Currently: Katalam - Home town in Russia

Status: 100% 

Feeling: "So much untapped power."

Name: Valkyrie

Eye Color: Amber Yellow/Electric purple when Berserking

Personality: Somewhat Condescending. Gracefully insane.

Occupation: Ex-weaponsmith/ Current Mistress.

Species: Voidling | Berserker

Height: 5'8"

Physically: Lean with visible toned muscles.

Goal: N/a

Age: 27, slow aging.

Titles: The Berserker. Weapon's master. Mistress. Void Queen, King

Nicknames: Val, Mistress, King

Valkyrie is an Ex-Weaponsmith and loved her occupation. Sad to say she got mixed up with some bad people; all being supernatural like herself. The one person she thought she could count on became her crush, and as well all know, Valkyrie isn't one to "love" someone. Atlas was different. He was her servant, her slave, and believe she put him through hell. But never was she intimate with him until realization hit her. All her ways of working him to the bone and petty torture had been out of an attraction she'd had for him. Acting out of her attraction, Valkyrie commanded her servant to kiss her. Or more, she stole that kiss. This led to a spiral that our Mistress never expected. Atlas was a child of the Void, and through fluid contact with him, her body began to slowly disintegrate from the inside out. Ultimately this led to Valkyrie's very painful death.

Valkyrie's golden yellow eyes opened, blurred at first but clearing up to see a male leaning over her. Where was she? She was laying on something but all that surrounded her was void. Darkness. Emptiness. Space. And this male. Once again, Valkyrie blacked out. What seemed like a millennia, she once again awoke. This time, she was able to ask the question of whom this black haired devil was. There was no response. Only then did he vanish and Valkyrie feel the tightening of her lungs. Water had taken the place of the void, and slowly in a blur of confusion, she swam herself to the water's surface. It was only when she gasped her first breath of air, did an insane smirk appear upon her face. She realized, she had been reborn.

Valkyrie has a very condescending personality, though this is mostly directed to her servants. She comes across as stand off-ish to strangers but isn't opposed to making new allies. Her previous role before her Resurrection was a weapon-smith after all. She's dealt with people quite a bit. Valkyrie has an odd sense of humor towards her servants, sometimes taking out built up rage on them. Her rage grants her the ability to fight better, meaning when the end of the day hits, whatever is left over must be expelled. Val has become slightly insane; Not enough to stop her from her pursuits in every day life. She has a crazy addiction to her previous servant Atlas. Though upon her Resurrection, he is no where to be found. Atlas has been with her for quite some time. Her attraction to him became her downfall as both a Mistress and a being.

 Aside from the few things that trigger her insanity, she is mostly normal. Long ago, before acquiring her void abilities or her first servant for that matter. Our Mistress had a lover. Valkyrie grew twistedly attached to him, almost as much as she is to Atlas. She was a hunter back then, to Vampires in specific. After months of a perfect love, Val's lover broke things off in fear for her safety. In a flurry of emotional pain, the Berserker was born. Enraged and unable to control herself, Valkyrie brutally murdered her lover. Every-so-often she can be seen caving into that insanity when someone with similar characteristics as her dead lover is present.

Valkyrie isn't one to wear a smile on her face and is more than often, strictly business. Part of her wishes for a new start while the other side can't stop thinking about Atlas. Seeing Atlas can do no wrong; Even now she believes the void Atlas inflicted her with had a purpose. What's even more worrisome however, is that the void has now infected multiple servants of hers. Realizing not only does the void run through her veins but her main weapon seems to be the root of it all. Through careful investigation, she's come to believe Atlas dwells in her weapon, granting her the power of the old void King. She's now self-proclaimed herself the new King of the Void in Atlas's place. The few Voidlings she knows of, follow suit.

Valkyrie is easy on the eyes, though nothing fantastic. She doesn't pride herself on her looks but rather on her finely crafted weapons; which of course she created. Our Mistress possesses long black hair which is usually drawn back to keep it out of the way. Standing at 5'8", she's much taller than the typical female. Everything about our Mistress is fearsome; her body is well toned visibly showing curves of muscle under that smooth skin of hers. Often her eyes are a golden yellow, though when enraged in battle they'll pulsate and eventually stay a vibrant purple. The purple is a mix of her Berserking and the Void which her late servant infected her with. When not in battle our Mistress wears whatever her servants clothe her in. Almost 100% of the time, her newer servant Ceres will, dress, apply make-up and even bathe our Mistress. Its a big change from back when jeans and sleeked back hair were the answer. When in battle, Valkyrie has a very specific outfit that she wears. This outfit has been dragged through years of history with her. The outfit consists of sleek black leather, and most predominantly, a black half mask. This was her uniform back in her years of hunting other supernaturals. The mask hid her identity while the leather helped her blend into the darkness. She still wears her uniform to this day when in battle.

