"Every book tells a story... But some stories can haunt your life forever!"



Name-- Chris Blake

Age-- 29 but originally his demon years is around 600

Real Name-- Zindroth

Eye Color-- Dark brown, but normally orange 

Speices-- Hellhound

Personality-- Loyal towards others, Chris can be very calm, silent, kind and quite the charmer. But most likely he's a very mysterious indevidual, with an aggersive and dark side to him which he keeps hidden inside.

Occupation-- Once a gaurdian of Silver Lake Cemetery and mischeivious soul collector. Chris started to get into a human life/job being a police officer. 

Skills/Ability's-- Detect undead souls, night vision, swordmastery, marksmanship, unarmed combat, as well as being a escape artist. Super Streagth, agility, hightened senses, and duribility. Excellent hunter and tracker in both human/Hellhound form. Shadow/Fire manupilation, parkour, Illusion caster, and teleportaion.

Vehicel-- Toyota MR2= https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/1994_MkII_MR2_nbvolks.jpg

Weapons-- Handgun, long Scythe, teeth and claws.

Interests Likes/Dislikes

Likes-- Quite places, darkness, and loves to go for late night walks. Hunting, warm fresh blood, his job. Horror movies, fast cars, woman, animal lover.

Dislikes-- Assholes, people who get in his way or try to provoke him. Being in a cage, vampires, other undead creaters. Obnixious people, and hospitals/Labs. 

Lovers-- None unable to fall for a woman. Without trying to eat their flesh like an undead zombie.






May look like a normal black dog, but once you come across it more then once. It will change into a deadly gruesome monster.





  • Unable to drain blood for five day's will, make the host grow weak.
  • Holy objects, holy water, will burn. 
  • Gold will prevent the host to shift into demon form
  • Mirror's and glass cast the hosts true form, even it's shadow.
  • Using to much Dark magic, and illusions. Will make the caster get very weak and disorianted.
  • Can only enter someone's home if their invited by the owner. If it is a church, the demon must proceed with caution.

Faceclaim-- Joseph Oda From Evil Within--And some cosplay pics, and drawings. However they are not mine, they belong to their respectful owners.


Things you need to know about RPing with me

I will not always be online, since my life is really hectic. I do have some problems with becoming depressed on here or not feeling the time to RP. However I do not like people who go out and start drama or becoming a complete judging jerk. If my rp isn't that great then oh well nobody is perfect, I just haven't rped about a year or so. I'm just here to have fun, and rp nothing more. I can wing my RP's but plotting is one of my downfalls, but I can try writing one. 















(Story is a little stale but I'm trying my best to create one. 

Forged into becoming the reaper's soul collector and deadly servant. Zindroth's blazing fire had caused fear upon humans who tread deeper into the forest. Some of them didn't make it out alive, being scorched or becoming drained before their body's were ripped apart. In the 1600's no one had dared to move into the forest and as well going towards the gloomy cemetery of Silver Creek. The demon Zindroth gaurded the tombs, & claimed souls for all eternity. Until a monsterous holy creature of hunters The Reavers had came through The hellhound's territory. Quickly decapitating Zindroth's master (Reaper). Burning with fury with a mixture of pure anger. The hellhound had took human form, taking his master's Scythe (Chaosbane). Before the unholy Reaver could react into dodging the curved blade. The hard cold steel had sliced through it's body cutting it in half. Before long the Reaver monster came down with a thud. Blinded by the holy light of the hunter's assassin. The hellhound Zindroth started to go back to his  duty, still holding the scythe in his posession. 

When blood turns into true terror, in 1997 Zindroth started to leave the old ruins of Silver Creek Cemetery. And head into the human world able to learn more about their survival. Even making new friends/police at a coffee shop in Manhatten, Zindroth decided to lay low with his lust for blood in the daytime. He started to claim a weak mortal name Chris Blake, and went to move onto becoming a police officer. When taking in the badge after graduating the police academy, Chris's hellhound instincts had kicked in. Catching at night the lone idoit criminals, while they had their back's turned. He easily killed them to collect souls or just tear through their jugglar. Savoring the flow of red blood, between his sharp jaggared teeth. Chris has also caused so much terror into human's quickly dispatching them while in the shadows. No one had seen who killed all of the people in the forest or streets of NY. Still living unnoticed by humans in the night, even his friends at the precinct. 


