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  • We will be taking down the "Recent Activity" feed on both the Homepage and Profile pages for the next few hours in order to try to fix the 'commenting bug'. Thank you everyone for your patience!

    - Wrealms Team.


    I saw this and thought of Ning right away. Thought some of ya would get a kick out of it haha

    • I completely agree! This is probably their uniform. It sucks that this is one of the only social platforms that had moderately close to what we needed. Other wise, we'd have our butts outta here. There is talk about building our own site from the ground up in the far future. We shall see!

  • A great read whenever your desire for perfection in writing gets ahold of you. **Guilty as charged** 

    Write, write, and write some more.


    • *thumbs up* 

    • That's a good one! Just write. Not every post, nor every paragraph will be a masterpiece. We would reach monotony if they were. I also once saw a quote that went something along the lines of:

      "Waiting for muse, is like waiting for a bus at a train station."

      I try to keep that in mind alongside it, just as well.



    The physical links to your Friend Invites and Inbox have been added in the 'Announcements and Updates' section. This is for ease of access to those still having issues with those two icons by the Sign In not working.

    (Thanks Lynn)


    Its come to the attention of the site that while Ning (*sidestareglare*) is working out kinks on their end that it may be messing up for other people…
  • : For anyone who remembers me, I used to write as a vampire named Navaya..I am back now, and I have decided to do something a bit different..so if anyone who wrote with me is still interested, I'd be up for it..<3 :

  • |. Anyway someone could magician this to look slightly bigger? I remember using this GIF last time for my pfp,but now,it's cropped and I'm not sure why lol

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