5 Amazing tips on how to Write Nonfiction

Nonfiction and Fiction writing has been around for many years, but some people still don’t know it’s difference between them. But do they have things in common? Well the actual fact is that one wants to entertain (Which is the Fiction) and one wants to educate or enlighten (The Nonfiction).Today I will be laying emphasis on how best to write Nonfiction stories.

  1. Connect with your audience by telling a memorable story

Right from the time most people get fascinated by stories. What ever opportunity we have, we use it to tell stories, be it a lunch time story or a kids’ night tales, stories build images in our hearts and goes a long way to frame our world. Stories are remembered much better than formulas, concepts, abstract rules and so on. Now you want to enlighten a group of people about a the healthy factor in a product, don’t just go ahead to say “The product will keep you healthy”, tell a story about an unhealthy  whose got healthy consuming the product.  Just go a notch further by expressing yourself creatively with a story.

  1. Cut Attention

Right from the beginning a great fiction cuts attention until the end and doesn’t let your attention go until the end. You should do the same with your nonfiction,

For example, your article is online, and the article is competing with thousands of articles. What will attract anyone to want to read your article is the "attention factor" that will get them glued to your work. In todays multimedia word cutting attention is the key to staying relevant.

  1. Use Emotional words

Never get your audience bored by being too factual and blunt, play with words, capture hearts with emotional words. There is something about emotional words that captures the hearts of people, being too factual in your writing is like getting one to open an exam script.

  1. Make your writing very understandable

Try not to bore your audience with encrypted voluminous words, try to cut them into bits, so it’s easily digestible.

  1. Be unpredictable

One of the strongest factors that is working for a good Fiction story is the unpredictability, employ the same technique while writing a Nonfiction. When one can figure a thing all out, boredom sets in and the thing looses value. Never allow your readers to predict you, create surprises, create a twist and blow their minds.

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