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  • She listened to him as they walked, nodding as he explained what the business was in Edinburgh, slightly zoning in the process. However, when he finished speaking, she looked at him before rounding a corner. Just a few more minutes, Aisley, and you'll be enveloped in the warmth and mouthwatering scents of delicacies at the cafe. "So a toy factory, eh? Sounds interesting enough. How would ye be able to reassess the current employment situation, though?"

    With the clearing of the throat, she looked up to Jack and then to the cashier. He finished his order, and she gave her own. "I'll have a steaming cup o'yer violet petal tea, please." She would greatly welcome the warmth of the tea. Her jacket hadn't been doing much of anything what with the wind and the dropping temperature outside. In the warmth of the cafe, she was happy.

  •             The night was truthfully still. December couldn’t have arrived any quicker than it already had for the gentleman that was properly attired for the occasion and the weather, evenly accompanied by a matching, elongated, rectangular briefcase designed to hold a remarkably exquisite violin. Patiently, the gentleman was waiting in a line purposefully designed to allow slow admittance into the theatre. Tonight, the symphonic orchestra was performing the wonderful city of Chicago. The man had paid quite the ticket to have the chance of observing and thoroughly experiencing the whole presentation. The chellos, the bass, the violins, the drums, the trumpets, the pianos and the many other variations of instruments had presented themselves beautifully amongst the platform they had been assigned while the cold, serious gentleman awaited his own entrance to the outstanding atmosphere of musical artistry. The women had dressed themselves fashionably, sporting their busts with their exposed cleavage, their rampant, stylized manes, all alongside their husbands, eyeing the next, would-be lover of this night of extraordinary creativity. The gentleman had eyes only for the music, no woman, no skin, no lust—it was insignificant. What mattered was not the cacophony, but the symphonies that would be coordinated tonight for the amassing crowd.

                After a few minutes of gnawing patience, the gentleman arrived at the booth that was marking and verifying the authenticity of everyone’s tickets, including his own, of course. Moments later and he was within the gigantic chamber, surrounded by the beautiful golden and obscure walls. Beneath the man’s shoes lingered the crimson carpet that conducted him straight into the opening of seats, with the sight of the systematized stage. All of the artists had dedicated themselves to the care of their instruments. The gentleman’s seat was on the second floor, however. He had to walk a few more before he could sit down. Why the violin case? It was a gift for a friend. He strode to the nearby staircase only pondering on what his acquaintance’s reaction would be, ascending the steps as quickly as he could, finding his seat in the nick of time, with more than enough minutes to accommodate himself properly. He had his own private, viewing room for this orchestra, with a door sealed behind him, as if he had switched places with Juliet in her balcony.

    “Let the music begin," the pretending violinist muttered. 

  • What are we doing here, Reed? Why here? the stern man, staning next to the sofas spoke, glancing down at Edan who was sipping his wine. He secretly questioned if Edan was even old enough for such pleasures, but he dared not question Edan's mentor, a Grand Master. But he was against this sort of.... wasting of time. Being one of he loyalists, he wanted everything done by the book - the Templar book, that is. And this - this was not it. No this was wrong. He hadn't signed on to support establishments such as this. Unfortunately he'd been ordered to keep the younger Templar safe, and out of trouble. "Where else? The meeting is not until for another three hours, why not enjoy our time here in the meanwhile?" Edan replied. "Oh come on, Robert, don't be such a bore. Sit!" The guard did not enjoy getting ordered around by children. I'd prefer to stand. He simply replied. But Edan was a Templar with ambition. He wasn't going to be ignored. With a furious stare at the guard, he sharply - yet quitly exclaimed; "Sit!" That was definitely an order. And so, Robert the stern guard sat down in one of the sofas, still as stern as ever. Which Edan just noted with a roll of his eyes.

    Barely any time had passed until a woman approached, adorned with that familiar Templar pin, Edan on the chaise longue - placing herself in the only empty sofa left. Reaching into the inner pocket of her femininely tailored suit, to grasp a letter between two of her fingers, which she continued to hand to Edan. It was a simple envelope, stamped with the Abstergo Industries logo. A bit surprised, Edan rose from where he was, stretching to take hold of the letter. What was this? He swiftly opened the envelope, using his necklace, and pulled out the piece of paper from within. There was a bunch of text on it, and he really didn't feel like reading it all. "So what's this?" he asked. Well, look for yourself. A sassy tone replied. Edan rolled his eyes and began skimming through the text. It was an overly polite letter explaining how the meeting would be cancelled and yada yada. With a deep sigh, he handed the letter to Robert, so he too could read it. And he wasn't very happy either.

