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The smallest decision can dramatically change the future.

Your actions will shape how the story unfolds.

Your story is one of many possibilities.

Choose your actions carefully. 

Warnings: Contains spoilers for the game Until Dawn , and 21+ mature, possibly triggering themes. Also, this is my Sam, meaning that there will be a backstory to her, more than provided in U.D, and an after story too, both written by me. HOWEVER, I will be keeping Sam to as much canon as possible. I also encourage you to read my rules, down in the about author section. Also, in the spirit of Until Dawn, and other amazing games *coughcoughLifeIsStrangecough*, what your character does, big or small, will affect the roleplay. Boom. The butterfly effect.




Samantha Giddings



Sammy {Joshua}






Sam has light blonde hair, fair skin, and hazel eyes with green flecks. She's 5'1" and 117 pounds all in all. She build is more athletic; which isn't something that she is self-conscious of.

There are smaller details to notice- such as wearing stark colors with small patterns, boots, liking accessories that are more practical than anything. Her attention to details is even reflected on her nails- during colder times, they are painted blue with white snowflakes. And for other makeup? Dark red lipstick works just fine.


Sam is diligent, considerate and adventurous, made obvious right away. She is level-headed, (compared to her friends) and a pacifist, but yet, has a strong personality. She will still fight for her friends and herself, not letting fear take control of her, her fear being of hallucinations and the supernatural. She also has a love for nature and animals, becoming a vegan.

In the end, Sam is not afraid to be who she is. She is brave and strong-willed, resourceful and resilient, making her a survivor. 


 Her Early Childhood

{Created by me and is non-canon to the game}


Her earliest memory was of hiking out into the woods, her mother on her left, and her father on the right. They would tell stories, express how their days went. Mt. Rainier was a favorite because it seemed like a jungle. Like all parents, they liked to hear what she wanted during these hikes.She thought of how other kids at pre-school had siblings. Friends outside of school. She thought of the wild animals she would feed trail mix and the larger families that she saw. "I want a little sister!" Sam had said, smiling widely, one of her front teeth missing. Her parents smiled. Christmas came, and over the passing of time, her mother's stomach was getting bigger.

"What's wrong with Mommy?" Sam would ask, and her father gave her a secret smile. "Well, you're getting a sister."

Sam was so glad. She remembers walking around pre-school, telling all the other kids about her sister. One day, when she came home, her mother was crying in the other room. "What's wrong with Mommy?" Sam asked. But this time, the news was not so happy. "Sam, the baby is gone." Something inside Sam told her not to ask how the baby was gone. She would wonder about it at night. Was the baby lost? Her eyes would flicker outside, and out into the shadows of the woods. Did something, or someone takes the baby? Would it take her too? Her fears grew when her parents turned on the news. Stories about missing children chilled her to the bone. It haunted her thoughts. What happened to the children who went missing? She thought back to other stories, such as Hansel and Gretel, where the children almost got eaten.

Was the baby taken to be gobbled by some monster? Nightmares came as the night passed, but so did the day.

Slowly, Sam grew up, and she realized her mother had a miscarriage. Her childhood fears of some monsters faded away.


Growing Up

{non canon}


Sam grew up slightly quirky, but comfortable with who she was. She went on hiking, bonding with animals, and imagining saving their habitats. Sam may not have gotten a sister by blood, but her best friend was Hannah Washington, and through Hannah, she met Beth and Josh Washington, Chris, Mike, Matt, Emily, Jessica, and Ashley. 

She was also sort of a tom boy growing up. With her mother never really there, Sam became close to her father. He pushed her to do what she wanted (even if deep down he didn't like the idea of her being any sort of protester), excel in studies and do sports. He emphasized how important life was, and how she needed to think of others.

A school was easier with her friends by her side, and winter break of senior year, they all went to the lodge owned by Hannah's parents.