Outstanding Scars/Markings: Our Mistress has a scar on her stomach, from a battle with a horrid enemy of hers. Amir was the only man she could never beat, the only one that was able to control her. She hated it with every fiber of her being, however, retaliation only led to injury, not once but several times. Never did she cave in, always did it appear she was Amir's punching bag. His abilities far countered hers in every way. Their last battle left her near death, when Amir used her own weapon against her creating deep slash wound from her right hip clear upwards to her lower left rib cage.

(I will not place my character with Multi-verse characters. My character, if mated/taken, will be strictly to that one person. Multi-verse characters are fine but when effecting Val from a relationship stand point, they wont be included on her profile.)

When it comes to a relationship Valkyrie is pretty much off the market. She's a solo-bird and more often than not 'strictly business.' Due to her extremely serious personality, she's a hard shell to crack and an even harder person to call a mate. Still, love could blossom if one can put up with her demands long enough to see the real Mistress behind the mask. Sadly Bolt, her ex-lover could not withstand her ultimately calling it quits. The break up didn't seem to effect Valkyrie very badly. By the next day, our Mistress was already back to business, and actually planning a new beginning for herself. Where will she go from here.. 

Orientation: Male/Female
Current Interests: x01
Status: Single

Bolt Profile Link | Amir Profile Link | Atlas Profile Link

Valkyrie is different from most supernaturals for the fact that she does not have the ability to cast any type of magic. She also has many vital points that most humans have. She is a scythe/Great Ax wielder and since her return from the void has the ability to materialize them at will. Our Mistress is an amazing ally but an even more dangerous enemy. 


Overwhelming Physical strength: Valkyrie has amazing physical strength, enough to shatter boulders and pulverize sheets of metal. This was the only supernatural ability that she was born with. Her strength matches if not exceeds most supernaturals with this ability and continues to get stronger the more rage builds up.

Undying Stamina: Due to the fact that Valkyrie has rather slow movement when it comes to a supernatural. Over time her body has developed the ability to take many more hits than most. (Consider her a tank, for you all gamers out there.) The damage inflicted on her will not heal immediately. However, she can take many fatal blows before admitting defeat.

Void Defense: Atlas, Valkyrie's former servant, gave her the 'privilege' to be infected with the void (Atlas's abilities/origins.) She's unsure whether this was intentional or not. Either way, it appears as though the void only brings help in battle. The void protects Valkyrie in battle without her casting or commanding it. It's only an extra wall of defense for her already high defenses. It appears however, the void protects her weapon far more than her body. 

Berserking: This is Val's most dangerous ability and one that she has also never been able to control. Upon a near death experience or a vast emotional imbalance, she will enter a berserking status. Dark purple veins will climb across her body, visible to the naked eye. Pupils become enraged with a purple haze. In this state, Valkyrie's Physical strength and stamina increase even more and her body maintains the ability to regenerate itself.  Valkyrie also gains powerful telekinetic abilities. This ability is time limited and can only be maintained as long as her body can handle it. 


Magic: Valkyrie is a close ranged melee fighter and doesn't click well with magic. She doesn't understand much nor does she have the ability to cast it, making her vulnerable to it.

Speed: Valkyrie's speed compared to most other supernatural beings is considered to be very slow. She is still much faster than the typical human, but can easily be outsped by most high grade vampires, demons, lycans etc.

Insanity: Valkyrie can often be triggered very easily if you know the things that make her tick. This can throw her off in battle, or send her into a rage frenzy. Choose wisely.

Berserking: Valkyrie's strongest ability is also a double edged sword. She can only maintain this form for as long as her body can maintain it. While she is enraged, her body is constantly taking damage from the unnatural amount of fury and power flowing through her veins. Once she leaves this state, she will most likely be unconscious, and/or near death.