    "I guess we just got some spare time to waste, huh." Edan said, leaning back to look at Robert's frustrated expression. Robert replied with a simple grunt before handing the letter to the woman, who took it and placed it on the table. You have a new mission. You're to recruit a person that could prove valuable to our operation. The woman spoke. Handing a case file to Edan, who grabbed it with both hands and a furrowed brow. There was a name on the file. And the name of this very place. And the letters; C.E.O next to them. I recommend you you talk to one of the... dancers... first though. Get to know the place, and their boss, a bit first, yeah? To this, Robert the stern guard grunted, while Edan's face was covered in a playful smirk. "I can do that!" And with that, the lady left the table, leaving the place.

  •       At it again with the traveling, Indy has found himself a little ways from the East coast this time. Why? Could simply be a change in scenery, or could be because things got heated where he was before and it was more than he wanted to deal with, so yeah he's kinda running but he's pretty laid back about the whole thing. Seriously, you wouldn't even think the guy was running from anything at all even when he had to ditch his truck miles back in favor of someone's car and okay he felt a little guilty about that but who was really missing this piece of shit?  Damn thing had no AC, so the windows are down and the road was all his. Shortly after turning his gaze aside and out the window where the sun was lowering below the horizon, the car makes a odd noise and surely enough he has to pull over. 

    " Yeah i'm pretty sure i did the previous owner a favor here.." He grumbles to himself , leaning back in the seat and looking out the windshield with a expression clearly not amused. 

           He's no stranger to walking long roads and comes up along a town well after dark. He finds his next brief residency in the form of a hotel but was too wound up to stay in and headed out in search for new wheels.  Indy isn't living the most glamorous life, but he never really has when you put it all together. He'd grown up poor and lived on the streets once his father had disappeared and while he'd been taken in by a wealthy monster that lived in luxury, it wasn't the kind of luxury he wanted even as lovely as the estate had been, the expensive nice feeling clothes, the decent diet and the high count sheets ruined by the twisted creature that lay every night beside him. ( He'd have rather slept on the damn floor) and maybe that's why he continued to live like this. It was familiar. The good kind of familiar.

    The drudge passes along a few cars and eventually finds one suitable enough. Skills perfected over time, he's damn near ready to bust the lock when he tried for the handle instead even though he was sure it would be locked. Aha! Something is looking up for him finally because it was unlocked. Using the old screwdriver trick, he's got himself another set of wheels and drives off with it, little guilt to be felt these days about performing such crimes. He glances over at the glove compartment and out of curiosity pokes through to see what was left behind. Quite a few Nickleback Cd's. Ew, really? He cringes and closes it just in time to see a shadow step out into the road.  

    ( Let me know if this doesn't work!)

  • He seemed almost embarrassed to admit, but with a nod of is head it only confirmed that yes he had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay, too afraid to try establishing a place that may be near too many people. The forest has been the only thing like some kind of sanctuary and even then, he could smell them, others like himself that made him too nervous to stick around for long.  he did not allow his gaze to linger upon her to see that reaction either, his gaze instead cast down and staying somewhere along the ground.  Assistance? What did she mean by that? This had him raising his gaze to look across at her now. He did not plan to give her, much anyone his life story, but he's curious as to what she meant.

    He realizes she;s introducing herself and it took a minute or so for him to do so as well, seemingly unsure and hesitating before finally settling on a name. Considering what has befallen him, he isn't all too sure giving his real name was going to help him and if anything, possibly make things worse and people can link him back to his real identity. It was best to start anew as he saw it. While this wasn't the proper way to begin trust here, he's not expecting it to be long termed, thinking she'd ease her guilty mind and do her part to "help" him and move on after anyways.  " ..John Hart." 

  • For the longest time she didn’t even know they were flying, until she shifted to her side .. then slowly onto her belly as looked forward. Clouds was all she could see, as the wind gently touched her face. Other than holding on she stayed very quiet, she wasn’t sure how to feel about any of this.. he’d helped her? But he’d also licked her clean, but that just meaned he cared.. Which is something she’d never handled with before, a man that had feelings and cared enough to even help a woman that was introuble.

    Once they touched the ground she watched as he held her placeing her small frame onto the ground, her—at the moment, weak legs were holding herself up.. She could sense the vervain was now wearing off. Ember watched as he slowly began to transform.. Soon a very tall dark haired man presented himself before her, he had a thick sharp jawline and was also muscular. Introducing himself after she asked she nodded slow, chewing along her bottom lip she spoke once more. “ I’m Ember. “ Ember had a faded out British accent, by the look of her many would say she was Italian or Greek ? Truth was she didn’t even know everything she was, but she had ideas. Ember had dark brown locks that touched down to the middle of her shoulder blades, and light brown honey hues .. Her lips very full with a natural tint of pink, while her skin had its gentle olive tan with a natural glow. She was very slim, but curves touched the right places. Wearing black jeans with small black combat looking boots, uptop a small maroon red tight tangtop covered her torso along her plump breast—as well with a dark faded out jean jacket. Crossing her arms she moved her fingers through her once messy hair, glancing around she wasn’t sure she knew where exactly she was at.

