing games *coughcoughLifeIsStrangecough*, what your character does, big or small, will effect the roleplay. Boom. The butterfly effect.




Samantha Giddings



Sammy {Joshua}






Sam has light blonde hair, fair skin, and hazel eyes with green flecks. She's 5'1" and 117 pounds all in all. Her build is more athletic; which isn't something that she is self-conscious of.

There are smaller details to notice- such as wearing stark colors with small patterns, boots, liking accessories that are more practical than anything. Her attention to details is even reflected on her nails- during colder times, they are painted blue with white snowflakes. And for other makeup? Dark red lipstick works just fine.


Sam is diligent, considerate and adventurous, made obvious right away. She is level-headed, (compared to her friends) and a pacifist, but yet, has a strong personality. She will still fight for her friends and herself, not letting fear take control of her, her fear being of hallucinations and the supernatural. She also has a love for nature and animals, becoming a vegan.

In the end, Sam is not afraid to be who she is. She is brave and strong-willed, resourceful and resilient, making her a survivor. 





-Her Early Childhood- 

{Created by me and is non-canon to the game}

Her earliest memory was of hiking out into the woods, her mother on her left, and her father on the right. They would tell stories, express how their days went. Mt. Rainier was a favorite because it seemed like a jungle. Like all parents, they liked to hear what she wanted during these hikes.She thought of how other kids at pre-school had siblings. Friends outside of school. She thought of the wild animals she would feed trail mix and the larger families that she saw. "I want a little sister!" Sam had said, smiling widely, one of her front teeth missing. Her parents smiled. Christmas came, and over the passing of time, her mother's stomach was getting bigger.

"What's wrong with Mommy?" Sam would ask, and her father gave her a secret smile. "Well, you're getting a sister."

Sam was so glad. She remembers walking around pre-school, telling all the other kids about her sister. One day, when she came home, her mother was crying in the other room. "What's wrong with Mommy?" Sam asked. But this time, the news was not so happy. "Sam, the baby is gone." Something inside Sam told her not to ask how the baby was gone. She would wonder about it at night. Was the baby lost? Her eyes would flicker outside, and out into the shadows of the woods. Did something, or someone takes the baby? Would it take her too? Her fears grew when her parents turned on the news. Stories about missing children chilled her to the bone. It haunted her thoughts. What happened to the children who went missing? She thought back to other stories, such as Hansel and Gretel, where the children almost got eaten.

Was the baby taken to be gobbled by some monster? Nightmares came as the night passed, but so did the day.

Slowly, Sam grew up, and she realized her mother had a miscarriage. Her childhood fears of some monsters faded away.

- Growing up - 

{non canon} 

Sam grew up slightly quirky, but comfortable with who she was. She went on hiking, bonding with animals, and imagining saving their habitats. Sam may not have gotten a sister by blood, but her best friend was Hannah Washington, and through Hannah, she met Beth and Josh Washington, Chris, Mike, Matt, Emily, Jessica, and Ashley. 

She was also sort of a tom boy growing up. With her mother never really there, Sam became close to her father. He pushed her to do what she wanted (even if deep down he didn't like the idea of her being any sort of protester), excel in studies and do sports. He emphasized how important life was, and how she needed to think of others.

School was easier with her friends by her side, and winter break of senior year, they all went to the lodge owned by Hannah's parents.


Black Wood Mountain

2 - 2 - 2014

The wind was howling outside, and the night was dark. A silhouette hung in the trees, as inside, a group of teenagers joked around. Emily was chatting up a storm. "Oh my god! I can't believe you actually did this." Jess tried to shush Emily as Sam shook her head. "Don't you guys think this is a little bit cruel?" Jessica was immediately protesting against Sam. "Oh, come on. She deserves it." Jessica said, her voice a slight whisper above the normal as her head tilted. Sam could fight back too, her brows furrowed, and her disapproving expression perfectly clear as she stated her counter-argument. "It's not her fault that she has a huge crush on Mike-" 

"Hannah's the ones making the moves on him. I'm just looking out for my girl, Em." Jessica said as she backed out of the kitchen, away from Sam, and on the countertop drunk-passed out, Josh and Chris. Mike and Emily followed after Jessica into the back of the lodge. "Just because he's class Prez doesn't mean he belongs to everyone... Mike is my man." Emily said out loud as if making a point to Sam too. "Hey, Em."  Mike interrupted her. "I'm not anybody's man." 

