Dragon of the Clouds || 500 Years Young

"There is no source of darkness; it is merely the absence of lights"



Zoriko is a rare type of  juvenile dragon with pointed, white scales. Her small silver talons shimmer on her toes and don't serve too much of a purpose besides grip, and spikes that travel down her body.

Her wings are longer than most dragons of her age; being a dragon of the sky meant having a slender physique, larger chest for bigger lungs, and a broader wingspan to glide through the harshest of winds. 

Zoriko's  crimson red eyes glow dimly at night, and with strong emotions, aiding her night vision. 

Zoriko's photographic memory aids her in protecting herself and others.Zoriko is learning the power of magic, and her latest abilities are often a result of impulse and desire.

As a human, her skin is as pale, pure as porcelain. This and many other features coincide with her dragon form, long, straight silver hair, crimson eyes, which glow with anger and with the twilight. Being a juvenile dragon means she's also a short human, standing a mere 5 foot.  Zoriko has Elven tribal markings upon her arms, and her legs, though she usually conceals them using appearance shifting magic.These markings were given to her by her former dragon rider Zora, though appearing after her death

Zoriko has proved time and again that her appearacne does not define her demeanor, which is rather cautious and shy. She has learned to test people she doesn't know in order to gauge their personality. Shy at first then cunning to really expose a person's true intentions. A lethal combination.



Birth and Banishment:

Zoriko was born 500 years ago in the Cloud Kingdom. However, soon after her birth, she was abandoned, shortly thereafter, forced out of the sky and onto land, for reasons she could not understand as a child. Today it can be described as prejudice.

For the part of her childhood where she roamed the skies, Zoriko was alone, and discriminated against because of her appearance; Pearly white, while dragons of the sky were an array of beautiful pastel colors, sometimes resembling the vividness of dawn and the tranquility of dusk

She was born too early and a sickness in her early stages of life caused her color to develop differently from the others. She was blessed or cursed with silver scales, some silver, and others a pearly white, and destined to remain juvenile; slightly smaller than the rest.

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Zoriko's childhood became mundane, and spent mostly in solitude.Then one day, Zoriko found a tribe of elves. Hungry, lonely, and a bit curious, Zoriko flew over to them and found that these elves were warm and welcoming. They accepted her with open arms.

They didn’t care for her color, or her size. To them she was the most captivating creature they had seen. 

Zoriko's silver color made her unique, and tied with a kind personality, Zoriko was the companion and guardian that this village desired. For the next few decades, Zoriko lived in peace, with the elves, and even made friends with a particular elf who called herself Zora, the daughter of the head of the village. She, like Zoriko had a slender physique but long curly hair which was the color of rich chocolate. 

Her appearance almost doll like, and her ears, long and pointed upwards. She made up for all the compassion that Zoriko was denied in the past, and she  and Zoriko became very close, almost like true blood siblings. Zora had taken her in, allowing to reside in her house, and sleep in her room. In fact, Zora was the girl who gave Zoriko her name, and they lived as best friends, rather than as pet and master.

Everyday in the morning, Zoriko would do her morning rounds, where she would fly above the village to stretch her wings. Soon, Zora began tagging along, riding on Zoriko’s back,whispering "Fly Safe" into Zoriko's ear. It was a statement that warmed Zoriko’s heart. For the first time in her life, Zoriko felt needed, she felt like she could finally protect, her rider, master and best friend, Zora.


Death of a Rider:

Zora fell ill one day, and against her will, Zoriko left her in the village to fetch her some herbs and meat, only to return to a village that was engulfed in flames.  Before she realized, her worst nightmare had come true, as she eventually found Zora, charred, trembling in pain.


Her dying wish conveyed with the words, "Fly...safe...My sister..." and she lay limp as she tried to hand Zoriko her alexandrite pendant.

With nothing left to live for, Zoriko, who could not bring herself to bury her master, took her corpse to an abandoned cave where she lived for a few months alongside her master. Zoriko felt eminently guilty.

With every passing day she regretted leaving Zora alone on that day, because if she hadn’t left her behind, she could have saved Zora. She blamed herself, there was one person who gave her the love a family would give her, and she lost it. Zoriko thought she would live in the cave with Zora until death consumed her whole, and she lay right next to Zora.


Skya and Nightwing:

A few months later, Zoriko was finally able to put Zora to rest, burying her where the village once stood.

