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If you want drama, find it elsewhere I ain't here for that shit I want good clean wholesome fun, how role-play used to be. This is a do over, a fresh start and I will not let ANYONE ruin it for me. × Accounts Admin ×

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      Tig could barely make himself look at the man; he held him solely responsible for taking the most beloved girl in his life away to never be replaced, and it took all his effort not to thump that sad fucking expression off his face, but hell-- he didn’t want the idiot dead. He could never wish him that much harm, and the regret of saying something to come across that way filled his mouth with a sour taste.
      The mention of Kendra and her being better off struck him hard. If he was really honest with himself, Tig knew and had always known that Kozik was a far better parent than he himself was. He’d missed enough birthdays and Christmases and other pre-planned visits with Dawn and Fawn that at this point it had been years since any of them had even bothered trying to arrange anything.
      Still, Kozik had got him riled. And it was either Tig pounded his fists into the guy’s face, or he walked the hell out right now. He found enough self-control to opt for the latter.

      It wasn’t before another few days and a talk with Sarah that Tig could stand to be in so much as the same room as Kozik, which was turning out to be difficult when they both hung around the damn clubhouse like they always had before. As much as he’d tried to ignore it, the older of the two still had that shitty lingering feeling that he’d gone too far with what he’d said to the blonde asshole.
      Tig found him at the bar. He told the prospect behind it to pass him a shot glass and a bottle, cast a glance at Kozik and demanded another glass and that the prospect fuck off. He did so promptly. Moving close enough to Kozik to fill a glass and push it in front of him, Tig wordlessly poured his own too, downed it and refilled without so much as a word.

    It wasn’t an apology-- his pride wouldn’t be giving one of those easily, but maybe he could work his way up to something that’d be good enough for now. He couldn’t fucking bear the annoying nagging guilt and that dumb kicked puppy look on the blonde’s face any longer, a part of him still cared about the shit head.

  • @ Sarah

    "Yeah, I guess. Doesn't stop me being a sack of shit for takin' it out on you though.

    Nah, don't say anything to him. I know ya mean well but I don't want you dragged further into our shit... And he'd never let me live it down.

    ... I love you, y'know that?"

  • @ Sarah

    "I didn't. I really didn't, baby. I'm sorry, okay?

    I know. Shit, I know you're right... I swear though I just can't help it sometimes. My mouth's too fuckin' fast and he especally gets me all kinds'a wound up, y'know? I just can't-- I dunno.

    ...Please don't make me apologise to him."

  • @ Sarah

    "Shit... Okay, okay, c'mon. I didn't mean that last bit, alright?

    What do you want from me, huh? Cos this is still sounding a lot like a lecture.
    It's all said now, nothin's gonna change that."

  • //ohhhhhh mama he's in so much trouble
    @ Sarah

    "Are you kidding me?? My girls are kids, Sarah.
    He's a full-grown junkie piece of shit, don't even compare that.

    Whatever, just fucking leave it, alright? Y'know, maybe just this once in your life
    you can do what an old lady's supposed to and just do what you're told?"

  • //fuck sake tig
    @ Sarah

    "Alright, so it was a dick move-- He'll get over it!

    Listen... baby, I love you to bits, but I'm bein' serious here.
    You need to keep your pretty nose outta this, cos it ain't your damn business,
    and I'm not takin' a fucking lecture from you."

  • //angry girlfriend, meet defensive angry boyfriend
    @ Sarah

    "Oh, c'mon. Has he really come bitching to you about that? Fucking pussy.

    Look, babygirl, I don't need you startin' with this.
    I know he's your brother but he's gotta be a big boy one day.
    Keep out of it, will ya?"

  • ☆ I was gonna apologize but then I voted against it XD ☆

  • @ Simon

    "What, I can't make simple damn conversation without it meaning I like ya? Jesus christ.

    So what, the apocalypse turned you queer? That's a new one.
    Poor bitch must'a been somethin' special to put up with you."


    @ Kozik

    Maybe he was being a little bitch, clinging on to this bitter grudge for so long, but it just didn't seem to get any easier, especially when Kozik's mug was around to remind him of it all every fucking second of the day. The worst part, he hadn't meant the question to come across how it did; he genuinely wanted to know if the guilt and loss had pushed him back to that shit when Tig wasn't around to stop him. And it hurt to have Kozik think he would sink low enough to use it as an attack after all he'd done to help get him off that shit years ago. He supposed he couldn't blame him with the way Tig had been since Koz had arrived back in Charming, but it didn't stop that dull fucking ache in his chest that he didn't want to acknowledge.

