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Trafalgar D. Law

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Law is a slim man of a relatively tall height. He has faint shadows right under his yellow eyes, and his mouth is usually seen in a smile. He has dark hair, a majority of which is obscured, save for his sideburns and small goatee by the northern-style fur hat that Law wears, which is white and has spots on the bottom and along the rim. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms; on both of his hands, are letters spelled as D E A T H tattooed in black on each of the back of his fingers. He also has a black cross on the back of both of his hands. On his chest, he has a tribal-style heart tattoo with his Jolly Roger on it. He has simpler heart tattoo on his shoulders and his Jolly Roger tattooed on his back.

Character History/Story (I plan on working it in later, but Im not feeling it right now so here's the link.)

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners, No-Preference

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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Yes this character is just Law from One Piece, but Im not strict on keeping to the cannon so I will change things to fit the setting and Rp currently going on.

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  • Well, I'm a little new to this character, so... perhaps just wing it?

  • // Okies. Is there anything of value that your character has possession of?

  •       It was just before day break, and the final part of her double shift, which saw Catherine Chandler in her patrol car, performing a large, and wide enough patrol plus sweep over the city limits, all the while staying inside her vicinity, that belonging to the 125th precinct.  Locations one, two, and three checked; They came up negative, and clear.  Nothing to report. Moving on to locations four, five and six, it revealed the same.  Time to move on, and check on the final four, then call it time, she thought to herself.

          Twenty minutes to half an hour would pass, the detective now finding herself in the final points of her patrol.  At first, she driving through, and through, though when something caused her to feel a shift in the air , it surrounding her so to speak, she didn't ignore it.  What she did do, was park her car, stilled the engine, then removed her seat belt to climb on out, thinking to finish this on foot, would be best.  If she found nothing, and it was a false alarm, that was fine, but at least she did her job to check in on it.  If it came up with something however, just maybe she should have planned for some backup.  Shaking it off however a little, she keeping her guard up, and wits about her all the while, to instead take each moment as it came to her, while she continued moving on forward.  She relied on her instincts, allowed them to guide her on through, and to eventually bring here, or there, wherever they thought she needed to be.  Shade of green-hazel hues scanned anywhere, and everywhere possible while she possibly got closer to the possible location, checking for anything, or anyone suspicious around - Even if she felt something off still, nothing was seen, not yet at least - If it would be seen, that much she still waiting to find out.

          Briefly retrieving her cell to forward a text to [Tess]: 'I'm just about finished patrol duties, and will be heading back.  Checking in on one final possible point of interest.  No backup will be needed, but if it changes, I'll let you know.'  [Send] - Phone placed inside the pocket of her jacket once more, and without any further distraction, she stayed focused with this patrol, for any sightings, and/or where she may possibly be closing in on.  If she had been spotted, or even been sensed nearby, that much she didn't know, but nothing, or no one, not even danger coming her way, would stop her from doing her job here, and now.

          As for what would happen in the next few moments, time alone would tell.

  • It was late at night, the moon at its fullest where the creatures of the night roam and dance in the moon light.  Shadows would swirl around while the clouds were symmetric around the moon.  In a small village close to the sea the moon would shine bright upon a cabin where a man would lay deep in his sleep. When there is sleep, their will always be dreams, and this dream that the men dreamt was of a woman wearing a black dress  standing like a giant with a black blindfold covering her eyes. She would be pointing toward  a crevice between a mountain side at far north. 

    "When the moon is full and the light shines in the brightest night. Only then will you see the Goddess of the Night." A voice echoed around the man in his dreams before the sound of crashing of waves would stirr him up from his slumber. Soon enough an owl would be sitting on the window cil overseeing the man while hooting.  

  • [Hmm..perhaps Law was traveling north and at night he would dream of a woman in black that beckons him to come to a hidden temple in a cave that can only be accessed by the ship?]

  • //Thanks so much, but please take your time. :)

  • [Thank you for accepting my friend request, would you like to write some time soon?]

  • //I actually like that idea, and then we just go with the flow from there, of course.  On that note however, would you be okay in setting the scene, and the starter up for us, please? I'll then follow your lead, if that's okay?

  • Thank you for the add. Of course I would.

  • //Sure, I'd love to.  Plot-wise; Is there anything you have in mind for our story, or shall we do a little brainstorming together?

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