Non-Battle Abilities/ Resistances

Draining Kiss: Valkyrie's slowly realizing there's many more secrets that she's yet to uncover about her new found void abilities from her servant Atlas, First discovered between Bolt and herself. Valkyrie has the ability to drain life-energy from any creature she kisses. It's theorized that Atlas, her servant had this ability or something similar and upon that deadly kiss years ago between both Atlas and her that led to her death; she obtained a similar variation. She's currently working with her Ally Draco to mold this life energy into a custom weapon that harnesses the victims abilities. 

Void's Kiss: With the void being held in Valkyrie's weapon, it was later discovered that when Valkyrie kisses a creature while her two void weapons are in hand. The reverse of the above skill happens. Rather than drain, Valkyrie 'gives'. Through this process, she can infect others with the void as she has done with Bolt and her Servant Ceres. If someone touches her weapon and is susceptible enough, it can be transferred without lip contact.

Void's Protection: (Resistance): Before the void, it appeared Valkyrie was extremely susceptible to mind-control. However, since the void has consumed her body, it now acts as a layer of protection against mind-controlling effects.

Valkyrie is a mistress and takes on servants as she pleases. Rarely will she capture and force them against their will to become hers, but once they pledge, she is sure to make them useful in some way. Valkyrie uses her servants from things as petty as grocery shopping to as vast as helping her in battles. (Which she seems to get into a lot of) Most of her servants will feel the wrath of her built up rage, though secretly she does care for each and every one of them and would gladly battle to protect them. Below are her current servants and their roles.

Ceres: Info Coming soon -UC

My little Golem Baby <3 Coming Soon - UC

Valkyrie has always been an avid drinker. She's well known for drinking just about anyone under the table. It takes quite awhile to get this mistress drunk.

Since her resurrection, Valkyrie has lost all of the short term memory she maintained before her death. She's forgotten many people and many servants she once had. The only person from her past that sticks with her is Atlas. She has lost the most recent 5 years of her memory before her death. She's currently working with(forcing) Roman to try to recover them.

Valkyrie is triggered into insanity by thought's of Atlas or people that look like him.

Valkyrie still crafts weapons for buyers on the side even though it is no longer her profession.

Valkyrie still has torn feelings for Atlas, though she'll never admit it to Bolt.



Hello, The name's Marly, I'm sure it may be a familiar name to some of you around here. I'm a self taught web-designer, currently taking on small jobs here and there. I've had a passion for writing for a long time. That still doesn't stop me from making a million typos so bare with me. I'm busy at random times, so don't feel bad if I ignore you. One week I'll be here, then I may turn up missing for a while. I'll always come back, Writing has become quite a pass time for me. I have 3 pet rats named Ahse, Poppy and Jinx. If the names didn't give it away, I love to game; League of Legends, Osu, Don't Starve, Summoners war, Twin Saga. I've got quite the sailors mouth so bare with me if you ever occ chat. I will take profile code requests, though due to my random spikes of busy-ness I can't guarantee a quick coding session. There's many other talented people on here that also know coding. If I'm swamped, try them :)

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  • [Please forgive me for my severely late response. Would you like to plot?

  • // It's been awhile. I spreading myself pretty thin between communities lol. I've been quite busy myself as of late. I think i should start working on my page here.

  • White fur lined the inside of Zoriko's white jacket, cupping itself to be a larger hood at the nnape of her neck. Clad in deeper blue jeans, her coat was on the longer side, reaching midway down her thighs. Her silver locks sweeping her sides, a graceful silhouette. Yet it was surprisingly warm for the environment she was expecting. Not only this, but the sight was quite mysterious, supernaturals roamed freely, almost as they would in Nightwing. Yet there seemed no hint of chaos. In Nightwing, several wars took place, and the supernatural beings, such as Zoriko herself, were terrified of discovery by humans.

    Human kind were not such gentle beings as she thought, the front face they held was friendly, compassionate, and genial in nature. Yet in the past, these memories erased by our kind, experimentation, cruel tests. Just its thought sent shivers down Zoriko's spines. But this harmony, something the dragons desired, for ceturies.