    Maybe he'd have apologised, explained that he hadn't meant it that way-- but that last comment from the other man takes not only the words from his mouth, but the air from his lungs like a punch to the gut.

    "Whatever. Maybe you should've gone back to it and fucking OD'd or somethin',
    saved me the all the hassle of you fucking coming back and reminding me of all that shit, huh?"

This reply was deleted.

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""I've gotten way too used to cop cars constantly being out the front of our house. That's usually not considered normal but considering the shit you guys get up to, normal is very much overrated."

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"☆ XD I didn't even notice but hey the shit's good and there's always room for these two shitheads don't ya think xD ☆

Self control was neither a trait either male held very close to heart, let's face it they brought out the worst in each other and…"
Nov 12
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"☆ Had to put this out there just because xD

I know we both have a lot going on but I just wanted to openly say how much you really do mean to me, in the last few months you've gotten me through the worst kinds of shit that I've gone through all the…"
Nov 12
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""True it doesn't but I've learned how to handle your temper and for the most part I think I have it figured out.

Just...don't anatgonize him if you can help it, I don't need either one of you in hospital, that'd be fun explaining to the guys.

I kn…"
Nov 12
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""Even if you did it's really okay I can't hold you getting frustrated over your head forever it's bound to happen sooner or later right?

I know baby, I know. And he knows he can which I need to stop him getting away with, you do happen to put up wi…"
Nov 12
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
""Yeah you did, and that's fine I don't care I'm not hyper sensitive.

I want you to for once, use your brain before you talk stupid shit.You know I love you but I'm getting sick and tired of hearing you said something that pissed off someone else. I…"
Nov 11
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
""I'm well aware they're kid's I'm not a fucking idiot. You should have known better because of that.

Do what I'm told huh? And what's that? Keep my mouth shut unless you say so? You do not control what I say and do. I'd think real hard about what…"
Nov 11
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"☆ xDD Tigger noooo. ☆

"That's not even anywhere near the point. Regardless of that little known fact it still shouldn't have come from you.

So you telling my brother he should have killed himself isn't my buisness? Let's say someone said it to, ge…"
Nov 11
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
"☆ xD Goood god here we go. ☆

"He may have let it slip. It's not bitching when you know it's something he /still/ struggles with. I get you guys have shitty history but that wasn't cool.

Sorry but did you just tell me to "keep out of it"? Boy have…"
Nov 11
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"☆ Just remember, you asked for angry girlfriend. ☆

"Since when was it okay for you to bring up my brothers shit and use it for your goddamn arguments? I don't care what you do outside our house but that in particular? You should know that shit isn'…"
Nov 11
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ
"☆ I was gonna apologize but then I voted against it XD ☆"
Nov 11
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
""Ya make it too easy to pin ya with shit so it's now my favorite way to pass time. No denial though, I fuckin' knew it.

I had a change of heart, decided to go for something different. Besides no other woman deserved to be loved by me the way I love…"
Nov 11
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
"For so long the blame for Missy's death had been pinned strongly on Kozik, the one with the past that breached the boarder line of being a junkie and had been a major problem for Kozik to deal with for the majority of his life and so to have it seem…"
Nov 11
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
""Not enough and yeah that's coming from me of all people.Just because you're an asshole doesn't mean you have any less value.Trust me I know and that's what scares me when it comes to you.I know you have, it's not always necessary but in a way it is…"
Nov 10
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
""Soundin' sorta repetitive there Tig.What's the with obsession? I knew ya liked me but not this much.Close, more like small fragile woman and replace boyfriend with wife smartass.""
Nov 10
Ẉħɘʀə Ŧḧɇ Ṃøɳṩȶɇʀṡ Łɪʋɘ left a comment for sᴀᴍᴄʀᴏ sɢᴛ
"I don't tell a lot of people to get over it, but get the fuck over it Tig.

That shit ain't fuckin' cool and the fact that you'd throw that at me proves
what kind of person you are. I might have…"
Nov 10