Zoriko could no longer bear the happy memories that village bore, and she began to wander, hoping that her life of solitude may end soon.

A few years later she came across a black dragon of the night, named Skya, alongside her rider Lenn. Skya’s motherly instincts took over and she immediately took a wounded Zoriko under her wing.


 Skya accepted her with an open heart, and they lived as though they were bound by blood.

Although becoming Skya's daughter gave her new joys in her life, Zoriko finds it hard to trust anyone but Skya, and constantly wants to be near Skya in case she needs her.


Nightwing and the Onset of Magic:

As the days past with Skya, Zoriko finally had a new family. New found brothers, who were Skya’s blood offspring. In fact, her brother Klaus was the one who had taught her to harness her magic so that she can transform into human form at will. She became close with Lenn, Skya’s rider, and companion, and she considered Lenn’s family, her own family.

Zoriko thought her life was complete, and finally when she was strong enough, decided that she would go on a voyage and visit the grave of Zora, so that she could convey to Zora that she had finally found happiness once again.

On Zoriko’s return, she stopped by a mage who taught her other uses for her magic, including mastery of the elements. Although her descent grants her immense power in wind and water, her magic training allowed her to harness fire and lightning. Her training under this mage took years, and she returned to her home as an adult, no longer the estranged child she once arrived as.

Present Day

Today, Zoriko works for a large magazine company; as an artist. Within nature she was able to find her home, as well as her dream job, to simply observe nature and imitate its beauty upon paper.

Though she was given a home in the city, she sometimes relaxes in the wilderness of Nightwing, patiently waiting, for life to take it's course, and so she may enjoy every moment of her new life

Skya:  Adoptive mother
Rigel: Brother; Skya's blood son
Klaus: Brother; Skya's blood son
FC: Ola Rudnicka


  • No god modding, It generally ruins the plot. Give me options to abide by if you must, but no controlling
  • Do not try to kill my character either, a fight is fine, also if you startle her or scare her in any way, she will probably hold an attack stance, but she won't attack you first. Killing her will result in an immediate end to the RP
  • Just know that Zoriko is timid and cries frequently, if this annoys you, I'm sorry. Feel free to criticize it (which may lead to more tears, you have been warned), but if you can't deal with it, don't rp with me.


Authors Note:

  • I'm usually pretty quick with responses, but if you don't get a response for a few days, I haven't forgotten about you I promise. I'm a full time college student and it's crazy                                                                          
  • This song is called Norwell, and it's from the game Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.                                       



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  • (( Hey there, lovely character. Would you be interested in writing sometime? ))

  • A grin was handed over to her response. “Spoken very well… and true indeed. There is room to grow. Room to learn from sources not your own, to begin with. I have learned more from unexpected places that I have the expected.”

    With the request set in front of him, the man’s lips pursed in silent contemplation. Memories he had in excess, some more cherished than others. They all lead back to the unmistakable cut-off where there were none. Thus, with a heavy exhale, it was where he started.

    “…I woke up in a place that was barren other than plains and grassland, no different than you see me today. With no recollection… many years of wandering, one day I just started walking. And so I walked.” Shaking a sense of distance off his expression, recollecting himself, Spencer glanced back to her. “I came across Nightwing many years after. I remember the beauty of it, a landscape I came to fall in love with, as you may already know.” He felt his chest rise some as he thought on how to continue.

    “I had not seen a dragon before Chanook. I was grateful that my presence was so well received, I was a fool in approaching.” Spencer smiled fondly. Suddenly a loud, deep laugh left his chest. Sudden enough to make one’s heart jump. “I learned the art of flying in true Nightwing fashion… but my first flight with Chanook was not as his Rider. Another privilege I was honored to have. After I was chosen… well, many afternoons were spent flying until I was wiped of my fears.” His head tipped back, looking at the sky again. “Perhaps a dragon knows not of it, born taking to the sky by nature. As for mankind… there is nothing like it. Your body tells you death is imminent, your eyes take in the world from above the world- a no-man’s view. Your heart and soul grip onto your dragon just as firmly as your hands do, and should they leave, all hope and trust tell you they would not let you fall.”

    A steady exhale passed through his lips, letting the notion go just as longingly as it came. When his eyes were cast back to the scenery, the realization came as to what he saw. Pulling her off the path as he had, eyes alight with what was now the excitement of the current moment.

