A   B E A C O N   O F   H O P E   I N   T H E   G R E A T E S T   T I M E   O F   N E E D,

    A    S H A D O W    O F   S I N   I N   A   S H A D Y   D I S T R I C T


Nemo Me Impune Lacessit 


The minute her hands wrapped around that hard earned badge the warning sprang forth from her trainer. "Be prepared to be hated by the world. It's very lonely out there when you don the blue." Her mentor had never been more correct. She had to give up so much just to do what she loved. This included letting go of those who she held close.

Was the sacrifice worth it? She didn't know, but she honestly didn't care anymore. 


The day was just starting for her despite the late hour, and tattooed digits skimmed over that polyester and wool blend of a uniform, making sure that everything was in place. .A heavy leather duty belt made a protesting sound as she slung it over her head and motioned to clip it around her waist. 

 Duty gear for some reason gave a comforting feeling. A false sense of protection perhaps. Either way it was a routine that always seemed to ground her. Something she desperately needed. Much like a switch that changed the woman from vulnerable to a creature of the night Zoey always seemed to don a different mindset when she got ready.

 Snapping small keeper bands here and there around the thick strip of leather she sighed. It was time for another roll call. Another work day. Another bout of "Yes ma'am, and No sir..." Of paperwork and citations. Of being hit, yelled at, and notified of what orifice she should put her involvement in. It was time to go perform her duties. 

- "What good is there in behaving anymore...?" -

It was a haunting thought that seemed to ever plague her. Was there even a point in pretending? Sure, she believed in her job and the need to uphold the law. But being completely and unquestioningly good? No, It just wasn't cutting it.  

Not with the way  the city was changing. 

People just didn't get it.

There were demented creatures afoot. Sadistic tormentors, golden tongued crime lords, and those that got everything they wished for right into the palm of their hand.

People were acting like nothing but sheep. Blindly believing that they would never once in their lifetime encounter these individuals. That there was absolutely no need for rule and regulation.  She'd always called them societal idiots. Fools living in glass bubbles, oblivious to the world of evil that surrounded them. 

Despite her ever growing and learned hatred of people Zoey absolutely loved interacting with the scum of the world in a work capacity. Even if it was to break up their fun and put them behind bars.

Over time though, watching when they benefited from what they did.....she could see why crime was so beguiling.

Their offers to her to join their side had been a little bit more than tempting. 


Slamming that blue metal door shut, Zoey checked herself in a wall length mirror to make sure everything was in place. Hands reached up above her breast pocket to adjust the large silver oval that blared her department and badge number.

A small tear from a fight a few days ago caught her attention.  

"That's the last fucking time they get the first hit off. I'm sick of their shit..." She muttered. 

  Try as she might to avoid it she was beginning to change. And her co workers? They were starting to see it as well. The woman wasn't exactly silent in her opinion. 

'It doesn't matter how I do my job. All that matters to me is that it's done.'

It was something that she had spouted one day, the phrase catching some attention. Especially to those who were quite like minded.

Turn off the video camera, ditch the mic, and take it back to how it was before any of the babying and propriety was around. They were in charge, and were going to be listened to. Their rule was not a suggestion.

 It's what each of them in her department started working hard to reinstate. 


   Shoving thoughts from her head she turned from the changing room, and walked down that old abandoned school hallway. Digits skimming across the old blue metal lockers and layered white paint upon brick.

Eventually A right hand turn brought her into the roll call room.

A few faces turned towards her, calling out her name and waving an arm to join. They wanted to hear about that one crazy call from the night before involving a nude runner and a man who got himself into a horrible predicament in a cactus garden, or was it the naked man on the horse attempting to offer her a beer? Either way, everyone continued about their business. Pre-shift antics were in abundance, paperwork was being reviewed and turned in, and others were finishing up previous night's reports.

Eventually the babbling of officers was quickly overlapped by a male voice of authority, snapping their attention to the front of the room. Assignments were being called. Zoey wound up nestled into the crook of an arm that belonged to one of her SWAT training buddies and waited out the lists, listening for her roll call number.

"Twenty one thirty-five..."

Zoey flicked a hand up in response to her number.

"Car six-four-seven-five, and district three charlie thirty-one. Have fun Ryder, You got the ditch tonight."

