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February Madness Giveaway!

Not into the lovey dovey thing this month? Neither are we. For the whole month of February we will be giving away Steam game codes! That's one code a day for a total of 28 games!

Here's how it works!

Everyday at a random time (different time each day) a question will be posted on this discussion (so bookmark it!), An admin will put a random trivia question with the date that corresponds. First person to comment below with the correct answer will win the game key of the day!


- Admins and their Alt accounts may not participate. 

- You can win a total of 4 times (4 days) 

- Most of these questions are trivial and silly, lets all just have fun!

- Please respect that all these games are donated to the site for everyone's enjoyment, no matter how petty or amazing the game is.

- Game codes will be sent Via inbox unless requested otherwise. 

- All questions are selected based on CST time.

February Giveaway!

Day 1. How many member names start with the letter "N"? This excludes symbols, strictly 'N'

Prize: Quantum Break | winner Frank Castle | Reward sent


Day 2.  What is the title of the first ever Blog posted to Wrealms?

Prize: Amnesia (The Collection) | Winner Fiction | Reward sent


Day 3.  Post a cat photo as a comment to win!  *Kei was here*

Prize: H1Z1 (Includes H1Z1 Trickster Crate Key) | winner Frank Castle | Reward sent


Day 4.  Who was the runner-up for the last Valentine's Day Contest? (Hint, check Hall of Fame under the 'Home' tab' for the 2017 winner )

winner Kanesha | Reward sent

Prize: Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter


Day 5. Where do flamingoes get their pink color? (Bonus if you post with a flamingo pic)

Prize: The Long Dark | winner Kaine Khvadi | Reward sent


Day 6.  What date does the 2018 Valentine's Day Blog Contest end?

Prize: One Piece: Burning Blood | winner James Harris | Reward sent

*** BONUS PRIZE: Post an " Ω " Symbol to claim the BONUS 2nd game of the day!

*** winner | Kanesha | Reward sent


Day 7.  How many legs does a praying mantis have?

Prize: Slime-San ? | winner | Lars | Reward sent


Day 8.  What blood types can B- receive from? (Name all that apply)

Prize: Nex Machina | winner | James Harris | Reward sent


Day 9. How many Veteran Writers are present on the site?

Prize: Sheltered | winner | Lars | Reward sent


Day 10. What is a more common name for a "Dromedary"?

Prize: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin


Day 11.  How many calories per serving are there in a regular sized bag of Cheetos?

Prize: Black Mesa | winner | Frank Castle | Reward sent


Day 12. Post a picture of a dragon.

Prize: NBA2k17 | winner | Kanesha | Reward sent


Day 13. In Norse mythology, what are the names of the two ravens that sit upon Odin's shoulders?

Prize: Slime Rancher | winner | Elijah Sharpe | Reward sent


Day 14. On average, how many hours does a dog sleep per day?

Prize: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition | winner | James Harris (Done) | Reward sent


Day 15. Explain how a fly is able to walk upside down (Yeah science!)

Prize: Space Run Galaxy | winner | Ancora Calisti | Reward sent


Day 16.  Post a picture of a llama wearing a hat.

Prize: Undertale | winner | Malachi | Reward sent


Day 17. How many pieces are in the Lego: Star Wars 'Death Star' set?

Prize: Stories Untold | winner | Elijah Sharpe | Reward sent


Day 18. What is the average weight of a full grown male hippo? (Any unit of measurement accepted)

Prize: Husk | winner | The Mind's Eye | Reward pending


Day 19.  Post a picture of an exceptionally fat cat.

Prize: Project Highrise | winner | Nemo | Reward sent


*** BONUS PRIZE: What was the official release date for Skyrim?

*** | winner | Nemo | Reward sent

Day 20.  What animal is printed on the bill for 10,000 Colones in Costa Rica?

Prize: The Flame In The Flood | winner | Jevidiah Hoffman | Reward sent

Day 21.

Prize: Etherium

Day 22

PrizeSteamworld Heist

Day 23. 

Prize: Flat Heroes

Day 24. 

Prize: Inside

Day 25.

Prize: The Banner Saga

Day 26.

Prize: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

Day 27

Prize: Tomb Raider

Day 28.

Prize: Civilization VI main game"

"Civilization VI - Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack" 

AND: "Civilization VI - Vikings Scenario Pack"




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  • Day 20, Sloth

    • You betcha!

  •  november 11, 2011 for bonus


    • WINNER


  • Day 19

    • BODE






  • Day 18: 3,500 to 9,920 lbs.

    • Winner winner!



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