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  • ||I just like getting the setting down for plot most of the time, not really much else. And Casey isn't human, or demon, she's just a different earthly species. 

    I think Chris can find her in the cemetery, but maybe as a fox or another animal rather than a human. Does Christ like other animals? I mean, he's a Hellhound, but that doesn't have to mean he's 'in touch' with animals or anything like that.||

  • // Yes I would love to actually. I need to get back into writing and a fresh storyline may awaken my muse. And you're welcome, can't help but add the roleplayers with animals :)

  • (Sure. I would be up for that.  A hellhound cop meeting another hellhound who also works in law enforcement. That will be a surprise for Nina, for sure.  She rarely meets any of her kind and even seldom meets any demonic types that work as cops. 

    Now how should these two police officers meet I wonder?) 

  • (Hello friend! Thanks for the invite! Chris looks really cool!)

  •        It was that time of evening, where Detective Catherine Chandler was up and leaving from the 125th, to head on to another precinct, just before the end of her shift.  And, why? With them as a whole, different precints and so forth, the police force were losing too many of their own, and the last week alone, far too many than any of them could handle.  A killer on the loose? Serial killer? Killers even?  One name they may have had whom could be behind this, yet it wasn't enough, not make it stop, it would seem.  To bring safety once again to New York City, its citizens, it was needed.  It was especially needed however to the officers who day in, and day put their lives on the line to serve, and to protect - This is why she was making her final drive this evening, and detour of sorts, and to ensure anyone and everyone in her power would remain safe.

           Thinking briefly of those she had left behind at the 125th, the detective hoping some tables would not be turned tonight, and perhaps it could be a target point there.  Shaking her head, not wishing to think that way.  Wanting it more than anything to be no, and tomorrow, she would see them again.  A brave sort of face she put on, and determination now on her features however as she finally buckled herself up after having climbed into the vehicle.  With the engine switched on, she placed it into drive, briefly checking her surroundings, to then pull out safely from the lot.  '156 Dove Street Precinct', that was her Original destination, yet while heading that way, she got onto her two-way radio/communicator, just in case someone would hear her, if she got to it in time, so they were able to request backup, and help, or anything else.  The small device was now active, she in close proximity to where Chris or others as well would be, she just hoping someone would check in with her.

    "Detective Chandler from the 125th.  Anyone there, and requesting backup? Officer, Detective, Lieutenant?  Anyone? Do you copy? Can you hear me?"

           She would switch the communicator to standby on her end, though prepared to listen if anyone else chimed in to speak.  It could have been a long shot, however she remained hopeful somehow.  If nothing, or no one heard, she still had her instincts to guide her along, and possibly lead her to where help, and the so-called backup would be needed.  Even if her life could be on the line due to the perilous nature of this situation, well if she got to this destination, then it is what it is.  Nothing and no one would hold her back from helping others, and this in that very moment, proved it.

  • [Yes I would like too, do you have any ideas?]

  • It was late at night when Keiji was walking by himself with a bag on his shoulder. He was wearing light blue jeans and a heavy coat as he went through the cold night. The street lights were the only things he could see as he made his way through the city. He would then make his way toward  a night club and soon stopped when he doesn't recognize  the area he was in.  "Wait, this isn't New Jersey....where am I?"

    As he said that he would look around and soon he heard a click of a gun which made him gasp and freeze. He would turn to look behind him spotting someone who he had never seen before. "Who..who are you?" Keiji muttered before suddenly the trigger was released which made the boy flinch and jump...out of his bed. He would look around realizing it was morning now, he would then get up and began to pull out a pen and a notepad and began to draw on it sketching the face in his dream.

    When done he managed to glimpse at it staring into the drawing of a man with dark hair and wears a pair of glasses. "Alright..a guy with a striking resemblance to Markiplier, why am I dreaming about you?" He muttered as he began to tap his pen on the notepad while biting his lower lip. He was going to have a long day thinking about this.

  • [I can start, just give me a moment] 

  • (Well hello there. Interesting to see a fellow hellhound player. )

  • [Well I want to make Keiji part of the supernatural as a hellhound ,  so what if Chris and Keiji has like a connection between them seeing them with their own eyes trying to make contact with them.]

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