"Be both soft and wild.
Just like the moon.
Or the storm.
Or the sea."
-Victoria Erickson-

With eyes as blue as the Aegean Sea she hails from, Hali holds an air of innocence and mystery about her. Nereid (sea nymph) by birth, she possesses an ethereal beauty that draws people (particularly men) to her as well as a plethora of powers that she's still discovering, including the ability to walk on land and bear children. Often confused with mermaids and sirens, Hali's kind don't have enchanting voices, nor do they purposely cause harm. They prefer to mingle with humans and will often put others before themselves. Only when they feel threatened will they do what's necessary to protect their existence and those they hold dear. With that said, Hali leads a rather quiet life as an artist, choosing to live in Washington State where she shares a small cottage with a German Shepherd she found as a stray. Tucked away in the wilderness and seated beside the ocean, it offers her privacy as well as the peace necessary to create. It's also a place where the hunters from her past can't easily find her.


The Rokean Royal (Foxaire Augustine)

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  • “Tomorrow then!” Fox calls, stepping out into the bitterly cold street with a shiver. In his arms was a small child; a tuft of sunshine blonde hair spilling from within the fur-lined hood of a snow jacket hugging her tiny shoulders. Wide, curious, kelp green eyes blinked at the white world surrounding them. He’s babysitting for the next hour. A speck of snow lands on the little girl’s nose, causing eyes to cross and a shrill giggle to spring forth from tiny lips.

    “Come on, sweetheart. Let’s get you into someplace warm until your momma comes looking for us.” And off they were headed, the child giggling senselessly the entire way to the coffee shop. The ring of the bell alerts the staff to another paying customer as Fox crosses the threshold into the warmth, shaking his head of the white smattering of snowflakes dusting his hair and melting away into the wavy, sandy blonde locks.

    Heavy footsteps and thick, muscular, trunk-like legs wrapped in black skinny denims carry them both across the wooden floorboards, and past a line of partially occupied tables - including that of a woman with her head down and was… drawing? Fox paused just past the woman’s table to steal a sneak peek at the sketch and was quite taken back by the artistry. Impressed? Definitely.

    A smile forms on his maw as he slides into the reserved booth, setting the child on the supple, cushioned seat before slotting himself in beside her.

    “Fox, dear. Good to see you again.” The familiar tone of the older waitress flutters like the beating of butterflies wings as she greets the duo. The tiny child squeaks and curls herself into Fox’s ribs, causing the man to rumble a thunderous chuckle.

    “Good day to you, ma’am.” Fox’s thick accent accentuates his greeting as he curls an arm around the child and hugs her against his side for comfort. Poor thing, she’s still getting used to other people. “Babyccino for this ducky and a tall, salted caramel mocha, extra shot, for me.”

    A polite nod is given as the waitress sweeps elegantly away, the hem of her skirted uniform billowing gently in her wake. Fox shook his head, turning his attention back to the child, a sneaky yawn breaching her tiny mouth as he scooped her up and sets her on his lap, making sure she’s nice and snuggly warm beneath all those layers.

    “Your momma will be here soon.” He whispers, pressing a delicate smooch to the child’s chubby cheek affectionately.

    Mara was her name. Sadly, she didn’t belong to him. She was the daughter of his neighbor who worked crazy stupid hours at the local hospital. So on days when she was running late, Fox would offer to take her until she’d finished work. And always would he refuse to accept money from them for lending a helping hand. Besides, Fox wasn’t doing it for the money, and he had plenty of spare time on his hands, so why shouldn’t he help out? The bonus was that little Mara actually enjoyed spending time with Fox. Which was a godsend.

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