    Once her gaze fell to Florian once again she watched him as he watched her, Ember had trust issues .. it was completely obvious but he helped her so she didn’t want to be rude or snappy with this man. “ Thank you, I uhm.. don’t know what I would have done back there. They’d probably have me prisoner by now. “ Sighing to herself she took a slow breath in, he was obviously very handsome and seemed very kind. The dark of night swept over the forest, as the moon touched the forest lighting it up.
  • While she laid there Ember could feel her body going in and out of consciousness, it was weird to her.. she hadn’t felt this sense she was just part wolf and witch. This is what damn vervain did. The area around her got more silent, all the witches had ran off, of course they had powers.. but not against a dragon that could eat them in one try or turn them to ash in seconds.

    Taking a slow breath in her chest raised slowly, opening her honey hues slightly she’d feel a warm wet feeling on her face.. she no longer felt the stickiness of the blood coating her features when he licked her clean. There wasn’t anything Ember could really do in this moment, and even if she wanted to she sure as hell wouldn’t want to go against a dragon. Her honey brown hues focused as she seen him above her, her limp body laying there as she frowned her brows.. she’d heard of them, but sure as hell hadn’t ever seen one or been in personal contact with one. Who was the person behind the scals was all she was curious abou.. who was behind this being many called a monster? Ember knew how it was to be called a monster, but she didn’t much care anymore.

    Embers full lips parted as she spoke out, her voice soft.. with a bit confusion and distrust in this moment. “ Who are you? “ Truth was Ember hadn’t ever had help, if she wasn’t trouble it was her doing to get herself out of it.. so it was weird to be saved by someone or I guess something for once.
  • Ember could taste her own blood coating her tongue, with all her strength she reached out breaking witches wrist until the witch snapped back throwing Ember against the rock wall.. Chanting loudly she watched below as they walked closer towards her, she was shit out of luck at this point.

    The smell in the air was different, Ember could smell anything from miles away.. but this was much different? Not human, not anything her type ? It was hard for her to focus as her heart was being squeezed from the inside with the witches spell. Thump Thump thump .. her heart pounded in pain until it slowed down, the witches attention was on something else, But what? Opening her hues as best as she could all Ember would see was a large figure, heat almost radiating off of its large sculpted body.. it looked like a dragon? Was she seeing this thing correctly or was the pain making her head loopy. Sighs of pain left her lips as the attention from the witches completely fell from Ember, they hadn’t seen anything like him in there entire being. Embers limp body fell to the ground, hitting her head on the hard ground. Half of the women stood there ground as others ran, one specific wasn’t going to let this go.. she’d finally gotten her hands on Ember and she wasn’t going to let her get away. Before Ember could lift herself from the ground one of the women came up behind her stabbing a sharp needle through her neck full of vervain. Vervain was something vampires and werewolves hated, if injected into their body it caused them to very sick and weak.. only for a few hours! In Embers case she was a hybrid so it didn’t work very well with her body. Screaming Ember leaned up slamming the woman’s body to the wall as she sunk her teeth into the witches neck, thick warm blood covered Embers face dripping down to her chest as she leaned up snapping the woman’s neck, before falling to the the ground again.. The vervain kicking in as her body started feeling limp, her red orbs turned to there normal honey brown hues as she glared up at the large dragon before her... Slowly her vision was completly blurred.

    There as no way possible to protect herself now, she breathed slow as her hues closed as she slowly passed out.
  • Anzu walks a few more feet beneath the blazing desert sun before finally giving in to the urge to collapse to his knees, doubling over, just barely catching himself in the hot sand with the butts of his scraped and bleeding palms.  Golden fire ignites where he bleeds, but quickly sputters in the dry air and dies beneath his hands.  He chances taking a breath and wishes he hadn't, feeling it catch in his throat as the thing inside of him coils around his lungs.

    At this time of the year, it's.. unusual for Anzu to feel like this.  To be in such a mortal state.  He doesn't do dying, and he doesn't do it pretty or easy.  This place will be your tomb.  A voice that isn't his own crackles inside his mind, like the spitting and hissing of a raging fire.  I will have your soul, Changeling.

    "Always with the souls, you types.." He utters bitterly, dry lips tugging into a rueful grin as he reached one of his bleeding hands to his chest, over his heart. "Well, I hate to break it to you, but the only thing you're getting from me is a one-way ticket to the side of your creator, where you'll be absolved of all your sins and turned into a dung beetle, if you're lucky." The pain is instantaneous, like all his nerves being torn apart and set on fire--but instead of screaming, he laughs through the pain, at first.  Then, when it's too much, he pushes to his feet again and uses the pain as a reason to keep going. 