Sam rushed after the three into the other room, where Mike and Matt were. Emily's voice got sing-songy. "Whatever you say, Darling!" Sam breezed past them and went upstairs to another hallway. "Hannah!" Sam called out. But it was too late. Hannah was in the other room, talking to Mike while her 'friends' were hiding everywhere, watching Mike try to 'seduce' her. 

A giggle interrupted them, and Hannah was startled. Sam burst into the room. "Hannah!" Sam saw as the others went out of their hiding spaces. Mike was coming up with a half-assed apology, but on the other hand, Sam was trying to calm Hannah down.

"Hannah, hey, honey... Don't... it's just a..." But she couldn't really speak if she kept getting cut off. Finally, Sam snapped at Mike. "Mike! -" Hannah ran out of the room as Sam called after her. " -Stupid prank." The door shut. Sam turned to the others. "You guys are jerks. You know that?" She then followed after Hannah. "Hannah!" Sam called, as Hannah ran into the storm outside, into the forest. 

The others made excuses as Beth, Hannah's twin, ran after her into the storm. Sam turned as Mike asked if they should follow after the twins.

"Y'know, I kinda think you're the LAST person she wants to see right now, Mike." 

And that was the last time they saw both the twins. 

Black Wood Mountain

2 - 2 - 2014

C h a p t e r

O n e

Sam was listening to the radio cut in and out on the bus. She looked outside, as a storm, not unlike the one from a year ago, danced in the night. She played the video Josh had sent them.

"Well hello friends and fans... alright let's do that again...`Alright. Well, hello friends and fans! It's beyond awesome to have you guys all back this year. Umn, first off, I gotta say I am super excited to welcome all my pals back to the annual Blackwood winter getaway! So. Umn... Let me just let you know... let's take a moment to address the elephant in the room for a second... I know you're all probably all worried about me... and I know it's gonna be tough on all of us going back after what happened last year... but I just want you all to know... it means... it means so much to me, that we're doing this. And I- I know it would mean so much to Hannah and Beth that we're all still here together. For the sake of my sisters, you know? Okay... so! Let's party like we're fucking pornstars and make this one a trip we will never forget, alright? Yes!"  

The bus stopped and Sam got off at the gate of Black Wood Pines. She pushed the gate open, onto a beaten path that would lead up to the lodge. Something snapped, like a snake, and she looked around, chills running down her spine. "Hello? Is someone there?" No one answered, so she continued on, her boots crunching in the snow, only to see another bone chilling thing. A sign with the words 'The Past Cannot be changed' written in red.

 After climbing a fence, and seeing a squirrel, she goes over to the cable cars to meet Chris. She almost goes through his things, but decides against it, and turns to see Chris. She follows him as he guides her to a shooting range before they have a nice conversation. She notes how hard things must be for Josh. "I've... I've kinda been worried." Sammy states as Chris and her go up the cable cars. When they reach the lodge, she meets up with Ashely and let's Chris break in with the help of Josh. 

Work In Progress


{Created by me, non-canon}

Sam still has nightmares of it all.

From the baby being lost to Hannah and Beth vanishing, to the wendigos and the lodge, Sam's dreams have turned awful. Even Josh haunts her dreams, in the form of The Psycho. However, she has yet to go to therapy, much against her father's wishes.

After graduating, she joined an organization dedicated to both animal right and humanitarian work. This requires her to constantly move, work both in public speaking or hands on work.