Black Wood Mountain


2 - 2 - 2014


The wind was howling outside, and the night was dark. A silhouette hung in the trees, as inside, a group of teenagers joked around. Emily was chatting up a storm. "Oh my god! I can't believe you actually did this." Jess tried to shush Emily as Sam shook her head. "Don't you guys think this is a little bit cruel?" Jessica was immediately protesting against Sam. "Oh, come on. She deserves it." Jessica said, her voice a slight whisper above the normal as her head tilted. Sam could fight back too, her brows furrowed, and her disapproving expression perfectly clear as she stated her counter-argument. "It's not her fault that she has a huge crush on Mike-" 

"Hannah's the ones making the moves on him. I'm just looking out for my girl, Em." Jessica said as she backed out of the kitchen, away from Sam, and on the countertop drunk-passed out, Josh and Chris. Mike and Emily followed after Jessica into the back of the lodge. "Just because he's class Prez doesn't mean he belongs to everyone... Mike is my man." Emily said out loud as if making a point to Sam too. "Hey, Em."  Mike interrupted her. "I'm not anybody's man." 

Sam rushed after the three into the other room, where Mike and Matt were. Emily's voice got sing-songy. "Whatever you say, Darling!" Sam breezed past them and went upstairs to another hallway. "Hannah!" Sam called out. But it was too late. Hannah was in the other room, talking to Mike while her 'friends' were hiding everywhere, watching Mike try to 'seduce' her. 

A giggle interrupted them, and Hannah was startled. Sam burst into the room. "Hannah!" Sam saw as the others went out of their hiding spaces. Mike was coming up with a half-assed apology, but on the other hand, Sam was trying to calm Hannah down.

"Hannah, hey, honey... Don't... it's just a..." But she couldn't really speak if she kept getting cut off. Finally, Sam snapped at Mike. "Mike! -" Hannah ran out of the room as Sam called after her. " -Stupid prank." The door shut. Sam turned to the others. "You guys are jerks. You know that?" She then followed after Hannah. "Hannah!" Sam called, as Hannah ran into the storm outside, into the forest. 

The others made excuses as Beth, Hannah's twin ran after her into the storm. Sam turned as Mike asked if they should follow after the twins.

"Y'know, I kinda think you're the LAST person she wants to see right now, Mike." 

And that was the last time they saw both the twins. 


Black Wood Mountain

Work in Progress


2 - 2 - 2015

C h a p t e r

O n e

Sam was listening to the radio cut in and out on the bus. She looked outside, as a storm, not unlike the one from a year ago, danced in the night. She played the video Josh had sent them.

"Well hello friends and fans... alright let's do that again...`Alright. Well, hello friends and fans! It's beyond awesome to have you guys all back this year. Umn, first off, I gotta say I am super excited to welcome all my pals back to the annual Blackwood winter getaway! So. Umn... Let me just let you know... let's take a moment to address the elephant in the room for a second... I know you're all probably all worried about me... and I know it's gonna be tough on all of us going back after what happened last year... but I just want you all to know... it means... it means so much to me, that we're doing this. And I- I know it would mean so much to Hannah and Beth that we're all still here together. For the sake of my sisters, you know? Okay... so! Let's party like we're fucking pornstars and make this one a trip we will never forget, alright? Yes!"  

The bus stopped and Sam got off at the gate of Black Wood Pines. She pushed the gate open, onto a beaten path that would lead up to the lodge. Something snapped, like a snake, and she looked around, chills running down her spine. "Hello? Is someone there?" No one answered, so she continued on, her boots crunching in the snow, only to see another bone-chilling thing. A sign with the words 'The Past Cannot be changed' written in red.

 After climbing a fence, and seeing a squirrel, she goes over to the cable cars to meet Chris. She almost goes through his things, but decides against it, and turns to see Chris. She follows him as he guides her to a shooting range before they have a nice conversation. She notes how hard things must be for Josh. "I've... I've kinda been worried." Sammy states as Chris and her go up the cable cars. When they reach the lodge, she meets up with Ashely and lets Chris break in with the help of Josh. 



