"I shall not pray to God nor He will pray to me- I will simply do my duty and hope He does His."

Basic information:

Full name: Luther Von Brandenburg.

Species: Aedifex.

Aliases: Lazarus of Bethany/Messiah of the North/ Crow/ Hochmeister.

Born: 1528 AD.

Eyes: Azure.

Abilities: Khaos energy manipulation.

Height: 5'8"


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Luther von Brandenburg

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Fantasy, Violence, Realistic, Gore, Action

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  • Gold hues scanned from side to side in the dull hallway as if awaiting something grand to happen, though nothing did. Instead, a few pictures hung from the walls. While pictures told stories and bared art that most supernaturals loved. They were simply pictures to our Mistress. Her gaze scanned over them, though at the same time kept up with Lazarus, showing that she indeed wasn't on any quest for knowledge while she was here. 

    Plenty of people wanted that knowledge; craved it. Valkyrie was content where she was at. She crafted beautiful weapons for customers; lived in New York on a lovely plot of 6 acres and owned a total of 3 servants. What more could a woman want? As the lights finally drew closer, Valkyrie continued on her way; following the Man with the top hat. "The underworld?" She repeated him before injecting her input on the conversation, "Hell?"

    This was it? She'd walked a decent five to ten minutes in heels to meet some dwarf? This Lazarus fellow seemed just as bad as two of her three servants. You tell them no.. they do it anyway. It became clear to see as the Dwarf and Lazarus had their own conversation. The Mistress's arms crossed over her chest, clearly showing her impatience with the whole trip thus far. 

    "Valkyrie." She finally spoke as the man behind the desk asked for her name. She didn't know what she was getting into. Hell, she didn't even know where she was. The Mistress made her way to the desk, eyeing the pen and the spot where her signature should belong. It wasn't until Lazarus questioned her about a drink that Val finally grasped the pen, signing the sheet. The burn caused our Mistress to drop the pen; though her signature had already been written. Golden hues scanned her thumb only to see the emblem it had carved. "Cute.." She monotonly spoke, clearly the pen was a nuisance to her. Though a nuisance that faded quickly as she scanned around the 'new' bar. Though this one, actually had guests.

    He asked if she wanted a drink? Well she'd just signed the damn paper for one, so they'd best keep coming. "I expect you to pay for it." She bit back, though clearly accepting the drink offering. 

  • (So sorry for the delay~ I've been sick as a dog for the last week and a half. Finally feeling better. I've never been sick that long lol!) 

    A mystery.. It was an odd adjective to describe our Mistress. Most read Valkyrie like an open book and often when asked about her origins, she was proud to tote around her Berserker race. Berserkers were a fearsome bunch and most didn't take them lightly. Valkyrie liked that intimidation factor, she used it often with her servants. Sad to say, these days she was not as intimidating as she used to be. Call it old age?

    A quest for knowledge? Well this sounded like a load of shit. She was a Berserker, she didn't think before doing much of anything. Punch now, ask questions later. Knowledge beyond what she already had, didn't interest her. Though Lazarus's next line almost seemed like a challenge for her, one that she wouldn't back down from.

    So are you willing to take that risk?

    There was no risk with her. She was sadly confident.. to a point where it was twisted. She could not win every battle, she was no where near as strong as she thought. Still that never seemed to break her condescending streak. A response from her was not given, instead she rose from the chair she'd just made herself comfortable in. She supposed a night of drinking would have to wait, but that didn't stop her from taking her glass with her. 

    Rhythmic thuds from those tall black boots of hers tapped upon the floor as she made her way to Lazarus. Where he went, she supposed she would too. With her original motives for her travel to Germany extinguished, she supposed the least she could do was vacation for the rest of the week she'd planned to be here. 

    Our Mistress wouldn't notice the doors closing behind her. She'd already made it through, seeming to follow Lazarus step for step. Where would they be going now? She wasn't that easy, if he thought he was in for a night of fun, he'd have to think again. She'd be sure to bust the place up though before she left if that was the case. The thought, brought an odd smile to her lips, though quickly it faded as she caught up to her new acquaintance. 

    "So what fun do you have for me?" She questioned followed by a small sip from her current drink.

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