    Zoriko was here for a work related thing, so she travelled with a small bag of supplies, and a sketchbook in her hands. She wished to capture the beautiful landscape. Zoriko stumbled upon a small shop, the most beautiful stones captured her attention. Her birthstones included Alexandrite and moonstone, along with the magical uses moonstone had. She picked one up now, to inspect it, the richer the reflection of light, the richer its magic abilities. She examined several before the noise of a crash caught her attention. A young man had collided with a woman of similar height. Zoriko stood in the background, merely watching as this woman's brow lowered, a sign of clear aggravation. The young boy would likely be reprimanded. But to Zoriko's surprise, he would duck his head, but not apologize of just walk away. With his head ducked, he just stood there.  She expected this woman to say something out of rage, or at least that was what her expression seemed to say. In a haste, and to avoid a scene from occurring, Zoriko did the only thing she knew, and walked up up her, tapping her shoulder, in order to distract from this situation

    Great, so she tapped her shoulder, but what now? Timidity took over, and she had no idea what to say. This woman was considerably taller than Zoriko, who stood a mere 5 foot. Like herself, this woman had long hair, the difference being that hers was jet black. A single look into her pale eyes was enough to tell Zoriko that she was not a human, but Zoriko was unable to really pin who she was. In a haste to say something, to distract from this situation, she quickly stuttered "Do you know who runs this shop? I think Moonstone is quite magical"

    "Crap she probably thinks I'm a child, and what is this magical nonsense I just spouted" thought Zoriko to herself. She had one job, and it was to distract this woman, which she may have very well done, but in the most ludicrous manner, albeit in public as well.

    "I uh... am not from the area, and I...uh could you point me to an area with great landscape..for work.. " she stuttered some more. Well, she'd done a great job of distracting her, or so she thought, as she nervously played with her hair, not really trying to make eye contact with her. 

    (A.N: Sorry about how late my response was, work almost killed me,  and stuff happened, but I'm back and looking forward to this rp!)

  • || Wow. I'm honestly honored to have you on my list. Thank you!
    I hope we can write or have some banter soon :)

  • "I never had my own visage since my people's forms were without details or shape. I borrowed this visage from one I bonded with. A fair trade for saving her life. "

    She merely said as she followed the woman and kept an easy pace with her. She wasn't sure what else to say but a change of venue would be fine with her.

    " I always wonder about fate, change, coincidence. Like our meeting one another. Is it a chance encounter? A random coincidence? Or was it fate? Destined? Pre ordain? I know mortals often question such things. I try to avoid over thinking it. Whatever the case may be. At this moment. It is not entirely unpleasing to meet another touched by the Void."
  • Kanesha kept her eyes on the woman, but she knew better then to attack right off the bat even though there weren't many people out, but Kanesha was a careful person she was, she had to make sure that no witnesses would be around for when she took out her targets, her glowing lavender eyes remained glued to the woman that walked a couple of feet in front of her, though she kept her distance and kept herself hidden from the woman. Though, Kanesha didn't know that she wasn't about to sense other supernaturals like others would, but then again not everyone was able to sense other supernaturals these days so it was kinda normal to come across someone like her no? She blinked her eyes, she narrowed her eyes slightly a bit, biting the inside of her cheek gently as she became lost in her own thoughts for a bit; this wasn't like Kanesha to get distracted while on a mission for someone...

    "Having second thoughts Kanesha..."

    "Why don't you mind your own business Alastair, I don't have time for you right now."

    "Seems to be that you're having second thoughts about doing I right?"

    "Tsk....fuck you Alastair."

    Was...was she just talking to herself just now? No...well yes and no but the thing was, she was able to see her counter part unlike others around her, most times people would think she was crazy, talking to herself but it wasn't that. Kanesha was actually having a conversation with her other self, that other side of her that she wouldn't dare try to bring to the surface to show the world what she was capable of doing whenever she was under his control, she hated being controlled by him at times. She pushed his voice in the back of her head for the time being, placing her hands behind her head to make it seem like she was just merely passing by, not paying the woman any attention or anything, something that Kanesha was known for doing at times whenever someone was talking to her about something important. It felt like only a second, but the closer she got to this woman, the more she could feel something off about her, like her senses were telling her to be careful with this one, she wasn't like any of her targets like before and for once, Kanesha decided to listen to her instincts for a change and to tread carefully with this woman.

    Should she take her out now? It would probably be best if she took her out now but then again, she like to toy with her targets before she killed them, she like a little game of cat and mouse every once in a while with her being the cat of course but sometimes, she will play the role of the mouse and outsmart the cat in the end of the game. She was just itching to kill this woman right now but she did all she could to hold herself back from doing so, she wanted to wait it out a bit longer, she was torturing herself by doing this but it would make her game all the more fun if she did it this way..