The Ditch. It was Satan's spawn of a place. Where every night wasn't complete without a shooting, a foot chase, a car chase and at least 4 arrests. Many of the officers had lovingly dubbed it:


She loved the challenge. 


T H E   R A G E

Someone somewhere decided that their rally cry would involve a call to arms against the men and women in blue. Their seething hatred seemed to spread, like a trend. And when it reached the pinnacle? Well, they were completely successful in using that popularity to rise a rebellion in the guise of a march.

It wasn't a protest like they claimed though, it was an all out battle.

Even then, They began to demand and create a purge. Their claims did not fall on deaf ears. They wanted people to think that officers were the violent ones. And their followers started to listen. 140 have been killed in the line of duty. 140 officers fallen victim to evils' wrath in less than a year's time.

Unfortunately there are many more that will follow. 

"Kill the pigs. All deserve to die!" When Zoey had one of her partners gunned down at a stoplight one fateful evening, something inside the woman snapped. 


Every time she heard the threats, every time they attempted to take her life Zoey pushed back. 

I will not go down without a fight. 

I will not loose to these people.

If she had to take a life....so be it. She no longer had any remorse.


O F F I C E R    

E L I Z A B E T H    A M E L I A     R Y D E R

Known Alias: Zoey Ryder

Height:  5'10

Weight:  155 lbs

Eyes:  Amber

Hair:  Raven

Body Type:  Fit/Hourglass

Sexuality:  Bi-Sexual

Inch by silken inch those ornate tattoos splay across the entirety of her body. If there's a place that one might dare dream to walk their fingers , they can surely find something.  Don't let that ornate line work fool you, amidst all the splendor tells the reality. It's a carefully constructed tale well woven into the very fibers of her being. Each one gives her a sense of protection from the scars it covers. They whisper of the fragility she carries by means of floral works and angelic scenery, which is in sharply contrasted on it's opposite side; calling out to it's reader of the deadly nightshades that extends to her trigger hand.

Someone once said that tattoos should have meaning, For Zoey it's undeniably true. 

Taking a simple look at a picture is a start, but one might not see the woman Zoey truly is. One might be lucky enough to catch her gaze, and when they do they can see the shimmer of fire that sits ever kindling behind hues flecked in honey and gold.

Her skin, despite its rough duties...remains a silken span rarely touched. 

Hair falls in raven waves, spilling down her shoulders to frame a delicate waist and catch soft caresses where hips begin and legs go on for miles. 

Her body forever remains a statue of peak physical condition, worked hard through years of rigor. 

[Note: Zoey is generally portrayed as human, unless otherwise plotted.]


- Hand to Hand Combatives -

- Expert Marksman -

- Field Training Officer -


- Certified Diver -

The hands of an officer can carry a heavy burden. The most powerful being the fact that they can give life or take it away on a moments notice. The mind must forever remain sharp and in a fraction of a second one must be able to plan and take action, without ever giving any of it away to their threat. The career demands that she remains knowledgeable in the laws, and requires her to be able to remember countless pages of what that statute or penal code  she is supposed to enforce entails. 



-Protective -

-Cautious -


- Rebellious - 

-Neutral Good-



How do you describe a woman of simplicity who is yet so infinitely complex? The woman is the kind who would give you the shirt off her back simply because your situation would be bettered by the gesture. 

But she will not be played the fool. 

She loves with an open heart, fully and completely to the point where it undoubtedly gets herself hurt. But if you dont know her it remains hidden behind a carefully constructed shell.  

She is smiles and warmth, and yet she's a fiery inferno that can engulf you alive. 

Some days she's content not to say a word, instead finding herself watching the chaotic swirl of every nature in the world. On other days...she will vocalize it all, and set it down on the table; letting one know exactly what's on her mind. 

She's never needed baubles, or shiny things, expensive clothes or fancy lifestyles. All she needs is those around her who care, and have her back. 



It had taken her months to let the man she'd found herself falling for into her bedroom. The sanctuary a space swathed in sheer layers of white, it was ethereal and quiet.  But his words...the way his hands made her tremble beneath them, every little sigh that escaped from those rose stained lips of hers.... the way she felt her body drip in anticipation....well, he had deserved the entry. 

Embraced by that comfort some called love Zoey felt safe. Able to let her guard down. She exposed not only her flesh to him but everything about her that few were privy to. He in turn knew every dark and twisted little secret of hers and made her think that she knew his. 