Work in Progress

{Created by me, non-canon, threads}


Sam still has nightmares of it all.

From the baby being lost to Hannah and Beth vanishing to the wendigos and the lodge, Sam's dreams have turned awful. Even Josh haunts her dreams, in the form of The Psycho. However, she has yet to go to therapy, much against her father's wishes.

After graduating, she joined an organization dedicated to both animal right and humanitarian work. This requires her to constantly move, work both in public speaking or hands-on work.

Related image

Hannah Washington


Beth Washington

"Hannah, wait!"

They all met way back when in the wonderful years of elementary. Both twins were kind, much like Sam, and all their personalities complimented each other. Beth was always protective and caring yet impulsive, Hannah was always the insecure but innocent people pleaser; Sam was considerate and diligent. The three were the best of friends, and ever since they were little, they would stay up late, swapping secrets. Both Sam and Beth were opposed to Hannah's crush but wanted to protect her and never voiced their concerns, but rather stood up for her. If anything, the cruelty some others displayed, such as Emily, strengthened the trio's friendship.

Obviously, Sam felt torn apart when her best friends vanished into the mountain tops. Rather than blame others for the prank; she blamed herself for not being able to protect Hannah and thus both the twins disappearing. Nightmares crept up on here, so in a way, she was relieved when she was drawn back to the mountains. Finding out what really happened to Hannah didn't tear her apart. It made her sad, ssure, but it brought some sort of closure to Samantha Giddings.

Related image

Joshua Washington

{ Josh }

 Heavy under construction, spicin' it up in our thread.


Related image

Christopher Hartley

{ Chris } 

 "Nice shooting, Tex."


Related image

Emily Davis

{ Em, Alpha Bitch }

Daughter of Darkness

Mike: "You can't be down here with us."

Emily: "WHAT?!?"

Sam: "Mike!"

The only things that Sam shares with Emily is the same circle and the ability to be resourceful. Her narcisstic attitude is enough on its own, but her anger towards Hannah made her downright spiteful in Sam's eyes. Before the lodge, the two often fought, because of how starkly different they were.

However, Sam seems to try to be emotionally available for Emily, and sees how much Emily blamed herself for the twins vanishing. Ironically, the whole reason the two grew closer was based off trauma that existed because of Emily's awfulness. Sam even defends Emily, making sure Mike doesn't shoot her.

In short? Thier whole relationship is a complicated mess. 

Related image

Ashely Brown

{ Ash }

Daughter of Darkness



Related image

Michael Munroe

{ Mike } 

"Jeez, you look like hell." Sam to Mike.

"Nice to see you too." Mike's response.

Complete opposites in personality aren't the only reason why these two didn't get along. While Hannah was naive enough to fall for Mike, Sam could see past his handsome exterior for the player he was. There were multiple occasions where Mike directly made situations worse, ie, punching Josh and then being involved with the prank that led to Hannah's ultimate demise. 

However, she still cared about how his health was during the fatal night with the wendigos. Whether it was the mercy he showed towards Emily when she was bitten, Sam's natural empathy for others or the fact the pair had to rely on each other, her trust in him was restored. Even if she could never forgive him for what he did, she seems to give him some benefit of the doubt. 

Related image

Jessica Riley

{ Jess }

Daughter of Darkness



Related image

Matthew Taylor



Related image

Josie Giddings

{ Mother, dearest. }

Related image

Ashton Giddings

{ Pops }



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  • Beneath the prosperous city reeks a stench so foul that a vampire almost gags on his late lunch. Biochemically, he's made up differently from standard vampires who've been turned right from the fang and hand-held their way through the adjustment period via a Sire. Taylor is very much human-like. Things that would present themselves as dead-giveaway vampire signs do not exist for Taylor. He's not cold, rather, warm to the touch. Flowing blood translates to the ability to blush against his will - the one thing he wishes he couldn't do. He does all the things every human does; he eats, he breathes and he sleeps. 