R E  L A T I O N S H I P S 

Hannah and Beth Washington

Hannah and Sam were best friends since the early years of elementary. Sam knew of Hannah's crush on Mike but did nothing of it. Hannah was her best friend, and who was she to judge? Sam was also the only one to protest outright and try to warn Hannah of the fatal prank. Despite being close, Hannah is merciless when a wendigo. It is also shown that Beth and Sam were close friends too.

Josh Washington

{More will be added/developed throughout thread}

Having known the twins meant knowing Josh too. His loving character and jokes made Sam feel relaxed. Out of respect to Beth and Hannah, she tried not to make a move on him. After their disappearance, the two seemed to grow closer in the grief. When he betrayed her, in that awful 'prank', Sam felt the need to distance herself. Even if she didn't want to.  

She reveals in a police report that she "thought we had a connection."

Christopher Hartley

Chris and Sam are good friends, even after the accident. Most of their talks are about Ashely or Joshua. She met him when she was younger too, thanks to Josh, and appreciates how he keeps Josh 'in line.' They have friendly conversations and she also seems to support, and his relationship with Ashely. 

Emily Davis

Emily and Sam are not good friends. Emily, from the day she found out Hannah had liked Mike, was extremely petty, not only to Hannah, but to Sam too. Sam, how ever, defends Emily when Mike almost shoots her, and Emily remained in contact with her.

Ashely Brown

While the two aren't the closest, they are still friends. They haven't known each other as long as Sam has known the others. Sam also wants Chris to be happy with her. She hasn't spoken directly to Ashely in a while but is glad to hear about her from Chris.

Michael Munroe

While Mike seems to be a jerk in the beginning, and Sam doesn't like how he humiliated Hannah, in the end, they become closer. This is due to the fact that they had to rely on each other for survival. After everything happened, she and Mike kept in touch.

Jessica Riley

Sam will openly admit that she does not like Jessica. She doesn't like how Jessica is, even more so when it came to Hannah. She doesn't like how Mike dumped Emily for Jessica. She doesn't like how sexual Jessica can be, or how brash she can be. However, she still cares for Jessica's well being.

Matthew Taylor

Her relationship with him is simple: As long as he tries not to fight with Mike, she seems fine. He and her are't the closest, but they are still friends.

Jossie Giddings

Samantha's mother, Jossie has always been a strong woman in some ways, and weaker in other ways. Out in public, she seems calm, cool and collected. People assume that she is the perfect sort of women as a wife. In her home, she is silent, and would rather lay down then hold a conversation with her family. She doesn't seem to be aware that Sam or Sam's father are there at times, as if she's in her own world. Sam fears that she will be just as sad as her mother is, and due to her mother's miscarriage, doesn't feel comfortable around children.

Ashton Giddings

Samantha's father and kick ass lawyer, Ashton is a real man's man. Sam clearly would rather hang around her father than her mother, though is annoyed at how protective he can be. He disproved of her work, until after the Washington twins vanished, because then it seemed almost therapeutic. However, he always pushed her to focus on her work, because, according to him: You should only have to do a thing once, because you do it right the first time. Sammy also admires how he still tries for her mother, and has stayed loyal to her through out the years. 


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Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

I have a few rules: You may not kill my baby. But feel free to release hell on her. || Understand I have a multiple character account and will not always respond right away. It might take up to a month in some cases, if real life is beating me down. /But./ I do care about my writing and will try to respond when I can give my best. || I like grammar, even if it's not the best. || Sam is one of my first 'canon' characters. Go easy on me, buddy. || Sam will not be lightly shipped. She's NOT a romantic. If, the plot calls for it, how ever, there might be smut. I doubt it, but it might happen.

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  • Image result for hayden panettiere christmas

  • It wasn’t all too bad, the pain that he felt that is, but what came accompanying it was far, far worse.

