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  • She or anyone wouldn't know that the way he kept his eyes down was not like him at all. Before he made a point to meet others gaze, but now he can;t quite get himself to do it, not necessarily out of submission, but more to avoid what he might see in their eyes and in seeing what he fears, might trigger it.. He's careful because he doesn't truthfully understand everything that can trigger a change. Anger, he knows definitely, frustration and fear as well, but what else? He continues to follow her and while doing so all other scents come along, many that were different. He's also mapping out escape routes. This he would do anyways, but this time he especially makes note of them. 

    He's looking over his shoulder when he realizes she's inside and now waiting for him and with a moment of awkwardness that would then pass, he steps inside.  He takes a moment to look around until he sees where she's pointing to the bathroom and looking back at her he nodded once. " Thank you. ..really."  He followed suit in removing his shoes so as not to trail anything anywhere and glanced over where she had landed on the bed. There was really nothing else he can think of that he could dare ask of her for she was doing so much already, but then he quietly rumbles out, " Er..You do not happen to have an extra razor, do you?" It wouldn't last long, but he wanted to clean himself up as much as possible and that included shaving.

  • In truth, it probably would have made things so much worse, but it's not like it wouldn't have had effect. If anything, it'd have a stronger effect because his senses were more sensitive and the damage that spray would have done would have weakened him tremendously, but it also would have triggered a change and a beast that no doubt would have gone berserk. Let's just say they both would equally rather not have that happen. 

    That sounded like a great idea and he hopes his stomach isn't grumbling too loudly that she'd hear it. At the mentioning of his clothes, he glanced down and cringed. It was a real pain in the ass to find something that would actually fit him without looking too ridiculous and he would like to get something better, but he had no money and told her so. " I have no access to my..uh..to any money." Washing these would have to do until he came across some other clothes in the lost and found or the donation bins again.  He looked back at her with puzzled expression because what did she mean? He hadn't thought she was talking too much. 

    All the while he had stayed silent, never much the talker in the first place and even more so now as it's been some time since he's opened to anyone, much less even been around anyone. He always remains a respectful distance too, more for her sake than his own need for personal space. He often looks around but manages to look her way often when she has looked away from him because he'd felt her gaze but wasn't sure he wanted to meet it, however he had that last time and in doing so, caught that smile. One he lacked the ability to return as eagerly. As she stated they were close, his eyes followed her gaze to the skyscraper ahead. He can't help but tense as they came up on the other two at the door.  He averts his eyes from meeting there's and just waits for her to go through before following.  A werewolf among many people in a hotel. This should go well. He really hopes it does though. 

  • Thick skinned. That was a much easier explanation than the truth that neither he nor her actually understood that would only make him sound insane if it was explained.  That added with the fact he's endured harsh elements before.  He seems a bit startled at her sudden exclamation but a moment later his eyes fall to the ground as though perhaps the key would be somewhere right there. He didn't know where she'd dropped it, had she dropped it in him startling her previously? He did as she asked however and did not go far from where she leaves him in search of that key.  Still, he glances around just in case until hearing that she had been able to find it.  Her energy was something else and how easy she could smile around a stranger, one that was dangerous too left him even more concerned for her as well as baffled. 

    He seems unsure how to answer, because he's grateful for anything no matter how little it was too. He's never been the particularly picky sort, except in too spicy of food, but at this point? Hell, he'd eat anything without complaint.  " Anything sounds amazing at this point." He shrugged and eyed her briefly and if she would start to walk, he would follow a little ways behind. 

  • John was reasonably easy on the eyes when he was cleaned up and in the shape of his former self. Clothes that hardly fit him, hair growing long and messy as well as an unkempt beard was not becoming of him.  If anything, the appearance only served to make him look feral. He would kill for a shower and a chance to clean himself back up and even in the time he served he'd hardly gotten this dirty. He was by no means, a man that didn't worry about getting down and dirty, but a part of him just wanted some normalcy and to maybe feel more like a human again. 

    Seeing her hand stretch towards him, he was almost unsure, the hesitancy quite clear. He looks up to see her smile and for a moment, it warmed his heart and gave him a very small sense of security. He hesitated, but he did eventually take her hand in his, his rough and larger hand that is. The man certainly did work with his hands.  Everything she offers sounds amazing, like hearing about some amazing trip you wish you could go on. Her inquiry of him being cold doesn't get answered. He looks away awkwardly instead.  He's not sure how to explain it, but the elements didn't bite at him quite as they use to. He honestly didn't think it was all that cold until he saw the way she behaved and the small tremors she gave here and there. 

    " I..I will gratefully accept your offer and in turn I will offer earning my keep."  Surely she probably had some things that needed a mans touch as such. Then again, he didn't know if she lived alone and if she did live with someone, well that would only scare him off anyways. Having her near him was dangerous enough, never mind involving another person. 