    Of course, there is one defined truth that sets him apart from the human race. The need and the desire for blood. 

    The sewage system is made up of intricate pathways that connects the entire city - trying to track down a wendigo might be fine if the stench weren't a massive distraction to Taylor's senses. He coughs loudly, covering his mouth and nose with the sleeve of his shirt. It offers little filtration from the horrid smell and taste in his mouth, but it makes him feel better. Braving the conditions, he lowers his arm and stares on ahead looking for any sign of the missing wendigo and his friend's nephew. 

    Sam's handy matchbox gives off enough of a light to be able to see a few feet in front of them. Taylor's eyes are no better than Sam's in this kind of situation. He missed out night-vision. Giving her an encouraging smile, Taylor casts a vague gesture at the match, "I'm glad one of us is more prepared than the other." He nods to her at her advice - Taylor had a slight hunch about the monster not having very good eyesight when it failed to knock him flat on his ass back in the apartment. She's just confirmed it for him. 

    An awful screech deep in the sewer sets Taylor off into a jog down the long pipe. He keeps a steady pace so as to keep Sam no further than arms length away. Besides, running into trouble without so much as a rough plan about what he'll do if they happen to run into the Wendigo is just asking to be killed. Still, the vampire can't help but feel responsible if something had happened to who he is looking for, and there is only one way to find out. 

  •                                           One year before Until Dawn


                                            February 2


    There is nothing even remotely friendly about the violent snowstorm currently raging outside; it falls thick and fast enough to blind any person stupid enough, or perhaps daring enough, to be caught outside. But be it bravery or stupidity, the fact remained that anyone wandering out in the wilderness this night would be shown little mercy from mother nature, leaving them to deal with the harsh consequences of their actions, such as blackened necrotic flesh, and a real bad case of hypothermia, and possibly death if the mother was especially cruel. And in that all consuming darkness and treacherous cold, the lonely crystalline stars falls one over the other to cover the entire Blackwood mountain in a seemingly endless pale blanket of snow, and those that don’t make it all the way to the ground are whipped by the strong current of the wind, which mercilessly throws these icy gems around in its cold embrace.

    And although incapable of coming inside the blizzard sneaks its frosty fingers in through the cracks of the window upstairs, sounding like a wolf howling it’s sorrows into the winter wonderland.  


    Josh scoffs, amused as the word ‘blizzard’ hardly seems an adequate enough word for what the world outside the windows has become, a swirling silver storm of nightmares. And he fucking loved it, but only because he was safe and warm inside the lodge. But enough about the storm, Josh needed to think on other things, such as food. Though he wasn’t sure exactly what deliciousness awaited him as Chris and Ashley had been the ones put on food duty, mostly on Josh’s behest, of course.

    And Josh? He was on fire duty right now and so the young male steps forwards, slipping a nacho into his mouth as he crouches in front of the huge fireplace whilst some of the others looks on.

     “Wish me good luck now, guys. If I fail here, Sammy will have to break out the tequila in order to keep us warm.” Saying this he rubs his hands together, imitating being cold as he casts a cheeky wink her way. He then rummages through his pockes to flip out a lighter which he used on an old piece of newspaper, setting it on fire. Immediately the flames began to dig into the paper, eating away at it like a hungry kitten.

    Not wanting the eager fire to bite his fingers he throws it into the fireplace, and in mere seconds it had begun to spread, and the boy cheered triumphantly as he watched the flames hungrily devouring the dry wood. Placing a larger log into the inferno Josh stands, giving his audience a victory pose. "OH fuck yeah, I'm the fire master!"

    “Oh, you were able to get  it going. Wohoo! Nice work!” Ashley commented cheerfully.


    Josh wondered who took Ash's place in the kitchen as she clearly didn't stay with Chris. God those two. He rolled his eyes, stuffing the lighter.