    “One-part botany… another part magic. The extract of a mandrake root, the right words uttered…” When he realized he was speaking without context, he glanced to Zoriko. His voice softened. “Raiya and I had a small, collective… experiment. While successful, our results slipped away from us outside Omnia.” Lowering to the ground, he came to stop in a crouch. His hand raised to point towards a certain cluster of the trees. “Look carefully.”


    Through the trees, however subtle, there was movement afoot. The creature was about the size of a small dog. Moss-like fur cloaked the creature as it moved carefully upon small, slender paws. The pelt it adorned, however, was grayed, mottled to a dark brown color come winter’s passing. Black, shining orbs stuck out amidst the pale, cream fur that marked its face. Finally, upon the lithe, organic creature’s back were hints of twig-like saplings.


  • There was an enormous amount of confusion as to whether or not that armored figure was a threat, the fact it had no head almost contradicted it going after the spawn from Hell. Given what little time they had, a quick decision was required for choosing to hit him as well and not take any chances. The idea of having an ally was really starting to appeal to him with how dire their situation was, water manipulation had to be one of the worst forms of magic for combating a paranormal terror, he wasn’t even sure if anything would make it flinch.

    If there was one thing that attracted the unholy abomination towards Zoriko, it was fear, like a moth drawn to a light source. Multiple crackling sounds could be heard from it twisting its head in a series of flinches, now gazing directly at the white haired female with its nearly empty eye sockets. This brief pause was cut short when the Headless Rider unexpectedly leaped at it with the swing of his blade, which sliced away at the right side of its torso under an armpit. This provoked another high pitched shriek to part its mouth out of sheer agony. After having its would-be attempt at lashing out on here disrupted, both skeletal limbs darted out with the intent of butchering him again. Each hit was deflected while a certain young drake put a halt to the occasional crossfire that ensued.

    When it seemed that they were deprived of any ideas, the Dragoness had come up with something brilliant. Judging by the fact she instructed him to drench them combined with the static building in her palms, it was easy to assume she wanted to amplify her attack for the most devastating results; Water and electricity could be extremely volatile when mixed. At the same time, Tempest felt conflicted over hitting their visitor as well, but now was the worst possible time to question her judgement. He did not come all this way only to deviate from her plan that could save both their lives. Only the outcome of this short lived battle will tell if Zoriko made the right decision in choosing to target them both.

    By tapping into the molecules that drifted in from the moisture in the sea, all were drawn in and compressed to form droplets. Since this wouldn’t be enough, both his arms spread out before loud sloshing sounds could be heard creeping up the rusted hull outside, only for the salty liquids to suddenly smash their way through either window as glass fragments littered the mold covered floorboards. Combined with what he gathered seconds ago, all those waters were formed into two spheres for the duo going at each other’s throats.

    When all that water came down on top of them, the creatures screeching was muffled by having its mouth flooded. Meanwhile, a certain clad figure was seen swinging his arms around in a futile effort to escape. Yet, this was cut short by the sudden strike of lightning that struck them both, which had their headless visitor flinching around uncontrollably from the surge of static ravaging his body. If this were an ordinary two legged being, his organs would’ve been cooked. As for the demonic terror would experienced the same unfortunate hit, its bottom jaw hung wide open while an enormous amount of bubbles escaped its mouth, as if attempting to shriek again. None of those sounds could ever be heard as they suffered a nearly devastating shock, it would likely be awhile before the two could get back up.

    “And~ GOTCHA!!!”

    That being said, a bright cobalt beam was shot from the middle prong of his trident upon being aimed at the two. In the event of impact, their feet and ankles were suddenly covered by a thick formation of ice that instantly crept further up with frost, trapping them temporarily. The armored being almost collapsed from what the static had done to him, all while their adversary from Hell was making an attempt to break free by thrashing its body and stretched arms around. This would be their opportunity to escape and put some distance between them and what was suspected to be a literal Demon.

    “Let’s make a break for it outside and get out of this place, quick!!” After insisting that his white scaled friend in disguise follow him, the Sea Drake took off sprinting back to the corridors behind them for dear life. Should the Dragoness follow suit, he would come almost skidding around a corner entering the promenade decks again, nearly tripping from his sudden halt in momentum. He ran across the rotting floorboards before one of the walls ruptured behind them in some sort of blast, as if something enormous had smashed its way through. When having a quick glance back, a disturbingly familiar set of crimson pupils with empty sockets surrounded by a white barren skull was seen peeking out from the dust. Just the sight of it accelerated her friend’s heart rate while he resumed course for the nearest exit outside. The beast wasted no time in pursuing them as they received a head start.

