31 CD, Week 2 | Zachary Silva



(Day 8): Family

  • Zach is an only child and does not know of any relatives other than his parents. Unbeknownst to him, he has an aunt. However, given his rocky relationship with his parents, it’s unlikely he will have an interest in meeting her.
  • Best friends since the day they met, Zach would liken Matt to a brother. In their teens, they bonded over football and were inseparable since. They no longer see each other as often, but remain in regular contact.
  • He holds all friendships in higher regard than his biological family.

(Day 9): Turning points

  • Joining the football team was, in hindsight, the best decision he ever made. Unable to refuse for the umpteenth time, he had caved under his friend’s pleas to join the team. At the time, it was embarrassing. He didn’t know basic rules and was instantly picked on. Zach had no clue that football would be his winning ticket to freedom from his parents. Sometimes he can’t believe that he managed to go pro.
  • Zach didn’t think allowing a mysterious organization to experiment on him would end badly. Gullible as ever, he went along willingly. Procedures were rather standard. Nothing too invasive. One day, he stumbled upon evidence that this organization was involved in several shady affairs. He asked to leave and they let him. Zach hasn’t quite caught on that breaking ties was never going to be easy. The organization still watches him today.

(Day 10) Food

  • Zach is a decent cook, able to provide for himself without any trouble. He does not know how to make many difficult meals but is able to follow a recipe.
  • His favorite meals to cook are stew and stir-fry because they are delicious and quick to make.
  • Bakery goods are his guilty pleasure. He will take up any excuse to go to a cafe and enjoy a muffin.
  • There’s not much he won’t eat or try at least once. (Except for ketchup which he refuses to eat.)

(Day 11): Partnership

  • Zach’s romantic experience stands close to nothing. He is kind and attractive but is quite oblivious to any flirting or romantic interest. So, people are inclined to give up because of his inability to take a hint.
  • Love rarely crosses his mind. He understands little about himself and how his attraction operates. He’s usually too preoccupied to think about it.
  • One must be forward, sweet, and persistent should one want to win Zach’s affections. Because he is quite happy on his own, it may take some convincing for him to make space for another in his life. He would like someone smart, ambitious, kind, and affectionate.

(Day 12): Technology

  • Zach is as adept as most with technology. Even when unfamiliar with a device, it only takes him a short while to understand the mechanics.
  • Much to the detriment of some friends, Zach prefers phone calls over text. He thinks texting takes too long and will often call others without any notice.
  • Zach has a new model android phone. It’s black and has a tiny chip on the top right corner.

(Day 13): Happiness

  • The first real friend Zach made filled him with suspicions. He was a quiet kid content with his lonely space. But when he came to understand that Matt wasn’t going to stop pestering him, he felt eternally grateful to have someone he could call a friend.
  • Applying for college felt like a fool’s dream, but Zach did it anyway. When he read the letter after preparing himself for rejection, he cried. He tried not to hope too hard to avoid the crushing disappointment that might follow. But when he saw he’d been accepted, a rush of relief and joy consumed him. Finally, he could live his own life.
  • Competitiveness wasn’t his style, but that didn’t mean he hated winning. The final round of his first year as a pro footballer came to an end. He remembers not knowing the score. But when his teammates shouted and ran to the captain, he knew. They won. After being dealt bad hand after bad hand, he felt like he deserved a win for once. Things were looking up.


(Day 14): Serenity

It’s a hot day. The cafe is cool, though. Zach listens to the sound of his ice clinking on the sides of his glass. He prefers his coffee hot, but his clothes were sticking to his back on the way here so he couldn’t justify passing on an iced latte. Gently, he breaks apart the muffin. It's one of the real reasons he came here. This cafe has mediocre drinks, but it has the best muffins and desserts. The waitress stops in her tracks just as he plops a piece in his mouth.
“Zachary?” She gasps, hands on her hips, “is that you?”
“Hi,” he replies, mouth still full of muffin.
The waitress is an older woman, slightly plump with a motherly aura to her. She pinches his cheek as soon as he swallowed his mouthful, then turns to sit across from him. “I saw you on the telly, I always knew you’d do something amazing.”
Zach smiles, tucks a fist under his chin, and enjoys the rest of the lazy afternoon chatting.
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