  • (Oh my goodness, I am such a huge fan of the game. :D May we rp together sometime?) (You also happen to be portraying my favorite female character. My character is a werewolf, but I can adjust her to match an rp :D)


  • Big brother Josh kinda figured Hannah would fall flat on her face for his lying ass and accept any and all words coming out of his mouth as being the absolute truth and nothing less, this being because she was the more gullible and credulous of the Washington twins, with her other part being made out of a entirely different fabric, seemingly able to pierce right through the thick haze of bullshit that her brother had thrown at her. So Josh had to act quíck before his fraudulent ways were exposed to the both of them, so he sneaked his less gullible sister an apologetic smile, half assed and barely noticeable, but enough perhaps to acknowledge the lie and maybe get the message across to his sis that whatever was going on...well it was none of their concern and a private matter for their elder sibling to figure out for himself.

    It was when Hannah fled into the kitchen to get some frozen peas for his eye, Josh stopped and thought about the situation as a whole, trying to backtrack and look at it objectively, starting with the reason as to why he had bothered with the lie in the first place, and not simply just explained what had happened between Sam and him.

    Before coming to a conclusion however, or moving on to another issue, Hannah came back, promptly derailing his train of thoughts by slapping a bag of frozen goods in his hands that although a kind gesture, was more or less unneeded as his ego had taken the brunt of the attack, but he placed it on his face nonetheless and winced a sharp thanks as the cold began to numb his eye bit by bit until he could no longer anything at all in that general area. He flashed a smile even so.


    “No. No thanks, but hey listen….why don’t you guys sleep in mum and dad’s room, alright? I’ll assemble the Avengers tomorrow and we’ll haul ass, get the place looking spotless until mom and dad gets home. Now...I gotta go lay down before I fall down. Thanks for the ice.” He motioned towards the bag, finishing off by saying, “My ladies,” as then a gentleman smile and a tip of his head,( would have been a hat if he had one) was given, and he was going back up those stairs again, nachos and wrapping paper crunching underfoot every step along the way, and it wasn’t long before he was back standing outside his room grasping the handle and….and nothing. He just remained there, with those past unfinished thoughts coming back to haunt him as his eyes danced along the detailings of the mahogany door. He wanted to go back in and join her, lay down beside her and hold her but...he just couldn’t because -- because he shouldn’t, and that horrible realization came in slow, burrowing into his skull like a massive drill, making mush out of all thoughts and feelings dwelling and swelling within.


    Finally grabbing some ounce of courage he turned the handle, stepping inside.

    “Sam….I..-” He began, however his voice vanished from his lips quick.

    He was about to cut the cord, he really was, but seeing her on his side of the bed with her head resting on his pillow...he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He’d have a night with her. One night, and then he would do the right thing and rewind the tape on this relationship.

    Just one night.

    “I like your butt.” He says, gritting his teeth in a clownish smirk as he flops down beside her.

    Romantic as ever.

  • The hair on his arms suddenly rose to attention as a militia of chills marched down his spine as the topic of discussion, Ashton, appeared in the doorway looking like a maddened bull about to charge and, with mere seconds to act, Josh instinctively went for his phone and note - both of which were hastily stuffed underneath the protective covers of the bed as he desperately tried to salvage what little chance he had of seeing Sam again, as he was positive her father would do just about anything to rob him of that. After this was done, however, Josh hardly stood his ground or fought back even a little, and continued to instead let his cowardly instincts guide him onwards down the road of cowardice, leading him to curl back up on the bed like a wounded animal, and continually slide back until that he fell off the other side, landing on the hard aluminium floor below, eliciting a painful grunt. Feet visible from underneath the bed he realized he could not remain laying on the floor indefinitely, and finally peeked over the edge, splaying his hands on the mattress and rising back up to his feet, barely even managing to stand upright as a barrage of verbal hand grenades rained down over his head as the towering figure of Sam’s father seemed to take up the whole room, evident as Josh didn’t notice the second paternal figure present until she spoke up, no doubt in an effort to fill in the gaps of the room that Ashton had left untouched, and together they began to press the boy against the wall.
    They would have succeeded too had it not been for Sam, who swooped in like a guardian angel between this oncoming force of accusations.
    And although it made him feel a lot more cowardly than before, he couldn’t help himself, and remained behind the safety of his human shield.
    But even there he wasn’t safe, and thought hard on the words left by Sam’s parents, more so on Josie rather than Ashton. Because...she was right. He couldn’t deny her logic.

