A Shake of Existence {part 2}

A Shake of Existence {part 2}

! W A R N I N G !

This blog post contains explicit content including strong language and sexual content.

I would also like to note that you might want to read Dream a little dream of me. before this one.

Maturity rating: R.

You have been warned.

October 7, 2016

"CAN YOU FUCKING not," I said aggravatedly. The smoke I inhaled had exhaled through my nose like a bull. I raised my eyebrows as the man continued to hit on me. I flicked the camel light at the ground by his shoes, hoping the ash would land on his toes. I finally looked up at him, my double vision struggling to focus on his face. Drunk me you really do know how pick 'em, don't you? I giggled jokingly at the jock struggling to get into my pants with pick-up lines, "down boy," I said sarcastically and Shauna grinned looking down at her phone, scrolling through someone's social media feed. I inhaled before straightening my back and knocked the hood of the car with my palm, "On to the next?"

Shauna finally looked up from her phone, the dim light glowed on her olive tone. She had always been gorgeous, even when we were little. Almond brown eyes, small button nose, long, thick, curly black hair. She had everything. Her lips parted, "You lead the way."

Her dull expression of enjoyment put me in a sour mood. I pivoted on my heel and carried on to the next bar. The jock shouted something foul after me and walked in the opposite direction. I turned back to look at Shauna who was dragging slowly behind me, buried in her phone again, "Am I that boring that Snapchat stories are interesting?" I asked impatiently, She lifted her head up again, 

"No, I just need a few drinks before I socialize."

"With me?"

"I didn't say that," she looked back down at her phone again,

"You didn't have to," I blurted and continued up the sidewalk. One thing I hated about bar hopping was that you had to walk, I could hear her sigh behind me. If she didn't want to go out why did she agree to? I scoffed and quickly pulled into the next bar. The loud clatter of people and rumbled laughter echoed inside, I needed another drink. I linked arms with Shauna and pulled her up to the counter, "Two screwdrivers please," I shouted over the commotion. Shauna had put her phone away and was trying to tell me something, but my eyes had caught on a man across the bar. His head was low and he was twirling his drink, eyes bearing into my chest. I pulled my leather jacket closer to me and shifted to look at Shauna, "What?" I asked over the crowd.

She rolled her eyes and got off her stool, "I'm going to the bathroom. Watch my stuff," I knew that wasn't what she had originally said but I wasn't going to argue at a bar. I sighed and thanked the barista who made our drinks and slid mine closer to a more comfortable position to hold it. I wanted another cigarette. My parents didn't know I smoked, and I wanted to keep it that way. A good little girl. I pressed the drink to my lips and let the tanginess of the orange juice slide over my tongue,

"Where'd your friend go?" His voice wasn't how I pictured it. I paused and took another drink, then looked over. I figured he'd have a low, growl. It was almost hesitant and... awkward. His hair was shaggy and sweat beaded along his forehead. His dark brown eyes were suggestive and I was almost to sober to even speak a word to him,

"She'll be back, don't worry," I assured more to myself than anyone. I looked down at Shauna's stool. All she really left was her jacket, which was originally mine that she had borrowed. I rolled my eyes and finished my drink, and started on hers. I pinched my lips together and exhaled, well what the fuck.

"I'm Kai, you?" I tilted my head curiously,

"Wyatt," he said with a grin.

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