But, like all stories...this fairy tale came to a devastating end when she discovered the lies, and the deceit that he'd exacted in the course of their relationship. He was manipulative, and tried everything in his power to make her feel as if she was the one at fault. When that failed...he tried to get her back.  No matter how he tried to explain she did nothing more than respond with a finger pointed at the door. He was no longer welcome, and he sure as hell didn't deserve her forgiveness. Once again the person she'd allowed her heart to love saw her as nothing more than a play thing. 

The novelty to him of dating an officer had been just that.



"Love and relationships have always been an unfortunate sacrifice of the job."


Relationship Status: Single


T H E    P A S T

Zoey never knew the names of her parents. She was the result of a surrogacy gone awry. Some years ago a young woman had been lured in with the promise of free education, a place to live and money. She only needed to trade for the use of her body. A job given to creating a life. For 9 months the two future doting parents took care of the surrogate and the woman to be. A creature created out of love and heartache. It was a dream come true for all parties involved. Unfortunately for the surrogate what was once a blessing suddenly became the worst thing that had ever come of her life. Hours of labor resulted in the fruition of every nightmare, a stillborn birth. Blue in the face and silent the nurses and doctors swept the female baby away to work on her elsewhere and never returned with good news.

Sometime in between the mess of doctors rushing in and out, the future parents disappeared without a trace. Thinking the child long gone, every party left with empty arms. However, tucked away in a nursery was a baby girl, no longer blue and screaming her lungs out.  Eventually, the government stepped in to handle the forgotten child, who was pronounced dead. She had become an orphan of the situation. Thrown into a home that was more uniforms and gray brick walls than it was a place of nurturing, Zoey found herself in a place that was nothing but misery.

On the night of her 18th birthday, Zoey walked out the door and stepped right into the arms of the Army. It was a place she hoped that she could find shelter, money and food.

Over time Zoey eventually tracked down her surrogate mother in a small town north of her state’s capital. The woman, now in her late 40’s wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. Had a criminal history sheet a mile long, and told her it was the worst decision of her life. That her involvement with her had been a mistake.

"I'm glad they thought you were dead, I wouldn't have kept you anyways."

It was the push that Zoey needed to become who she is today. Help wanted in the most horrific of times.


M I L I T A R Y   S E R V I C E

Fleeing a nightmareish hell of a place Zoey took to the streets before she found the Army. With no food, shelter, or a place to go it was going to be a hard transition. That is until warm brown eyes settled on her and the dark ebony skin on the hands of a man reached out and asked if she needed help. 

At first, she was hesitant. At first she didn't know what he was trying to get from her. Everyone had a master game plan, right? He had as well, but when he explained that option of enlistment to her, well it sounded like heaven. 

She sold her soul to them, but would have done it a million times if it meant the promise of belonging somewhere. 


Little did Zoey know she'd find out a hard truth:

Instincts are born in the rage of war.

It hadn't been by her choice. The young black haired boy who pointed that AK47 at them forced her hand. Before she knew what was going on her index finger was sliding into that trigger well and softly pressing down. His splashes of red would scorch her dreams, become the subject of so many nightmares from that day forward. 

By the time Zoey got home she felt distance from everyone she cared for. The cold shoulders and knowing looks made her feel like a monster. Her so called newly found family and friends had seen the news reports. They turned on her. Called her an abomination.

Abandoned in her greatest time of need Zoey closed herself off. Especially when she had to go back for round two.

They were right though. There are countless acts that happened out there that she'd prefer never again to speak of. 


Army Motto


T H E    S I D E    J O B

Personal protection. What an easy way to use law enforcement abilities for money.  But this wasn't an ordinary company. This was the adult entertainment and the BDSM industry. Where else was she going to find a place that welcomed her with open arms?

She never judged what they did, and in turn they never once judged her. 

As a one of it's kind company, Zoey's made a name for herself doing what she does best.

Want to get on the clientele waiting list? 

Acquire a card and ask around.

It's up to you to find out everything else. 

If you manage to get your hands on one of those rare matte black pieces of cardstock there is only one word you'll find: 

 B I N D S



A N    U N T O L D    F U T U R E

What is there to do when an officer has had enough? Work with those who have just as twisted of a mind. 