    Up at the stern deck, the decaying boards were shattered into splittering fragments caused by a sudden expansion of steam below. Once the hole was created, Tempest took advantage of it by leaping and reaching in to pull Zoriko up by her arm in case she lacked the ability to get out on her own. Much like when they first arrived, a thick deep sea foam green colored haze surrounding the vicinity of the Ocean Liner, the most anyone could see out was at least a hundred yards from the hull. As much as he wanted to gaze upon the seventh smoke funnel and other scenery found at the Nosgoth’s rear, the aquatic male ushered his partner into following him towards the very back where they could likely jump off and escape.

    Soon they would arrive at the end of the stern, where most of the center wood had partially caved in due to outside elements. Yet in all of it, there was grass covered soil with a mixture of different flora, some of which included varying flower species. He ceased his running and paused there to gaze upon what was thought to be an overgrowth caused by mother nature herself, yet there was one problem with this: Where did the soil come from? It was almost beautiful to see despite the faint silhouettes of the ship’s smoke funnels much further away, this would be one unique location to do another sketch if it weren’t for the fact something was chasing them. Eventually a realization had struck him.

    “This must be some former garden, I can only imagine what it must’ve looked like back then.” Before either one could proceed after his brief sentence, what sounded like loud lip smacking could be heard approaching from behind. Prior to turning around, he discovered that it was the same relentless creature who persisted on challenging them both, which let out a hiss as both boney and razor sharp claws extended outward. As it gazed at the two once more, the Oceanic Dovah brought out his trident and pointed it to their unholy foe. Said azure haired male held his weapon tight while contemplating on what to do, it seemed that their only option at this rate was to engage and destroy it.

    “If this thing wants a fight, let’s give it one. That’ll be one less thing to terrorize the dead on this ship. How bout it Zoriko?” Asked her guest of the seas with a narrowed gaze cast upon the adversary they were faced with. When awaiting a response, the pointed prongs of his signature weapon produced a soft cobalt glow while attempting to retain his composure. If a brawl really was going to ensue, they would need to act soon with how unpredictable that thing could be.

    But where was their intruder?

  • Whatever the reason may be for their departure… there was a lingering smile on the man’s face. Something subtle, but present all the same. The cloak he wore was drawn closer to his frame, long strides taken out the door and to the path of choice. “I expect no such alchemy, and yet you use your skill well in substitute for it. I have a feeling…” Spencer’s gaze turned upwards to the sky ahead, checking the weather. Checking the sun for the time. Overall, thinking of his next words. “I have a feeling these lessons will come to you with ease, for some time. However… expect they may not always. My predictions are not of law.”

    There he was, rambling again. Catching himself occasionally when his thoughts seeped into the world. It came with living alone, inevitably. Living in a place that was distant. As they walked along the path, he let his thoughts linger in their own space for some time.

    “After the departure of the dragons, following many years after the wars and so on… I need not tell you what happens when the largest predators on the food chain left. Those beneath it become able to breathe, in a sense.” He glanced over to Zoriko from the corner of his eye. “I try to remember while the territory is silent for us, it comes as a period of peace for others.”

    “Those ecosystems, however, grew far more rapidly than we could have expected. Raiya was the first of us to notice this. An elk is not simply a standard elk. A boar is far more fearsome than a boar…” Spencer shrugged his shoulders. “Combined with the Warbeasts I have caught small glimpses of in past years, were are not alone. Nor shall I ever expect to be on the top of the hierarchy.” The last part was added amusingly, in truth, odds were.

    The further they walked onward, notably, the more Spencer was glancing around. Sifting through the trees, ultimately searching. With a final glance off to the right, his head stopped turning. His feet halted abruptly along with it, gesturing to Zoriko to do the same. He held a finger to his lips, an almost child-like smile behind it before he lowered his hand and carefully stepped into the brush, off the path, seemingly heading towards the stream.

  • When suddenly seeing her at the corner of his eye startled Nemo slightly, making him flinch. What did she want from him? Why was she so interested in him? Was this what flirting was? If it was, he didn't like it, made him uncomfortable. This lady looked way older than he did. A lot of questions were running through his head of why a stranger was suddenly curious of him. Yes, a stranger, her name was Zoriko, but he knew nothing about her. So what if he looked different, it was the one thing that made him feel insecure the most, and she gotten close enough to him to see. A sigh hushed his thoughts.