  • She listened to him as they walked, nodding as he explained what the business was in Edinburgh, slightly zoning in the process. However, when he finished speaking, she looked at him before rounding a corner. Just a few more minutes, Aisley, and you'll be enveloped in the warmth and mouthwatering scents of delicacies at the cafe. "So a toy factory, eh? Sounds interesting enough. How would ye be able to reassess the current employment situation, though?"

    With the clearing of the throat, she looked up to Jack and then to the cashier. He finished his order, and she gave her own. "I'll have a steaming cup o'yer violet petal tea, please." She would greatly welcome the warmth of the tea. Her jacket hadn't been doing much of anything what with the wind and the dropping temperature outside. In the warmth of the cafe, she was happy.

  •             The night was truthfully still. December couldn’t have arrived any quicker than it already had for the gentleman that was properly attired for the occasion and the weather, evenly accompanied by a matching, elongated, rectangular briefcase designed to hold a remarkably exquisite violin. Patiently, the gentleman was waiting in a line purposefully designed to allow slow admittance into the theatre. Tonight, the symphonic orchestra was performing the wonderful city of Chicago. The man had paid quite the ticket to have the chance of observing and thoroughly experiencing the whole presentation. The chellos, the bass, the violins, the drums, the trumpets, the pianos and the many other variations of instruments had presented themselves beautifully amongst the platform they had been assigned while the cold, serious gentleman awaited his own entrance to the outstanding atmosphere of musical artistry. The women had dressed themselves fashionably, sporting their busts with their exposed cleavage, their rampant, stylized manes, all alongside their husbands, eyeing the next, would-be lover of this night of extraordinary creativity. The gentleman had eyes only for the music, no woman, no skin, no lust—it was insignificant. What mattered was not the cacophony, but the symphonies that would be coordinated tonight for the amassing crowd.

                After a few minutes of gnawing patience, the gentleman arrived at the booth that was marking and verifying the authenticity of everyone’s tickets, including his own, of course. Moments later and he was within the gigantic chamber, surrounded by the beautiful golden and obscure walls. Beneath the man’s shoes lingered the crimson carpet that conducted him straight into the opening of seats, with the sight of the systematized stage. All of the artists had dedicated themselves to the care of their instruments. The gentleman’s seat was on the second floor, however. He had to walk a few more before he could sit down. Why the violin case? It was a gift for a friend. He strode to the nearby staircase only pondering on what his acquaintance’s reaction would be, ascending the steps as quickly as he could, finding his seat in the nick of time, with more than enough minutes to accommodate himself properly. He had his own private, viewing room for this orchestra, with a door sealed behind him, as if he had switched places with Juliet in her balcony.

    “Let the music begin," the pretending violinist muttered. 

  • What are we doing here, Reed? Why here? the stern man, staning next to the sofas spoke, glancing down at Edan who was sipping his wine. He secretly questioned if Edan was even old enough for such pleasures, but he dared not question Edan's mentor, a Grand Master. But he was against this sort of.... wasting of time. Being one of he loyalists, he wanted everything done by the book - the Templar book, that is. And this - this was not it. No this was wrong. He hadn't signed on to support establishments such as this. Unfortunately he'd been ordered to keep the younger Templar safe, and out of trouble. "Where else? The meeting is not until for another three hours, why not enjoy our time here in the meanwhile?" Edan replied. "Oh come on, Robert, don't be such a bore. Sit!" The guard did not enjoy getting ordered around by children. I'd prefer to stand. He simply replied. But Edan was a Templar with ambition. He wasn't going to be ignored. With a furious stare at the guard, he sharply - yet quitly exclaimed; "Sit!" That was definitely an order. And so, Robert the stern guard sat down in one of the sofas, still as stern as ever. Which Edan just noted with a roll of his eyes.

    Barely any time had passed until a woman approached, adorned with that familiar Templar pin, Edan on the chaise longue - placing herself in the only empty sofa left. Reaching into the inner pocket of her femininely tailored suit, to grasp a letter between two of her fingers, which she continued to hand to Edan. It was a simple envelope, stamped with the Abstergo Industries logo. A bit surprised, Edan rose from where he was, stretching to take hold of the letter. What was this? He swiftly opened the envelope, using his necklace, and pulled out the piece of paper from within. There was a bunch of text on it, and he really didn't feel like reading it all. "So what's this?" he asked. Well, look for yourself. A sassy tone replied. Edan rolled his eyes and began skimming through the text. It was an overly polite letter explaining how the meeting would be cancelled and yada yada. With a deep sigh, he handed the letter to Robert, so he too could read it. And he wasn't very happy either.

    "I guess we just got some spare time to waste, huh." Edan said, leaning back to look at Robert's frustrated expression. Robert replied with a simple grunt before handing the letter to the woman, who took it and placed it on the table. You have a new mission. You're to recruit a person that could prove valuable to our operation. The woman spoke. Handing a case file to Edan, who grabbed it with both hands and a furrowed brow. There was a name on the file. And the name of this very place. And the letters; C.E.O next to them. I recommend you you talk to one of the... dancers... first though. Get to know the place, and their boss, a bit first, yeah? To this, Robert the stern guard grunted, while Edan's face was covered in a playful smirk. "I can do that!" And with that, the lady left the table, leaving the place.