Over time as every officer ends their first career they roll into a second.

For Zoey she knew from day one that the criminal mind was a fascination.

People who were so twisted that they could manipulate everything around them by their words and actions alone. People who felt it perfectly natural to sink their hands into a person's body with their weapon of choice. She wanted to know the why. And perhaps figure out why she had urges like that of her own. 

Generally, if Zoey is not working in the jails, then she's taking on contracts for police departments in times of trauma. 

[ Forensic Psychology: The intersection between psychology and the justice system. It involves understanding fundamental legal principles, particularly with regard to expert witness testimony. This may also incorporate service to understanding the criminal mind and their actions.  ]


T H E     G E A R

"35lbs to remind you that you are responsible for the world."

Just like every other officer, Zoey is equipped with a plethora of tools. As Zoey likes to say, it's a "Lady Batman Belt." The name had been dubbed by a small child she had once saved from horrible conditions.

The duty belt is everything an officer has at their disposal, and it's key. The possible difference between life and death. 


From left to right:

-2 Ammo Magazines  -  Taser (Not Pictured)  -  Radio  -  Flashlight -  2x Handcuffs -

-  Keys - Baton  -  Gun  -  Gloves  -  Pepper Spray -


Gel composite with a steel stab plate. Heavy round impact capable.



T H E    W E A P O N S

"The only difference I get in a life or death situation."


- Handgun -

- Glock 19, Generation 4 -

-.40 -


- Rifle -

 - Bushmaster Police M4 -

- 5.56/2.23 -



- Bushmaster with Door Breech

- 12 gauge -


- Taser -

- X26 -

-50,000 volts -


T H E    P A T R O L   CAR   -   6 4 7 5

- V8 Dodge Charger Police Package Edition -

- Rear Partition/Center Weapon Console -




-18+ Please, respect me on this. Player is over 21.-

-I am not here to find a relationship, I'm here to play. Of course I might grow pretty fond of you OOC/IC, but don't expect anything to come of this IRL.-

-Absolutely NO modding my character unless we agree on something.-

-I'm a fan of gore, violence, sex and narcotics in my story lines. Just don't expect this to turn into some - every time we write - crazy porno. You'll get the boot.-

-I'm dirty minded, and have a dark sense of humor, take it or leave it .-

-Multi Para to Novella Writer-

-If you friend request me leave a comment or  inbox message. I have a glitch for some reason on this account that wont let me see adds.-

-Sometimes replies take a while. For this I am sorry. Zoey and I share the same job. Training happens.Court time and sequesters happen. Writers block happens. Life happens. -

-You add me, you start. Unless we've agreed otherwise.-

-Let me know if you have a romantic interest in mind for Zoey.-

- Plotting heavily preferred. -

- Skype (Messenger Only): Zoey.Ryder1  -






Zoey Ryder FC: Cleo Wattenström

Cop Zoey FC: Michelle Rodriguez (SWAT)


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Elizabeth Zoey Ryder

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Character Relationship Status


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

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  • Just messaging you since you won our Anniversary raffle! Check your inbox when you can :)

  • Long story short....sleepy as hell for the past few months. Finally found out from docs why and am on the mend. So if I've forgotten you please shoot me an inbox. I've been in a fuzzy haze. Apologies.
  • The clock in the museum struck midnight as a tall mint colored woman materialized in her signature green flames just inside the entrance doors. The establishment had been closed for four hours by the time she showed up and there was no security guard in sight. Who could blame the faculty really? The place was rather creepy at night and who would ever want to break into a place like that? The who was an ancient sorceress who went by the name Maleficent. Most individuals knew that name from a popular fairy tale they read to their children at night called Sleeping Beauty. The piece of literature was based off of events that had taken place over seven centuries ago. The story had also quickly been labeled as a work of fiction.

    The so called Mistress of all evil walked through the museum, her heels clicking against the tiled floor as she did so. She carried a long golden staff in her left hand with a green orb at the tip that glowed like a candle providing her with the light she needed in order to search through the artifacts on display. Her reptilian yellow eyes also glowed as she approached a glass case containing what appeared to be an old book. "There you are." She hissed as she trailed one of her crimson nails along the glass. This was a book she had been trying to find for quite some time now. It was a spell book of hers that had been stolen.

