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  • The feel of his hand at her lower back drew her attention causing her charm to wear off on the make human. Guided to a booth where she slid in towards the window gazing out to the new world. A soft smile touching her lips, till she heard the whispers of Arch's voice lift to her ear only causing her to smile even more so. Giving her head a nod she took his advice not to use her charms on the humans. Watching him poke the straw into his cup a bit curious watching him draw the soda from the cup up into the straw. She had to admit it was amusing to say the least. She just sat there in silence hearing his question cause her eyebrows to raise with a nip at the curve of those plump pink lips of her's. "What kind of powers did she have?" plenty some she hadn't even embraced at this point since she had only really learn whom her true self was.

    Serenity took a moment in thought trying to figure out how to address Arch's question. Exhaling a soft breath causing her chest to rise and fall softly. "Well the ones l know of...one being a protective force field that can protect myself or anyone I project it over a protection of any powers or harm coming to those I protect. Another is water bending, I can manipulate water using it in all sorts of things. I have a calming effect, say if you were angry I could just simply touch you and you will feel nothing but pure calmness. And of course my voice if I turn the siren charms on I can make you do just about anything I want even you angel cakes, but I've never used my voice to bid any evil things to others. I have an ablitiy to blind anyone to make them see things as if they are in a different part of the world. That enables me to get away from a dangerous situation. The others my true father Poseidon spoke of said they would come to me in the time of need whatever he meant by that. That's pretty much it really I'm nothing special just a feeesh out of water."

    Giving him a brief smile she turned her head away from him gazing back out the window. Yes everything was new to her here, but a lot of it was just like her home only her "humans" were different sea life creatures. Though just about the only difference between her world and his was her'scwas merely covered with water....the seven seas. She wandered what made him wa,t to bring her here. Why would a stranger take up with her and become so protective of her some one that really had nothing and no one. She was thankful for him and the chance at a new and better life. If it weren't for him taking her under his protective wing she would still be sitting alone on that island she called home though the more she thought about it...that very island had become her own personal prison. Placing her hands in her lap she watched the world buzz by a simple girl with a soft sigh she shook her head to force herself to stop day dreaming.
  • "Black dogs as bad luck?"

    Now that was something he didn't hear every day it seems, black dogs as bad luck huh? Its no wonder that some people are sometimes wearily of black dogs at times, now he knew why; but it didn't apply to him or anything really, all he did was hunt the innocent and infect them with a virus if he chooses to do so, everything else didn't matter to him other then finding the people that murdered him all those months ago before he came back to life. He listen to her as she spoke about her home back in Middle Eastern, sounds like a place that he wouldn't want to live but wouldn't mind visiting one day. She was right though, he wasn't no Djinni, he just was cursed with this black dog form of his thanks to the devil himself since Kujo sold his soul to him to remain alive. He ate the last bit of his food and placed the plate on the coffee table, grabbing his drink as he took a sip of his drink before he sat his drink back down.

    "Sounds like you had a rough life then huh?"

    He cleared his throat as he leaned back in the couch, slouched down a bit as Taz crawled into his lap, rubbing his head against his chest purring as Kujo begin to stroke the cat's head in a gentle manner. Strange, for someone that suppose to be this...'bad guy' Kujo wasn't showing any signs of being a bad guy, if anything this by far that anyone has ever seen him act so kindly towards others. Most times he really doesn't care for anyone but himself but he tend to have his moments, after all he was human before and that is what probably play the factor of his kindness that he tends to display ever so often these days. Now that he was bound to a Djinni, he honestly didn't know what to do with her, the whole 'Master and Servant' thing wasn't his thing really. Honestly, he wouldn't know what to do with a Djinni so, it was probably best to play it safe for now, see what happens....this was new to him and all so...she was just as free as she wanted to be, she really didn't have to do anything to please him or nothing.

    "So this whole being bound by me thing....I take it that some of your masters before me wasn't all that kind to you?"

  • The cold wind bit at Lanny’s nose as she stepped outside of her apartment building. The city of Seattle was under constant cover of clouds, with now a few flecks of snowflakes that danced through the bitter wind that was of Saturday morning. It was her day off, and she spent it going out and running errands. As the saying goes; but first, coffee. Lanny looked both ways before crossing the busy intersection towards her daily dose of caffeine. Her chestnut locks swirled around her olive toned face like a tornado of curls. A gray beanie kept the top of her head in check but her length was just above mid back. She wore a maroon knitted scarf wrapped warmly around her neck along with a black leather jacket. Underneath was a plain gray v-neck that layered over a pair of dark washed denim jeans. On her feet she wore a pair of mustard yellow Timberland boots.

