❤ Elizabeth

Malachi sat in the grass, thinking back to when he was the human equivalent of only about 25. He wore a shit eating grin on his face as he watched those around him play and dance within the fields. His heart still hurt quite a bit at the loss of Arthur, but being around those his age helped loosen the binds a bit. Especially when Elizabeth started coming around. Even by Fae standards she was gorgeous. Long blonde hair with beautiful eyes that made him feel as if he was staring into a clear sky. The song sweet child of mine often came to his mind when he thought about her in later years. He was completely enamored by her, and he wasn't supposed to be. He felt slight disgust with himself about the whole thing, not that he had ever acted as his father attempted to raise him to be, like your typical fae. 

Love was not something that was common to their kind. In fact it was highly looked down on and often got you killed. Less so by social norms and more so because it caused you to lower your guard. But when he was with her he lost all common sense. Or at least what you could consider common sense for a fae. And it wasn't long before his flirtatious winks and sly grins were returned to him. Everytime Elizabeth gave him that toothy grin, even when said teeth almost looked like those of a shark, he felt his heart jump just a little bit. His chest swelled everytime she chose him as her dance partner and he felt almost certain that she harbored feelings for him as well. 

They were like fire and ice, quite literally. Even though he was surrounded by the power of fire he often had a calm and cool demeaner which contrasted strongly against her fiery and bold personality, despite her powers being that of the winter court. They often snuck off from the crowd when they could to be alone together. He enjoyed those moments the most. He shook his head as he thought back on it, a frown forming on his face. He remembered their last day together well.

They had snuck off into their usual field together, laying in the grass. Malachi had found himself distracted playing with her golden blonde hair. 

"Malachi, you're doing it again." He heard a light tinkle of laughter come from Elizabeth as she spoke and he moved his eyes to look at her face.

"Hmm, and whats that?" He grinned, his hands cupping her face. 

"Staring at me with that weird look in your eyes. I never know what you're thinking. It's like you're looking at me but looking just past me. It worries me sometimes, I don't think I've ever seen anyone with that look in their face. " Malachi raised his eyebrows at her before making a mock thoughtful look. 

"Hmm... I wonder what could be causing me to make such a face." He grinned as he started planting kisses all over her face, her hands pushing him away as she laughed. 

"Malachi! Stop that what are you doing you goofball!" She squirmed and attempted to get away from him until he stopped, hugging her close he rolled onto his back, taking her with him so she laid on top of his chest. She let out a squeal of surprise when her body left the grass. 

"Elizabeth... I have something I need to confess." His face scrunched up into concern as he spoke. Elizabeth looked at him with confusion.

"Malachi... I don't think I've ever seen you look so serious before. What is going on?" She wiggled herself a little to sit up on top of him. "You can always tell me anything." Malachi sighed a little, giving her arm a light squeeze.

"Elizabeth, I think I love you. No, I know I love you. I havent felt like this for anyone in centuries. And even this goes beyond what I ever felt before." He watched as Elizabeth's face fell and started to curse himself in his head. He shouldnt have said anything. She leaned forward and gave him a light kiss on the forehead.

"Malachi... I love you too but you know that we can't... That we shouldn't. And to be honest, there's a reason I've been sneaking around with you instead of us being out in the open. Besides that it goes against everything Fae believe in that is.... My father would kill me if he found out. I'm already supposed to mate with someone else. Someone from the winter court. I'm sorry Malachi I should have told you sooner."

Malachi felt as though his heart was breaking for the second time in his life, before his face lit up. "Well, what if we leave. They can't do anything to us if we go where the humans are. We start a life there, find a good cabin in the woods and we run away together. Then it doesn't matter what they think, and you don't have to mate with someone you don't want to." Elizabeth gave him a grin in return, nodding. For the rest of the day they sat planning out their plan. They would leave the very next day. 

Malachi would like to have said that they lived happily ever after, but the fae are cruel beings. They made it to the human realm, and lived there happily for many years. They even had a little girl. Malachi sunk his head into his hands. God he wished it ended there. He went back to the fae realm one day, to run an errand for his dad. No one knew about his family on Earth, or at least that's what he thought anyway. He was glad to get back home, carrying sunflowers, Elizabeth's favorite. When he walked into the door a horrible sight laid before him. Someone had come threw when he was gone. Trashed the place. He would have assumed it was regular robbers if it hadn't been for Elizabeth's and his daughters death. Iron stakes. The only thing that could permanently kill a Fae on the human planes.  Shock came over him first. Then rage. He must have broken everything in that house, before using a cloth as a, very slight, barrier between his skin and the iron to pull it out of their bodies. He still had the burn marks on his hands. The worst thing he ever did was bury his family.

His body shook, as he now sat at their graves, centuries later and sobbed. He would never love anyone as he had loved them. Never again would he let that pain into his heart. Eventually he ran out of tears, sitting there quietly, his body still shaking with unshed tears as he laid down flowers at their graves. 

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