    "I need to feed my dog." He answered. There was a reason why he was acting like this, one she may come to know about, but for now, attempting to avoid others was his go-to plan.

  • On the contrary, Nemo did notice her eyes changing color, but thought it rude to acknowledge such out in public. As for the book, Nemo wasn't aware that it was a copy, but had no knowledge of where the original was.

    "Uh...the library. If this is a copy, then...they probably have more." He answered, where else does one get books nowadays. The library was close to his apartment, and he wasn't really bothered to go to any book store. His tea was finished, Nemo never left a conversation before, he usually just avoided them in general. When the waitress hovered by, Nemo paid with cash, Tundra was probably waiting for him. "See you around." Nemo muttered as he got up and walked to the door. Whether she wanted to tag along was up to her.

  • As the ‘show’ in a sense came to conclusion, his eyes were contemplative. Arms had come to cross in front of his chest, leaning back against the table along the side of the wall in a casual manner. What he did now, was listen. His measly lesson for the day surpassed, for the time being, she was its superior. She stood above it, and he would take his place in the background of said accomplishment.

    The glint of curiosity in silver hues was re-sparked as he looked onward. Illusion was a skill- a craft. Not only by the mundane magicians of humankind but by the dragons. Mages. Witches, and so on. The city itself was not merely a city in hindsight to know these things. “I find myself in luck to need little modification…” Spencer’s words paused, a hand going up to sweep through the side of his hair. The edges of semi-pointed ears were visible for a brief moment or so before the long, messy locks were allowed to fall again. “Little explanation… perhaps unless asked in time.” A half smile came afterward, mischief in monochrome eyes, which seemed to go unasked on their own.

     “And so we shall.” Spencer responded when she seemed up and ready to leave, something of cheerfulness ever present. He followed suit in pulling on a pair of boots, a cloak pulled off a peg near the doorway, set over his shoulders. Finally, the messenger bag was tossed over a shoulder, heading out the door. When he had done so, his footsteps worked away from the cottage-like house to where a path was seemingly worn heading Northeast. Into the trees, towards the spine of the mountains closest.

  • His efforts at pushing it open turned into a shove with how much force was needed, he could only assume Zoriko had a slightly more difficult time doing so due to her being smaller than him. Much like how she felt, her aquatic affiliate was on edge from the squeaking sounds both double doors produced when being moved. Hardly any extra strength was needed once the interior was revealed and they could finally let go of those handles. Either opening them was the best decision they could've made or the worst, only time will tell from there.

    What laid beyond those doors was something that Tempest almost expected, one massive room that stood out from everything they've seen so far. One of the first few things to catch his attention was the burnt charcoal textures surrounding them, as if somebody lit a match and dropped it there. The Sea Drake stepped further along side his white haired friend before eventually kneeling down to inspect the floor, soon running an index finger along it to scoop up some of the soot. A few thoughts as to what could’ve caused such a catastrophe, either a terrible accident or an act of arson. But who would be willing to burn so many innocent souls to death? And what for if that were the case? Both of those seemed like questions only her or Emmy could answer.

    Zoriko’s warning made him perk up in the midst of his theorizing, and that wasn’t the most pleasant news he received. “Ain’t that lovely. Let’s hope nobody barges in otherwise we’re going to have problems if someone or ‘something’ is in here. Still, this place is huge.” The azure and gold scaled leviathan in disguise would admit reluctantly as she sat there a few feet away from him. Upon getting the gesture for him to join her, he stood up and made his way to the Dragoness who began a replay of the events that took place. After claiming a spot beside her on the blackened floor, he held still for whatever visions would come of a certain night.

    What Tempest witnessed felt like something straight out of a certain television series Gleeon used to watch on occasion: Downton Abbey, with how everyone dressed back then. It was fascinating to see what such simpler times were like, back when people weren’t so glued to their phones or relying on the Internet for their entertainment. He really wondered if parties like this still existed in the modern era, maybe not with the current style and music of course. All this provoked the corners of his lips into curving upwards, giving off a low but mildly joyful smile. It was difficult for him not to imagine himself participating in a party like this, lord forbid he ever tries dancing. Chances are, Zoriko would’ve been dragged into it with him. Not only did everyone’s choice of attire stand out to him, but the scenery was incredible to see in their pristine condition.