    When she made it into the old coffeehouse her senses rose to the smell of fresh vanilla coffee beans and the sound of whipped cream being embellished on the tops of hot cocoa. She was hit with the heat of the fireplace as soon as she stepped through the door, her face heating up to a light pink but natural blush. Lanny thought she would have missed the rush of the day by sleeping in but that wasn’t the case today. Saturday’s were busy, and with this cold weather coming in, it brought passersbys to stop in and grab some hot chocolate.

    So she waited in line for a good twenty minutes just for, “A black coffee. Caramel brew if you have it please.”

    “Would you like any creamer with that?” The barista grabbing a to-go cup asked over the blender,

    “No thank you,” she replied kindly. The caramel brew was what made the bitter drink a little sweeter.

    She handed over her Visa with a smile, “Can I get a name?” the barista asked again, swiping her card,

    “Lanny. L. A. N. N. Y.” she spelled it out with the fear of the cliche misspelling on the barista’s part. The lady smiled and gave back the debit card, and moved swiftly to go and make the drink. Because it was holiday season, a lot of their drinks took a good five to ten minutes to make due to all of the spices and what not they have to add.

    Lanny’s only took about two mikes. She took the warm paper cup in her hands and pulled out a cardboard heat protector and slid it over the middle of the coffee. She held it for a bit before taking a heaping sip, letting it burn down her throat and chest made her shudder. It burned so good. She decided to sit for a while. It was crouded, but quiet. And she would be sitting in the corner by the fireplace anyways, just to warm up her hands and nose before she went to get groceries.
  • Malory wasn't sure if she believed it, either, but she was going to keep telling herself that there was nothing going on between herself and Arch. Maybe if she said it enough, it would be true. It was stupid, and she knew it, but she did it anyways. In reguards to the pills, Malory shook her head. "They're medicine. From a doctor...it's different where I'm from..." Hopefully Kyra could help find Malory something that'd be effective. Because, if Malory didn't have medication or alcohol to cope, she'd go down hill, really fast.

    Once Kyra was gone, Malory sat back down on the bed, picking up another piece of bread to nibble on. She didn't know how bread was going to make her sober, if anything it was making her feel worse, but she ate it anyways to satisfy Kyra. That woman could be scary. Malory didn't look up right away when Arch entered, not knowing that it was him. Instead, she had expected a slave or Kyra again to give her something. But when she heard Arch's voice, she looked up at him. "Hey..." She repeated before looking back down at her bread. She had noticed the scratch...but she wasn't going to say anything about it. No she wasn't.
  • Eve had took on a job as a waitress in the Cafe just to fit in with the humans. After all she had plans to turn them if not all of them into monsters. Her true form hidden in the young vision of a virgin female. The host had to be pure for her to start her journey to piss off her twin brother which most called him "God" . She wasn't all evil, but she wasn't exactly nice either. A mixture of heaven and hell. That day had been her day off. Though to fit in one had to show her face often to become apart of the crowd or so one would say.

    Eve sat at the table across from Cassius' those pools of blue fell upon the book within his hand the very one that have her twin all the credit for creating this world. Though with an arched brow she could see the question in his eyes. She could sense the beast within him that merely caused her lips to curl into that sinister smirk.

    Crossing one leg over the other gripping her fresh cup of espresso in her hands sipping it slowly before sitting it down taking a bite out of her bagel that was coated with delicious strawberry cream cheese. Lifting a napkin to wipe at her mouth she glanced over once more her voice but a whisper yet alluring, "If it's answers you seek maybe I am the one you've been searching for...Your father made you and then abandoned you, so you pray. You see signs where there's nothing. But truth is, your Apocalypse came and went, and you didn't even notice. A mother would never abandon her children like he did. You'll see... Now if you desire to find those answers to the million questions going on within your mind right now, feel free to join me at my table. Don't worry I don't bite ... Too hard."
  • "No! Just- not in front of somebody!" Nik stammered back almost frantically, struggling to find the words for something had well... nobody explicitly said it, did they? Down the hall his voice was still heard. "Take 'em off, just only in private, alright?" His voice sounded down the hall afterward. Less heavy thoughts dwelled on the vessel's mind in the meanwhile. What food to order- because right about now from his portal hopping adventure, he sure wasn't cooking anything. The second call, lasting longer than the first was next on his list. Arrangements made while dodging questions left and right from the woman on the other end. She- whomever was demanding straight answers on the other end, was going to have some hell to give when she got there at the suggested time. Hell he would manage when the time came. That wasn't now. Finally was the gravity that he'd taken some strange woman from her home and brought her back to a city of population 8.5 million. It rang a bell to his childhood, in the back of his mind. How his mother had ever dealt with each creature he brought back in a shoebox, who knew. Birds, toads, the neighbor's new cat once. This wasn't some 'creature' this time. This 'creature' left a dent or two in his refrigerator door. 