  •       At it again with the traveling, Indy has found himself a little ways from the East coast this time. Why? Could simply be a change in scenery, or could be because things got heated where he was before and it was more than he wanted to deal with, so yeah he's kinda running but he's pretty laid back about the whole thing. Seriously, you wouldn't even think the guy was running from anything at all even when he had to ditch his truck miles back in favor of someone's car and okay he felt a little guilty about that but who was really missing this piece of shit?  Damn thing had no AC, so the windows are down and the road was all his. Shortly after turning his gaze aside and out the window where the sun was lowering below the horizon, the car makes a odd noise and surely enough he has to pull over. 

    " Yeah i'm pretty sure i did the previous owner a favor here.." He grumbles to himself , leaning back in the seat and looking out the windshield with a expression clearly not amused. 

           He's no stranger to walking long roads and comes up along a town well after dark. He finds his next brief residency in the form of a hotel but was too wound up to stay in and headed out in search for new wheels.  Indy isn't living the most glamorous life, but he never really has when you put it all together. He'd grown up poor and lived on the streets once his father had disappeared and while he'd been taken in by a wealthy monster that lived in luxury, it wasn't the kind of luxury he wanted even as lovely as the estate had been, the expensive nice feeling clothes, the decent diet and the high count sheets ruined by the twisted creature that lay every night beside him. ( He'd have rather slept on the damn floor) and maybe that's why he continued to live like this. It was familiar. The good kind of familiar.

    The drudge passes along a few cars and eventually finds one suitable enough. Skills perfected over time, he's damn near ready to bust the lock when he tried for the handle instead even though he was sure it would be locked. Aha! Something is looking up for him finally because it was unlocked. Using the old screwdriver trick, he's got himself another set of wheels and drives off with it, little guilt to be felt these days about performing such crimes. He glances over at the glove compartment and out of curiosity pokes through to see what was left behind. Quite a few Nickleback Cd's. Ew, really? He cringes and closes it just in time to see a shadow step out into the road.  

    ( Let me know if this doesn't work!)

  • He seemed almost embarrassed to admit, but with a nod of is head it only confirmed that yes he had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay, too afraid to try establishing a place that may be near too many people. The forest has been the only thing like some kind of sanctuary and even then, he could smell them, others like himself that made him too nervous to stick around for long.  he did not allow his gaze to linger upon her to see that reaction either, his gaze instead cast down and staying somewhere along the ground.  Assistance? What did she mean by that? This had him raising his gaze to look across at her now. He did not plan to give her, much anyone his life story, but he's curious as to what she meant.

    He realizes she;s introducing herself and it took a minute or so for him to do so as well, seemingly unsure and hesitating before finally settling on a name. Considering what has befallen him, he isn't all too sure giving his real name was going to help him and if anything, possibly make things worse and people can link him back to his real identity. It was best to start anew as he saw it. While this wasn't the proper way to begin trust here, he's not expecting it to be long termed, thinking she'd ease her guilty mind and do her part to "help" him and move on after anyways.  " ..John Hart." 

  • For the longest time she didn’t even know they were flying, until she shifted to her side .. then slowly onto her belly as looked forward. Clouds was all she could see, as the wind gently touched her face. Other than holding on she stayed very quiet, she wasn’t sure how to feel about any of this.. he’d helped her? But he’d also licked her clean, but that just meaned he cared.. Which is something she’d never handled with before, a man that had feelings and cared enough to even help a woman that was introuble.

    Once they touched the ground she watched as he held her placeing her small frame onto the ground, her—at the moment, weak legs were holding herself up.. She could sense the vervain was now wearing off. Ember watched as he slowly began to transform.. Soon a very tall dark haired man presented himself before her, he had a thick sharp jawline and was also muscular. Introducing himself after she asked she nodded slow, chewing along her bottom lip she spoke once more. “ I’m Ember. “ Ember had a faded out British accent, by the look of her many would say she was Italian or Greek ? Truth was she didn’t even know everything she was, but she had ideas. Ember had dark brown locks that touched down to the middle of her shoulder blades, and light brown honey hues .. Her lips very full with a natural tint of pink, while her skin had its gentle olive tan with a natural glow. She was very slim, but curves touched the right places. Wearing black jeans with small black combat looking boots, uptop a small maroon red tight tangtop covered her torso along her plump breast—as well with a dark faded out jean jacket. Crossing her arms she moved her fingers through her once messy hair, glancing around she wasn’t sure she knew where exactly she was at.

    Once her gaze fell to Florian once again she watched him as he watched her, Ember had trust issues .. it was completely obvious but he helped her so she didn’t want to be rude or snappy with this man. “ Thank you, I uhm.. don’t know what I would have done back there. They’d probably have me prisoner by now. “ Sighing to herself she took a slow breath in, he was obviously very handsome and seemed very kind. The dark of night swept over the forest, as the moon touched the forest lighting it up.
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