    The female in question was spotted one moment later after she already noticed her. Both emerald orbs focused on her for the duration, up until he was able to see the man she was with. What stuck out to him was a certain ring the woman was seen wearing on her finger, it HAD to be the same one Zoriko currently had in her possession. After this realization, his gaze shifted towards the overhead balcony as said lady waved to whoever her observer might be, without a doubt it was someone up top. The young drake remained silent while watching all this play out well until her and the brunette male headed upstairs together. Seeing that couple made him glance back down at his own right hand, trying to imagine somebody else’s resting there against it. In a way, this gave him confidence that a special someone might come into his life one day, preferably someone of Dragon kin. As of now, none of that mattered, for him and his non-aquatic friend needed to see this.

    With the high possibility of Emmy being the one who stood on that balcony, Tempest almost leaped up to follow the Draconian female. Caution was taken when going up those steps in case they deteriorated to the point of collapse if anyone set foot on them, luckily for them nothing snapped under their weight. Once him and her were up there, the three sets of human remains were visible despite an absence in light. He too looked around for the deceased young woman as Zoriko called her out by name, who he had so many questions for if they could find her.

    Right there next to one of the charred skeletons sat the one they were looking for, who seemed to be holding one of their hands. Before realizing it, the Dragoness got down beside her as he chose to do the same. There wasn’t much reaction from him at first other than a widened gaze. However, being given Emmy’s appreciation and seeing that her form become less transparent accelerated his heart rate. When her marked up and burnt skin became visible, a lump built up in his throat from a sudden dose of grief hitting him hard in the chest, his guess was that Emmy had been burned to death. As they received some context regarding the romance between her brother and the Butler’s daughter, the Oceanic beast listened carefully to each detail provided. From what little was said about her father, he sounded like a man who hadn’t heard of free choices. Of all things he’s heard or read, this had to be one of the most symbolic love stories Tempest had the privilege of hearing about, to him it sounded like something straight out of a well written romance novel.

    “Your brother must’ve been a really noble guy, I probably would’ve done the same thing in his shoes.”

    What really had him on the verge of tears by now was the tale of what happened during their final moments, and how they planned to escape together. All that somehow resulted in them getting trapped inside the massive ballroom and engulfed in flames, to him that was a terrible way to go. He almost fell to his knees learning about this until Emmy finally left them alone, presumably to move on into the afterlife and be with her loved ones again. A few muffled but distraught snickers escaped his lips after she disappeared, just before Zoriko headed downstairs. Nothing in this world could’ve expressed how terrible he felt for assuming that Emmy was malevolent one, it would now become one of his most profound regrets in life. Knowing he’d have to live with that, Tempest made his way back to the bottom where his friend would be working on her next piece of work.

    “I wish I had the chance to apologize to her, we just-” After those fifteen minutes were up, an attempt was made at commenting about how much he wished to make it up to Emmy for misjudging her earlier. His sentence was interrupted by the sounds of dense metal buckling together in addition to her pendant going off again, whatever this was couldn’t possible be their deceased friend. With returning grip on his arm, he couldn’t help but notice the trickling down her limb, sooner or later that would needed to be treated.

    At least, the figure in clad armor finally made a gradual entry in the ballroom. The metallic black visor on his helmet somewhat reflected their imagine when glaring back ominously, as if waiting for someone to throw the first hit. Seeing that stranger made the Sea Drake pull out his trident as the being in particular brought out his scythe in response, this already sent chills up his spine. Unlike all spirits aboard the derelict ocean liner, this one was not transparent, but solid like them. “Who are you?! And what’re you wanting from us?! I don’t think you’re in any position to fight two dragons!” As foolish as it might seem to announce what they were, it might serve as a deterrent for challenging them.

    Behind the duo however, came another ungodly and almost window shattering shriek of sorts, this time more sinister than what Emmy produced earlier, it was more animal like than anything. The sound was so loud that even shimmering waves could be seen flying above their heads for a brief amount of time. While wanting to assume this was the same young woman they just assisted, his heart sank into the pits of his chest again.