    Rage. It burned like an infernal fire, racing through his veins at the speed of a runaway train, turning his skin into a sore looking red, making him feel warm all over. He was intoxicated with emotion, the acidity of which was quickly piling up inside of his stomach, waiting to be spat out of his mouth in the form of vulgar, irrepressible and fastly strung together words. Yet he could say nothing, seeing as his intended victims of said foul lingo had just walked out the door and so he sat still on his ass while the others congregated around him, surrounding him at all sides. Somehow still thinking on his manly pride, and the fact that Sam was watching, Josh quickly rejects the helping hand from Chris, telling him off on the first aid kit, continuing then to say as he rises to his feet, “ Fucking hell. No, no no no no…..Forget it, man.”
    “Hey, come on, Josh...?” Chris interjects softly, placing a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder as he speaks. Shaking himself immediately free Josh declares loudly before the group, “No, dude, fuckin’ forget it. Party is over.” With that said he storms right out the room, veering left down the hallway and walking up another set of stairs to reach his room where he throws out a couple making out on his bed and if he hadn’t stepped in, probably would have gone all the way, scarcely caring if they got their spunk all over the host’s sleeping quarters. As long as they got to fuck,  nothing else mattered.
    “Sho-should we go after him?” Ashley questions momentarily after it all went down.
    “No. No just let him go. Let him cool down first. Or...well, Sam, maybe you should go talk to him? I’m his best bro, but even I can’t talk to him when he’s like that. I was thinking maybe you could? I mean, he’ll listen to you.” He will, Chris?
    And why would that be? Subtlety, Christopher, subtlety.
    Not his finest of skills.

  • As the freakish monster wailed and tore up the apartment, Taylor is silent. Pinned by his own confusion, the vampire desperately seeks to understand what he is witnessing, or better yet, what exactly he is looking at. By no means is a stranger to the vast world of beasts and monsters, but it's the first time he's laid eyes upon a wendigo. The word human comes to mind as he gazes at it - human no more, but human somehow. Perhaps it's something the rotting stench it has that allows Taylor to make the connection. 

    The soft blue of his eyes is nearly consumed by his dilating pupils - leaving nothing but a thin circle of ocean waves. In a situation calling for fight or flight mode, he's gone into fight. With his jaw clenched tight, he can feel his fangs pressing on the inside of his closed lips and his human pulse slowing to a pace so steady it would almost seem as if it's stopped entirely. Taylor's hand dips into the kitchen drawer, retrieving a knife seconds before the wendigo looks at him.

    Noise from down the apartment hallway is the only thing that stops a bloody fight. The sound which Taylor instantly recognizes as a voice, makes him bolt from his spot and run to the door. If there are people out, someone will get hurt. With intentions to help, Taylor is stopped near the door by an unfamiliar girl busting inside. He watches her lock the door, but before he can get a question on the tip of his tongue, the door bangs.

    Slowly, the handle of the knife is manoeuvred around before grasped tightly again. It's sharp, but will it do any good against the thing on the other side? And what about Sam, the kid Taylor has loaned this apartment room to? The thought makes him grab his phone and in rapid motion, a text is delivered to the teenage boy who is god-knows-where. A bold move to make considering his eyes should be on the door. Either Taylor is confident he'll have no trouble holding his own against the inhuman beast, or he's dumb. That's up for debate. 

    "What is that thing?" He suddenly asks, keeping the panic out of his voice. 

  • \\Thank you for the invite!

  • As Josh scanned Sammy’s face for a reaction, the silence hung in the air like the suspended moment before a falling glass shatters to a thousand pieces on the ground. He didn’t expect her to forgive him so easily, but he didn’t expect the silence to last as long as it had, and by each passing moment that she didn’t speak the silence began to grow, like a poisonous cloud that at any moment could choke the life from the both. It wasn’t long too before it seeped into their every pore, and every part of his body begged for her to respond, and until that she did, he felt his limbs tense something fierce, even more than before.
    And then, she spoke, breaking the silence that had haunted them since his apology had been laid bare and his lips turned upwards into a tiny smile, at just the sound of her voice alone, but it was what had been said after, that really gave him hope.
    It wasn’t an acceptance of his apology, nor did he expect such a thing, as previously mentioned -- but it was how she phrased her last sentence, how she grouped the two together as a pair saying THEY were strong together, indicating that they were less so when apart.