    Before today, Anzu had never been to the Nevada Desert.  Yet he felt like he's lived apart of the land for thousands and thousands of years.  He knew he was going the right way, but the thought did cross his mind that perhaps he'd gone insane and was just wandering out into the middle of nowhere.  "Would it be irony for someone who never gets lost to get lost?" he asks, the air, the sand, the sun, the thing inside of him.  The only response is the howling of the wind, blowing a cloud of red sand into his face.  He shields his eyes with his large hand, and drops it.  And there, on the horizon where just a moment ago there had been nothing at all, he finally finds what he's looking for.

    It doesn't look like much from so far away, an oddly uniform rock formation, like a tower.  He couldn't make out any details from so far away, but he knew it was the place when he felt his unwilling passengers anger and fear.  Soon, this test would be at an end.  And soon, Anzu thought, he'd be rid of his burden and find something to drink before his throat too becomes a desert.

    "See that?" Blood has run down his palm, and the tip of his index finger and was dripping into the sand beside his rugged boot.  The blood drops sputtered into gold flames, died, and in the dark blotches left behind in the sand crab-grass and tulip buds sprouted.  Growing and growing and growing.. "We're almost at the end of the chapter, finally."

    At some point, Anzu's shirt had been ripped beyond recognition so he'd chosen to abandon it.  The sun was merciless now on his bare back and broad shoulders.  Turning his normally golden blonde hair silvery white and his moss green eyes a fierce yellow.  The heat is suffocating, but with the objective in sight, there was no way he was going to stop now.  There was nothing, he thought, that would be able to sway him from this path.

    One step, two steps, and then another and he was moving again towards the rock spire.  Despite his passenger making it as hard on him as it could.  It seemed to get stronger the closer he got, but he still had a long ways to go..

  • Alright that sounds wonderful :) I'll send a starter over, let me know if you want me to changed anything?

    Many were in fear of Ember, in fear of the strengths she carried and powers she could use. Being her mother was a witch she got traits from her mother, special abilities like powers and spells that could do a lot of damage. As well her father coming from a descendant of one of the largest wolf packs that could ever live, she had the power of a witch and the strength and abilities of a werewolf. To make matters worse she was killed by her uncle thousands of years ago, healed by his blood and brought back as a Hybrid.. so now that's were her Vampire abilities come into play. Being on the run for years sense many found out about her, but there was one reason none tried to fully capture her.. there was no way to kill her.. There was only one way, that Ember only knew.

    America was her I guess you could say "home" now, had been for thousands of years.. but to her nowhere felt like home. Climbing up to the top of the hill she stood, it was quiet.. to calm for her comfort. Embers honey brown hues glanced around.. they were her somewhere, she could smell them. Through the oak trees and mossy forest ground she heard the sound of drums in the distance, a smirk moved over her features as she made her way towards the sound. Embers mother came from America, she was brought back to Britain after her mother fell in love with her father leaving back to Britain with him.. The witches had something she wanted, something she needed to take from them.. a wooden Dager, used for many spells.. but little did they know it was the only thing that could kill Ember! A dager to the heart would instantly kill her, being it was the only one in the world unless it was recreated she'd do anything she could to get it out of there hands.Witches were one of her slight fears, they weren't ones to mess with.. they had control like no other against whomever they disliked. Embers mother disowning her coven forever ago made them recent her and her family.. Taking in a sharp sigh she stood watching the witched chant below. A light gentle tap was placed on her shoulder, reaching over quickly she grabbed the arm of a young girl.. she had fire red hair and deep green eyes. The young girl opened her fingers with her other free hand as she blew gently into Embers face almost white dust looking stuff, instantly making Em fall to the forest floor.

    Blurred vision she tried to pull herself up, glancing around she watched as she seen all the witches around her. " Shit. " Cursing under her breath as quick as she could she grabbed the young girl from earlier, out of anger she took the young witches throat by one hand crushing it until a sharp pain pounded through her skull! Screaming Ember dropped to her knees placing her hand out, speaking in almost tongues she used a spell throwing six of the witches back.. The pain was so horrific she dropped her hand grabbing her head, the witches moved in on Ember .. closer and closer until one leaned down. Embers hues turned red as she breathed heavy wanting to rip this woman's throat out, all the sudden they got quiet.. the older woman reaching her hand out as she clenched her fingers into a fist. This wasn't good!

    Ember felt her heart from the inside being squeezed, in pain she screamed as blood filled her throat and soon her mouth.. What the hell had she gotten herself into.

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