    What resembled a moving puddle of onyx gunk had just came into view opposite of where their first intruder was, only to rise up to twelve feet in height before smoldering limbs formed from a slimy torso. Next came a head created from the same substance on the floor. A skull like face mask materialized seconds later with nothing but empty eye sockets to stare back at the two like they were prey. A set of claws sprouted from the ends of both arms, three bony fingers on each with razor sharp ends that easily tear through flesh. Horns protruded from his head before another unholy screech was shot towards the ceiling. The abomination then locked eyes with the two while constantly twitching its head at them, this initially made Tempest step back and glance over to the other surprise guest.

    As some might expect, the armored figure came charging in their direction while the Sea Drake had his signature weapon ready for whatever attack might come. Instead of striking them however, the being leaped OVER them and landed with a thud several feet between the duo and that horrific creature. Seconds later their new visitor sprung into action by sprinting forth as the demonic entity literally stretched its upper limbs over to snare or impale him. Its gigantic claws were blocked by his scythe multiple times, a few clashing sounds could easily be heard from his blade colliding with the sharp edges of its nails. More attempts at slashing him were made until one of those oversized digits managed to smash against his helmet.

    Said armor piece came flying over before eventually rolling up to Zoriko’s feet, where it’d come to an abrupt halt. Because its underside was facing them, there was absolutely no head inside, not even a drop of blood. After Tempest made that startling discovery, he noticed that the first intruder was literally headless, but stood up anyway and moved into a more defensive position on his feet. From what could be made out, all that was seen where his head normally should’ve been was a perfectly flat surfaced neck that produced some sort of black smoke like substance in mild amounts. Because porcelain flesh was visible on the neck, it’d be easy to confirm that the suit was not moving on its own.

    Every last bit of drained from his face at the realization that said unexpected guest had no head. It was difficult to decide which disturbed him more: Him or the paranormal terror that just revealed itself to them, who was now engaging the armored figure. “Dear God… Is what is he?! Or who do we shoot at?” The Sea Drake would ask frantically as their dual resumed with a few tables being knocked around or flung aside. His trident remained held up with an uncertainty of who the real adversary was, mostly aimed at the demonic entity since the intruder displayed no interest in them. The only reason his scythe got pulled out was because of the threatening gestures they gave him.

    Could this new visitor be trusted? Or would Zoriko make him face the creature alone?

  • While she had picked up the feather, it had been left in abandonment to the ex-Rider’s mind. He watched now curiously as his eyes skirted across the table to her gesture of picking it up. He watched with intent and said not a word as the two items were placed and prepared in a manner he hadn’t quite figured out yet. Arms remained crossed as the object came to levitate. He expected no less from the beginning of their lesson. He watched her expression for signs of strain, finding little to none aside from the shadows on her face that denoted heavy concentration.

    And thus, one became two. He watched as the stone parted as if designed to do so, eyeing the division left behind. Spencer gave no response yet, even as the items were placed upon the table. Transmutation was the guess on the tip of his tongue and yet, he patiently waited. When the division closed, his head tipped some to the side, inspecting the seal like a child looking onward to a magic trick. What happened within the form? Had the matter sealed within fully joined? Were there atoms to be shared by the two objects?

    His eyes dialed in further yet as the glamour was placed upon the object. He knew not of a source of magic that could change matter at such a rate. When Zoriko spoke the answer, he responded at first with a faint nod. “Illusion goes hand in hand with magic. Times come about when it can be quite useful.” A smile was present as he looked down at the blade. Almost as if he expected it to be gone the next passing moment.

     “All items are vessels for energy. When you feel something warm. Touch something cold. In the case of gemstones, they are batteries from which their users draw energy. Just as your own energy passes through it with use, mine has done the same in the past. The ring you wear assists merely in focusing intent. Bringing clarity to the act and what you intend to do. Sending and amplifying that energy, specifically for the use of healing magics, as you spoke of learning. However, whether you choose to wear it from here on will be up to you.”

    His attention then landed on the pendant. “Material… origin, the creation of the object, whether it be out of ceremony or created in an imperative place. The stone is something far rarer. Where it was mined matters. What hands smelted the precious metals that hold it, may very well matter. What words were spoken. Inscriptions used. I must admit it is a precarious object. Perhaps enchanted. Sigils, runes beneath the stone.” He was… romanticizing the matter, needless to say. To know the history of the item beyond the Rider who had gifted it was to come upon an answer.

    Spencer’s eyes then shifted to the objects as they changed. The corner of his mouth held a mild-mannered grin. “Yet… perhaps we are approaching things far too lightly.” Needless to say on his part, or so he thought. The grin spread into a sheepish one.

