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    • You can fix that by uploading your picture to a hosting site like tinypic, rather than from your computer. Pretty sure it's due to the new youtube video thingy. Once they fix it the broken images will prob go away. Everytime I it happened on mine, I replaced the pic with the tinypic version. Worked every time.

    • I had an issue with images loading with delay/lag when setting up and editing this page, but it worked itself out after the first week or so of the page being active. I don't know if this helps per say, but it sounds like a similar problem.

      • I think it is. Will just have to eait it out and see what happens.


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  • Needless to say, the recent issues regarding the Activity Feed and false/'phantom' postings are a glitch. As for the cause, it's hard to say until we start looking into it. In the very least, this one seemingly has no effect to physical posts- just an annoyance factor we'd all rather not have to deal with. For now, I would turn a blind eye to the Activity Feed until we figure something out.

    Side note, if you wish to have immediate feedback on when others post to you, my personal advice is allowing email notifications for comments. With Wrealms, they tend to come to your phone within minutes of a comment or message being posted.

    Also a reminder- no matter how small, if you stumble across something that seems off, or have the suspicion of a glitch, feel free to message Marly or the Admin team. Odds are, it may not be affecting just you.

    Our discord is also available as a secondary place to reach out and contact us if you have questions or concerns.

    (Pardon my rambling)




  • || I have a question,I know it's a glitch and all but I prefer it remedied.
    Lately it's been showing that my profile has been commenting on another profile's,meanwhile I haven't done so. It's a tad confusing. I haven't noticed anyone else's doing this,just my own and want to know why. :/ For instance,it says last night around 7 hours ago,I commented on Mephstipheles wall,but I hadn't.


    • Yes, same issue here. 

    • I’ve been seeing this since last week or so. I thought I was the only one. 

    • ((Same thing here. It has said that I posted on people's pages when I know I haven't.)

    • I had someone approach me asking if they had posted to me on Kei, like it was a phantom post or something, and nothing was sent. 

      Are you seeing this just within the recent activity? And to be clear, you hadn't intentionally posted to said person?



      It's also saying I sent a post to Mephisto, rip.


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