    “I’m sorry! I-I didn’t want to hurt anyone. It all got out of control and...I didn’t know what I was doing and…-” He meekly said from behind her shoulder, then, upon hearing the vague threat about hospitalizing Sam, Josh fucking lost it. He climbed over the bed and stood right beside Sam now, standing as tall as he could. He couldn’t allow them to threaten her like this, despite the logic that was in Josie’s words.
    “NO. Y-y-you don’t fucking threaten her like that!” Another step forwards was taken by Joshua and he stood right in Ashton’s face, his anger giving him courage enough to stand up to even this Hulk of a man. He continues, “I hurt her in the past, I admit t-that, okay?! But she’s NOT sick. Not like me. I know I’m sick, I know my head is fucked up. I know that. But hers isn’t.
    You want to blame someone. Well I’m guilty. I hurt her, I did it, and I’m SORRY.
    So punch me, kick me, fuckin’ press charges - but leave HER alone.”

  • (Don't sweat it. I too am guilty as charged.)


    Alerted by the usefulness of cellphones, Taylor pats his body in search of his. His white button-up shirt has a single pocket in the chest, not nearly big enough to fit a phone in. And his pants turn out empty aside from a black leather wallet. Helplessly, he glances back to the fire escape as he remembers setting his phone on the counter shortly after sending a text to a friend. Then, he looks back at the grate leading down to the sewage system beneath the city, "There's no time. If he is down there, I can't be wasting time," he stresses.

    Taylor looks at the flimsy kitchen knife in his hand. The thing could do with another sharpening too. He breathes in softly, "This is a safety net." He assures Sam, knowing that it won't be explanation enough to ease her anxiousness. Surely she would know a thing or two about the otherworldly if she has experience with Wendigos, and yet.. Taylor is too nervous to tell her the truth about himself. He smiles awkwardly, "I'll be fine." He insists, "I'm going down."

    Regardless of whether or not Sam will follow him, Taylor loosens the grate from the road and pulls it up. With unnatural ease, he tosses the heavy metal lid across the alley and peers inside. It's pitch black below and smells something horrid. But with seemingly no other choice in the matter, Taylor steps onto the ladder and descends into the sewer.

  • (Lol of course! Sam is so wonderful! I am sure Story could definitely help Sam with that problem. ^^ A service rabbit. XD)

  • Leaving that room and traversing the hallways to take care of his sisters Josh is still reeling in the afterglow and shock of his encounter, his senses, while slightly dulled by the alcohol still fresh in his system are, for some strange reason, more acute than ever before and each little sound, the tiniest of peep, echoes loudly to him and the sudden crunching of nachos underneath one of his naked feet causes the teenager to stop, turning right to face a mirror that had hung on the wall for as long as he could remember, and probably longer than he ever had lived as the object had that patina of age over the bronze frame, likewise the surface of the glass was splotched black in places, obstructing a clear image to present itself in the glass.