    Spencer’s eyes went to the floor, rubbing his neck. “In all honesty, that was all I had prepared for the afternoon. Maybe… if you feel like taking a walk, I might have something interesting to show you.”


  • “As much as I’d prefer knowing first, I’m trusting you on this one. But good lord imagine falling through that hole if the second fl0or caves in too.” With his leap of faith being made known to her, his heart rate accelerated. A few ideas as to how she might get him across were thought of, either through levitation or something to haul him across, a makeshift bridge made from her own magic was his first thought. A few gradual steps were taken before finally ceasing all movement, accept for breathing of course. It wasn’t long until streams of air came around to raise his figure off the rotting floor, some of which sent shivers down his spine from the low temperature hitting him. Because Gleeon had done this with him multiple times, he allowed himself to lean back slightly when being carried across, where extremely dim rays of lapis light from the moon above beamed down on his face briefly. In that short time span, her friend could swear this was something straight out of some dream, perhaps a case of deja vu in some sense.

    With both feet finally making contact with the moldy surface below, he turned around to see if she was coming next. Much to their dismay, the severely weakened floorboards snapped under her weight, and that made his heart sink with every ounce of color instantly draining from his face. “ZORIKO!!!” Tempest hollered aloud in a frantic manner after her initial fall and impact below, who knows on whether or not the floor she landed on would collapse next since it had exposure to moisture as well. Even when being reassured that she was was fine, he wouldn’t have it until said Dragoness could be physically reach, and getting down there would be difficult. One way or another, she needed to checked on in case there were indeed injuries.

    Once they were well beyond that pesky hole, his footsteps slowed go a gradual halt, and truth be told she wasn’t the only one who didn’t enjoy Emmy’s consistent rambling. His hold on Zoriko’s arm lingered upon discovering a double door, a rather decorative one that somehow retained its original appearance after a century worth of neglect. It was nearly impossible for him to determine why this would be so well preserved, one theory he had was maybe the materials. That didn’t matter. Following the release of his arm, the Sea Drake silently crept over to the opposite side prior to receiving a gesture for it. The other handle was firmly gripped by both hands as he stood in a ready position for the upcoming attempt at opening it. In many ways, the younger beast couldn’t wait to see what might’ve laid behind those sealed doors, to him it was either something of great importance or could just be the skeletal remains of Emmy as expected. “Guess this is it…”

    Meanwhile several yards away.

    The clanking of metallic boots was a faint sound to be heard by any lingering souls who caught wind of such a presence. Dense plates covered the clad figure from head to toe, mostly in gloss onyx with occasional gold trimming, even the hands were covered by a pair of reinforced gloves. A fold scythe consisting of a dark grey handle with a crimson blade at the end could be found folded up strapped against its back, ready to be brought out at a moment’s notice should anything happen. An abyssal black visor reflected the surrounding scenery while navigating those corridors alone and making a careful observation on its current path. Any spirits of the damned fled upon discovering its presence, clearly none were interested in provoking a confrontation.

    When it seemed that any hope of finding the origin of that screamed was slipping away, there were the sounds of other footsteps, and not belonging to deceased passengers or crew. Being determined to seek whatever produced such a god awful sound, his current course let him to an familiar hole in the floor, actually make that two now. Only a moment was spared in kneeling down to search for any clues as to what could’ve caused the second one, already the armored figure could tell that moisture didn’t provoke the cave in this time. Prior to spotting a dent in the boards below on the bottom floor, the being in question stood before proceeding forth again with every intent on locating the culprit. It was unlike the dead to be damaging their own floating grave site.

    At last, two solid figures and one transparent were found directly in front of a wide entryway much to his surprise. To avoid discovery, the unforeseen visitor assumed cover behind a corner not too far from their position. Only his helmet and a portion of his shoulder stuck out to keep watch while allowing the absence of light to conceal his appearance, even from Emmy. Said teen had been observed carefully from a short distance, even with an increasing urge to draw the weapon mounted on his armored back. Who those two were and why they ventured here was well beyond his imagination, perhaps their discovery might answer those questions.

    Just like that, the young drake gave her the go and shoved the handle aside to open his side of the door, all the figure could see was dim cobalt rays of light pouring out from it being opened. Whatever laid behind it or waited in that room was about to be revealed, it was the moment of truth.

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