    The sound of running water had a way of making his shoulders relaxed from their tensed position. Even more so when the minutes passed without hearing a crash or the sound of a curtain ripping. While she had taken her time getting cleaned, Nikolas took a seat on the couch and waited for the doorbell symbolizing the pizza guy. When it came, she'd hear the knock from the bathroom, subtle chatter and finally the door closing for a second time. He set it on the counter in wait for her to get done, moving back to the livingroom meanwhile where Daisy was 'consoled'. After asking the avian about it's day mockingly, it concluded with a statement of "Y'know, she almost ate you."

    Hearing the water stop he knew not what to expect when she came out. As Euro would pass through the hallway, he heard her footsteps from where he'd re-positioned himself in the kitchen. A couple of plates were picked up, napkins as well. One half of the pizza- pepperoni. The other, sausage. He picked one of each for her plate, two pepperoni for his own. A hesitant glance was cast over his shoulder and- ah good. Clothes. He thought. The statement amusing in hindsight causing a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Mouse is... well I'm Mouse's familiar. It's sort of like 'clan' but not the same. But... I haven't heard from her in a little while. Has me worried to be honest, but..."

    Realizing he was rambling, Nik came off the tangent and held out a plate. "Get set down before you start eating: take this over to the table in the living room over there. Where Daisy is." The napkin was gestured to. "Try not to make a mess, there's more too. Wipe your hands if they get dirty." Grabbing his own plate, he gestured for her to follow. A seat was taken in a comfy chair in the corner, leaving the couch empty- aside from a stray t-shirt or two and a hoodie that had been thrown there one time or another. The coffee table in front of it was relatively clean. A couple of books on the edge, an ad-based newspaper, and a TV remote haphazardly set down.

  • "_____" Zoo, Someplace, Midday

    Hide & Seek

    Drool dripped from the canine teeth of an adult Sumatran tiger. Locked in its jaws, a hefty slice of meat it had clawed out of a high tree. With its heavy paws holding the slab of meat down, it chews happily with slow blinking eyes that watch the movement just beyond its habitat and designated area. On the other side of the man-made river are people hanging over the edge of a fence with cameras and ice-cream cones. Children scream at the tiger, provoking it to roar back or run for their amusement. The tiger, used to all of the commotions of human antics, quietly munches on its meal.

    Suddenly, and without warning, the tiger lurches forward with his maw open wide and fur sticking up on its spine. The animal roars loudly, prowling back and forth on the river's edge in a predatory manner. People start grabbing the phones, not wanting to miss the moment of this lazy tiger prancing into action. To these people, it's all fun, but to the trained eye, anyone could easily tell the tiger is distressed. It calls out angrily, sprinting back and forth along the river. Somehow, the animal appears to be following a singular target. Anyone curious enough to scope the animal's line of sight will pinpoint the cause.

    A young brunette man with designer shades and a playful aura as riled up the animal.

    Nothing appears particularly off about him on the outside. His chocolate hair is styled in such a way that it is made to look effortlessly good, and his clothes speak of someone who enjoys looking nice. Hugging his hips is a pair of jeans that are tight in just the right places, paired with a deep red shirt that fits him well. If it weren't for the older looking combat boots that have seen better days, he might have looked right at home on the cover of a magazine. 

    As he passes the tiger habitat, he lowers his shades and looks across to the animal just over the rim of the accessory. The tiger roars, defensively lowering its head and paddling backwards in submission. Roman turns his head away and pushes his sunglasses to the top of his head. In common touristy fashion, he whips out a map of the zoo and inspects it. He clicks his fingers once he spots what he is searching for and off he goes. Aside from the fact he is visiting a zoo alone, he doesn't appear out of the ordinary.

    Oh, and the fact that every animal he passes starts to lose their mind. Even a dog on a leash becomes riled up and tries to bite at Roman's ankles as he casually strolls by.

  • Illyius tilted his head to the side, examining everything about the man in the way a wolf would size up a potential threat.  The lengths of his legs, and the sizes of his hands.  The rings on his fingers and the piercings in his ears.  The stranger wasn't small by any means, and obviously he was capable of killing.  Not only capable, but more than willing.  Illyius' nostrils flare as he sniffs the bitter sea air, which reminded him of having his head beneath it, taking it into his lungs.