  • (Changed my character from a homunculus to this. We never did discuss role play on here since we went with my witch. So we can plot something if you like.)
  • [I agree, they certainly are two bad bitches. I'm honored to be the first non OC you have written with. As far as plots go what year would you like this to take place? A general decade works as well.]

  • Intermingling auras coexist within Valkyrie, creating a confusing, yet appealing allure. Roman is not maternal in any sense of the word, but he lies right through his teeth each time he insists he dislikes children. He has a soft spot for them. Regardless of whether they like him not, and in most cases, they don't. It's natural for most to turn defence towards Roman. The mixture of demon and human is repulsive on a subconscious level. That's why animals attack him most of the time, and why he's never had a pet.

    "Packing clothes, or packing a gun?" He knows which one it is, but is trying to get information out of her. Surely she can't expect to escape the baby inside while it's still inside her. Roman is left to believe that she is running from Bolt - though he imagines she would hate the use the word run. These, of course, are all only assumptions. He can't read her mind. Well, he could, but that's rude.

    He cocks his head to the side, "I don't know how long. As long as it takes for me to figure it out." That means he doesn't really know how. How does that work, "To explain it better, I.. have progressive powers. That's why so many people want me dead because as far as today goes, I've never come across a dead end to what I am capable of. Magic-wise, if you will. It could be instant or take a few months. But the fun part is the process of it all. Give me your hands."

    Roman hold his hands out and waits with a big smile. Without missing or beat, or teasing her in the slightest, he says, "I'll get you a cellphone, and I'll show you how to use it. For now, give me your hands."

  • Against all odds, he got a smile from the woman. Was this a good thing or a bad thing in his favor? He didn't know. He didn't know where they were going, or what he was a date for- but he was going to find out. The door clicked open to a scene he wouldn't have expected. Not in this part of the city. A white color palette. A condition that was far too well taken care of for the slums, leaving his eyes to trail to the four corners of the space and everything in between. His arm was let go, leaving him lost in the space. He did the next most comfortable thing to heading back out the door, which was to follow her up to the desk. Standing not far off behind one of her shoulders. 

    Valkyrie. A name was offered up at the door. Perhaps she'd feel his eyes on her when it was identified. He had his turn soon enough, and the other sets of eyes in the room settled on him. Light blue hues flickered from the man at the desk to the woman a couple times. Ever so contemplative. Did he offer a name, or not? He took the middle ground. "...Call me Omega." He stated. A name. Certainly not from birth but it would do all the same. 

    His stare was questioning at the statement. A small gesture of parting his lips seemed to beg to question but they came closed all the same. Her arm was taken, and they walked in just as they had done so in the first place. His eyes continued their sweep over the vicinity as they went. Once into the room... the hair on his arms raised. A chill went through his body. A subtle discomfort like a tugging under his skin. The kind that said 'you shouldn't be here.' All things explained not by his own discomfort but of the demon his soul was toting around. Omega took in the scene, placing it to the warning signs his... 'guest' was giving off. The way his eyes dated back and forth? He'd certainly never been to such a place in his life. Wine was offered, he turned it down. Following along while studying the other bodies in the space. When she took a seat he did the same. Before he could comprehend this new space the lights had already shut off. He cleared his throat and glanced towards the woman when she spoke. The 'deer in headlights' stare he gave her was enough to answer the question she posed. "That... depends. Just what is this..?" 

This reply was deleted.


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"(So sorry for the delay. Summer hit hard at my job. They gave me two days off this week to compensate for all that I've been working lol! Hopefully I read this right. I did re-read it, I'm assuming James is outside now which is where I'll start my r…"
Jun 8
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"Katalam - The City Of Sand | 4:07pm 
  She told herself she wouldn't return here.. Yet here she was. How was it that Katalam was so warm? It was a part of Russia was it not? An outskirt slightly north of Siberia. The weather was always dry, desert l…"
Jun 8
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"I've taken a little break since Summer hit pretty hard. I've been super busy and plan on coming back asap"
Jun 5
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May 31
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May 30
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"  Golden hues blinked still taking in the idea of another Voidling in the area. The few she knew of were changed by her and her alone. Ceres, a fellow servant of hers, and her Golem servant. Granted the Golem was an accident. This one was different,…"
May 30
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May 19
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"(Alright, I will try my best to get a little something to ya before I leave but no promises. Time escapes me a lot lol. Any specific backgrounds or anything you'd like? If so, send them my way :)"
May 19
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May 19