    Josh stood frozen for a while and stared at himself, or at least the distorted image of himself, and his thoughts turned sour, flipping in an instant. The mirror showed him the boy the world saw, what Samantha saw, and what that was...he didn’t exactly know, but it sure didn’t match what was on the inside. Past that fleshy shell he was fireworks and rage, love and frustrations, ambition and fear, and a twisted view of reality that he struggled to understand. All they saw, all she saw, was brown hair and the kind of emerald eyes you forget while you're still looking at them, the kind you’d lose yourself in. In short, a pretty face with a wealthy name attached to it. They didn’t see past that. Or, at least so Josh thought.
    Who could ever have any interest in the real him? If he showed it to her, she’d laugh at him. And if she didn’t, if she meant what she had said...then that meant that they could have a future together. But Josh had been in and out of the psych ward so often that he knew that a future like that, well it wasn’t for her. He didn’t deserve her. The more he thought on the matter, the more things started to stack up against him and her being together.
    He should not have kissed her. He shouldn’t.
    He ran a finger over the frame, feeling its cool ridges and grooves and the layer of dust that clung from lack of proper cleaning. He lifted his foot to move it aside, seeing the yellow bits and pieces of nacho that had shattered under his weight as a light dusting of seasonings stained the carpet. Then, awakening from his bout of self-pity he reminded himself he had a brotherly duty to perform and so, putting one foot in front of the other he dashes downstairs to find Beth, then shortly after that, Hannah, looking rather devastated, and both demand an explanation.
    He took a long breath, exhaling as he gave them his reply, lying through his teeth, hoping the lie would stick.“Me and Chris got into a fight with some drunken assholes and so, naturally, our drunken asses got kicked. We’re alright though - and the dudes split, Sam did too. You know, she’s a pacifist and whatnot, she kinda had too.” He took a few wobbly steps towards her room, gesturing towards it, saying, “And Han….sorry about the room. I’ll make it up to you. Promise.”
    Besides that, Josh didn’t say anything about Mike….for a reason that escaped him. 

  • ||Well thank you ^^ so does yours. Sure though, I'd like to write with you. Do you happen to have any possible plots in mind?||

    The word, although certainly meant to induce him with a feeling of comfort and reassurance, actually had the complete opposite effect, and instead rang as church bells calling for his funeral. And thanks very kindly to Josh’s wild and, rather colorful imagination, he could almost already taste the iron and feel the warm, crimson liquids sloshing around in his now mostly toothless mouth, with but one or two lonely white slabs left, courtesy of Mr. Giddings, of course.

    He’d imagine Sammy’s dad would settle for nothing less than knocking poor boy Josh up and down main street until he was reduced to a bleeding bag of mashed together bones and tendons, completely unrecognizable by anything but a dna sample.
    However while Josh had never seen her dad being legitimately pissed off, he knew he was THE embodiment of a macho man - with testosterone levels skyrocketing through the roof and, coupled with that, bulging muscles and a rough tough dad-like attitude that would undoubtedly scare the pants off any would-be boyfriends.
    What this all meant was that it made Josh one hundred and three percent sure he was going to ‘instantly’ mash that delete button on that message with daddy’s phone number in it, just to eliminate even the tiniest miniscule chance of him ever accidentally making that call and having to deal with what he viewed as certain death, or at least a worse beatdown than what he wanted to take, not that he wasn’t aware he probably deserved it.
    He nonetheless forced a half cooked smile for the sake of her kindness, which was more a twitching muscle movement of his upper lip, rather than an actual smile as he then accepted the note, holding the thin paper and quickly studying the numbers before he whipped out his phone to copy paste what he’d seen.
    “Thanks. I’ll do that.” He said as he began typing, although hell would freeze over before he would actually go ahead and do -that-. He was not even sure he would call her either. He’d bothered her enough he thought and, regardless of what she said, he still had his view locked in, and firmly believed she viewed him as more of a moral responsibility, or perhaps as an homage to her past.
    But perhaps...just maybe, she saw in him a future where neither would remember what had happened, and the grizzly past had been buried beneath ten feet dirt and a layer of cement for good measure.
    After having properly made place in his phone for Sam and her father Josh scribbled down his own number and handed it back over to her.
    “I’ve got a new phone too. Both our phones kind of went...you know, kaboom.

    And as Josh was about to speak, the door sprung open unexpectedly and their alone time had come to a sudden stop, punctuated by the door slamming the wall violently.

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