    Or was he just grasping at straws just then and making it out as something different than what it actually was? He didn’t know, but he did know that she was here now, with him.
    He could be rushing things now, but he couldn’t help himself and slowly began extending his hands, cautiously, reaching to hold her hand.
    But he lost courage somewhere halfway there and pretended instead to go for the glass of water standing on his bed table. It was obvious perhaps what he wanted to do, but he kept on his facade and drunk the whole thing, setting it down slowly from where he took it.
    “Thank you.” He said, not meeting her gaze this time, looking somewhere to the floor, focusing on a stain he began to mentally grow nuts over, or at least make himself go nuts over it, just to put him mind to other matters because as much as he wanted her her, he also grew all the more uncomfortable. Or was he? Fuck, it was all a whirlpool of thoughts in his head. Of guilt, of memories, of happiness and anxiety. They all flew around in there and god only knows what to make of it all, but, sensing another cloud of poisonous silence beginning to lay over the two of them Josh decided to speak before it had a chance to fester.

    And there was currently one lingering question on his mind. One he knew would sour the conversation most likely, but one he needed to pose nonetheless.
    “I need to know what happened to her. To Hannah. I know what she became...I, umm..I read her journal while down in the mines. But...what became of her? Is she still...a monster? I saw the cabin burn while they carried me away by helicopter but….-”
    He took a short break, moving himself closer off the edge of the bed, closer to Sam.
    “What...what happened?”

  • M I D N I G H T 



    The ebb and flow of the city ignite his senses on fire. Car engines and voices ring like alarm bells in his eardrums, and the thick taste of petrol and industrial scents kiss his tongue. As a vampire, he's naturally sensitive to sensory overload. However, years in this bustling city has built a tolerance to the overwhelming life of the city - all the chaos simply buzzes like white noise. He shuts out the invasive sounds as he heads down the apartment building's corridor. 

    When he reaches his door, he knocks twice. No answer comes which encourages him to unlock the door and peer inside, "Sam?" He calls, raising his voice enough for it to be heard all the way to the bedroom of the apartment. Again, no answer. Bringing the door completely open, he shuts it behind himself and switches on the light. Perhaps it was fate that he would come here to open the door and leave it unlocked, or perhaps it is just a random incident that will lead to another. 

    The room is messy. Pizza boxes are stacked up high in the living room section and it would seem nobody has bothered to clean this place in a while. Taylor willingly offered the apartment to a friend's nephew to live after discovering he had been living on the streets. Apparently, the kid has not yet learned to show appreciation. Not surprised with the condition of the apartment, Taylor swiftly makes a move to the kitchen and begins to start tidying the place up.

    Two full garbage bags later and the apartment is still not in the good condition that he left it in last time. Knowing that he will need to speak with Sam later about his house manners, he sighs heavily. Never in his life did he imagine himself cleaning up after a teenager. Fate is a cruel and funny thing sometimes. 

    Suddenly, the door creaks open. Taylor pulls away from the window he was in the process of opening up to let in more air and turns on his feet to face the door. He almost looks like a deer caught in headlights. Surely he should have texted Sam to let him know he was coming over. The chances of the teenager blowing up at him are high, but he didn't come here to argue, "Sam, I didn't know you were going to come so soo-" He stops abruptly when the figure in the door comes into clear view. That's definitely not Sam. 

    What the fuck?

  • (I like the sound  of that - sounds like a plan. Did you want to start us off so I have a clearer idea of where to move from there?) 

  • You are most certainly welcome, and yes I would love to write with you. Would you like a plot or do you prefer to go with the flow?

  • (Hmm.. none right now. We could throw in some wendigos, get a little action rolling. Maybe not necessarily Black Wood (or maybe there if you'd like). Uhh, I'm open, really. Depends on where you would like to go with it. I'm happy to wing it.)

  • (jfc, those typos xD)

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