    As she examined the case the villainess heard a sharp caw come from outside. Her raven was perched just outside the museum watching for policemen. His master was no fool. She knew there had to be some sort of alarm put in place especially since there was no security guard to be found. The raven let out a few more caws informing Maleficent that there was a cop walking up the front steps. Instead of leaving Maleficent merely scoffed and muttered a short spell causing the glass case to shatter. Once it did she picked up the book flipping through briefly just to make sure that there were no pieces missing. The wicked woman did not even hear Zoey approaching from behind. The officer would see the tall shadow of a woman with horns and a collared dress long enough to rival a wedding gown as she turned the corner.

  • J. Scandal

    Rest In Beautiful Pieces  - 1/8/17


    "Your vocals left a mark on this world. Your smile? Left a stamp in my heart.

    Those hands of yours? Well that was always our own little secluded moment.

    Now wasn't it?" 

    Say My Name {Mature Content Warning}

  • No sooner has the young male abandoned the stage, than another one takes his place. This one is also a male, similar in age. But this one either was part of the theater club in college or being dramatic is simply a part of his personality. After twirling the microphone around his hand a couples time, he places it back into its stand, before maneuvering sides ways and drumming his fingers along invisible strings, as if it were a guitar.

    The crowd, unfortunately, isn't an enthusiastic. All the shouting, all the insults continue. What he calls singing is more like screaming; his wailing is loud, almost unbearably so. The microphone, at some point, gives a horrible screech. This time something IS thrown. A bottle of beer collides near the guy's head, only missing its mark by an inch. The bottle crashes into the wall behind him, shattering to pieces. His eyes snap open and he tries to glare at the culprit; a feat impossible among all the sea of people. The booing commences once more, followed by more things being tossed. Plastic cups still half-filled with beer or soda, cigarette stubs, and even a few more bottles. He does the best he can at protecting his face from damage by shielding it with his arm. 

    Angry, he gives the microphone stand a good kick, making it roll away. Unleashing a chain reaction, all the kicking and punching commences.  It's impossible to tell who is doing what at this point, or even who started all the fuss. After having jumped off the stage, our little drama queen joins the fight by grabbing at whatever he can get his hands on.

    Those of us at the bar haven't moved a muscle for the most part. Only about three men have bothered standing up at all. Well, the night has certainly taken a more interesting turn indeed.

  • As some of you know, I was a cop in San Antonio, TX for the last 8 years. After the events that happened yesterday to my fellow brother in blue I am absolutely devastated for my city and those of the SAPD that I've had the honor of working with. 

    Marconi was a great man and a phenomenal detective. 

    What happened: At approximately 11:45 while Marconi was conducting a traffic stop near the main downtown PD substation,  a male snuck up behind him and shot him twice in the head, execution style.  He was targeted simply for his uniform and doing his job. 

    Later that night in a different state, another officer was shot in the same manner, but survived.

    THIS will not be tolerated. 

    Right now: My heart is with my brothers and sisters in my hometown. I may not be there, but I will ALWAYS have their back. 

    RIP: SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi - EOW: 11/20/2016

  • RIP Steve Dillon
  • The music at the club suddenly comes to a stop. And with it, those on the dance floor do as well. There's a chorus of disappointed sighs from most of the patrons; others are shouting obscenities. The lights go off for a second or two, causing the most sensitive ones to start whistling, and what do you know, continue using that filthy mouths of theirs. But the darkness doesn't last long. When they come back, the lights are directed at a certain spot on stage, for dramatic effect. 

    ''It's karaoke time!'' A young male in his twenties is standing there, holding a microphone high above his head, like famous musicians do in concerts when thanking their audience. Except this guy isn't a celebrity of any kind, he's your average Joe. The news seem to lift the crowd's spirits, for the most part. There are others, of course, who aren't so cheerful about it. In fact, they seem like they're two seconds away from attacking the man by throwing whatever they can get their hands on.

    And as soon as he opens his mouth, I can understand why.

    Sure, karaoke is supposed to be only played for fun. This isn't a competition of any kind, so it doesn't matter how good or awful someone is. All that matters is having a good time. On the other hand, I would be lying if I said I didn't find the whole thing amusing as hell. Half through his song, the poor guy is being Booed. So far, shit hasn't started flying around just yet, but's it's a matter of time.

This reply was deleted.

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