Zach woke mid-dream. Though his eyes didn't reveal the familiar white walls decorated with the things he loved, he only saw an expansive dark world where light only reflected off himself. He appeared like a beacon, making it easier for the one who summoned him here to find him. Footsteps grow closer and begin to slow in pace once a figure starts to come into view. Zach's confusion tears his attention away from the stranger to look around his empty surroundings. Naturally, he must be dreaming. Only, he feels very much awake.


"Hey Zach," the stranger says, "how are you feeling?"


"I'm.. good. Where is this?" He asks, still staring out into the endless darkness.


"Just a place I made, I was feeling a little lazy with the details. Sorry if it looks boring, would you like something else?"


"You made this?"


"Yup. How about coffee instead? I'm actually kinda tired," those simple words distort the world around them both as if they had been a command. The darkness bends around them both, imploding in on itself without any harm to the stranger or Zach. As it erupts outward like a mini Big Bang, colours burst out and latch onto the world. It creates life - people are walking by on a street that had not been there before and a mix of coffee and street odours fill the air. Zach's eyes follow the stranger's hand gesture and glance toward the coffee shop ahead.


"How.. who are you?" Zach asks, managing to squeeze out one out of the millions of questions running through his head.


"Hmmm," the stranger ponders with dramatic flair whilst turning a back to Zach and slowly walking toward the shop entrance, "in a way you could say I am you."


"You don't look like me," he replies quickly.


Laughing, the stranger opens the door leading inside the shop and says, "you're not wrong there. But, basically, I made you."


"What do you mean?"


"I'm your creator."


"Like.. God?" He asks, astonished by the stranger and how real this dream of his feels.


"Oh, man. That's a lot of pressure. I think I would rather you not call me that," the stranger heaves a playful sigh, face twisting in a dramatic expression of distress. "Buuuuuuut, how about we sit down with a coffee first and then we can talk some more." Another smile.




The stranger's elbows rest on the cafe table while being examined thoroughly by Zach. He's uncertain, but can't find fault in the other's claims. 

"So?" The stranger perks up, breaking the silence. Zach flinches as if he's been caught red-handed doing something naughty. Then, he cast a look out the window before back to looking at the other. "If not God, then.. what do I call you?"


"Supreme one."




"Ha-ha-ha! I'm joking. Your Highness will do."


"Your.. high -"


"Stop! Man, you're too easy to tease, Zach. I could tell you my name but I feel like teasing you a little more, so-"




"- you can call me... Kacey."


Zach frowns, "did you just make that up?"


"Not really. It's my name, in a way. A nickname."


"Right.," he mumbles, still trying to wrap his head around everything.

Silence falls around the two of them while Zach recollects his thoughts and Kacey sips from a coffee mug looking to have not a care in the world. He can't help but think this must be God or some other form of a divine being. How could he not? This is what created him. At least, that is what the stranger claims. This still could be a vivid dream Zach is having, but on the off chance any of this is true, he asks, "Um, if you decide everything I do, then... do I have free will?"


"Yes. There was one time I wanted you to go from point A to point B and, somehow, you ended up at point What-The-Fuck."




"Never mind. Look, the point is, I don't always make the choices. You surprise me every now and again."


"Do yo-"


"Oh! Times up, kiddo. I was supposed to leave ten minutes ago, my bad. Sorry, we'll talk again soon okay?"





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