    His own scent is something that's hard to describe, it's human, but there is something.. more.  Like he's wearing a cologne, but the cologne was his blood.  Or his skin, maybe.  It's heady, but the salty smell of the ocean is doing a good job of keeping it obscured, at least from the distance.  And there was something else, there, too.  Something pungent and earthy and familiar that reminded him of school..

    He tenses his broad shoulders against an intense, cool wind that screams off the water.  Blowing his dark hair back off his head; the taste of salt on the air was familiar, he licked his lips.   It really was a beautiful night, but it was starting to snow.  Just a few flakes at a time.. he looked up, flinching as one landed on his forehead, quickly melting away.  He wiped away the remaining wet-spot onto the back of his knuckles.. "Yeah man, it's a nice night and all.  Good that you can enjoy it while you're still bloody from.. whatever that was about." he shrugs.

    A muscle works thoughtfully in his jaw after the male shares his name, Illyius wondering if he should give his in return.  Did he want whatever trouble this guy was peddling?  Probably not, not on top of what he already had to deal with.  A short, deep chuckle rumbles from his chest.

    "This isn't my pier, you can hang out as long as you want.  Although, if you're being hunted, this probably isn't the best spot to stick around and smoke a fatty." Illyius didn't actually smoke, but he wouldn't stop Arch from doing it.  "My names Illyius, though." Ee-lay-us.

  • Serenity glanced around watching the humans consume thier food it was rather interesting to watch though she tried not to stare. Releasing Arch she didn't want to seem so needy she knew she would have to prove to him She was very well capable of taking care of herself. When most looked at her thinking she was merely just another pretty face in a crowd. Though living under the sea wasn't as easy most would think it is. There were many predators in the sea she had protected herself from. Though his world was different from her own they were a lot the same in a matter only one was covered in water.

    Once she heard his voice break her from her day dreaming looking at the machine then the frizzing liquid that he filled it with. Taking it into her hand she gave it a try. Her eyes lit up it was like something sweet yet bubbly making her smile nearly drinking half of it rather to quickly causing her to burp. Eyes going wide covering her mouth. "Excuse me." she said in a bit of a giggle. "Poppy pop." she like how that sounded. Giving him a bit of a smirk ready and eager to try something new hearing how he spoke of it not tasting like seafood made her curious even more so. Taking another drink from the cup only not as rushed this time. "Its surprisingly nice. Think I am addicted already." her voice looking over the ears of customers nearby them nearly causing them to trip over thier own feet. Once Serenity noticed she gave a flirtatious wink to one watching him turn a thousand shades red. Before looking back to Arch. Her voice was her best weapon it could sing a demon to sleep if she put in enough power into it. Relaxed now she seemed to fit right into his world. Knowing humans all to well or at least she was taught about every being. She wasn't just another pretty face in the crowd she was a demigod with a powerful background and one hell of a right hook. Though she carried the innocent look very well she was anything but naive.
  • "He is my friend, nothing else." Malory snapped, finally looking at Kyra again. Maybe Malory was trying to convince herself of that rather than Kyra, saying it too defensively, and would have tried changing the subject if Kyra hadn't already. Malory picked at her bread, taking small bites and drinking the water, her mind wandering back into its depressed state rather than angry, as Kyra explained what they were going to do.

    What was Malory going to do? She didn't think that any gifts from any god would make her able to hold herself against Ashoka. She was still going to be human, she was still going to be mortal. Ashoka was a god-like being who could kill thousands without caring. Malory had killed hardly over a dozen men and could hardly contain her grief. Kyra was right about her unspoke fact--Malory was losing faith, even though she had had very little faith to begin with. She was planning her funeral instead of a celebration. Because even if she somehow managed to defeat Ashoka, Malory didn't see herself making it out of the fight alive.

    "What? But, I-I can't--" Malory stumbled over her words, her head snapping up to look at Kyra when she said she couldn't have any more alcohol. Malory shoved the plate of bread off her lap and onto the bed--thankfully not the ground--and stood up. Going around to the other side of the bed, she was looking for her purse. Her bag that she had brought with her when she had come with Arch. Finding it, the woman picked it up and dumped its contents out onto the bed. Most of the things were probably new to Kyra, including pens, pencils, a tiny makeup pouch, a pouch for...other things, Malory's sketchbook and wallet, reading glasses, and three orange pill bottles, all of which only had a pill or two left in them. Malory grabbed the bottles and held them out to Kyra. "These. I need more'a these. They take away pain, make me sleep, a-and keep me from drinking. I need more of them. Please..." There was a strong painkiller, her sleeping medication, and an antidepressant/anxiety medication. She didn't know if Kyra would be able to somehow make her more, or get Malory some of their own treatments, but if Malory wasn't allowed to drink, she needed some other way to cope.
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