A taste of Stars

A taste of Stars

It, all began with a smile a bite a kiss, and a liquid with the taste of Stars.

Guided by this overwhelming emotion, our fingers tangle together like some part of a puzzle and our bodies follow as they collide on top of each other.

As our private dance starts the flames within our spirits grow and the clothes obstacles in our bodies are easily stripped away allowing our hands to explore each other.

Every corner of our skin is exposed to our fingertips as our lips collide creating the sensation of a thunderstorm. 

As time stretches out, our voices fill with light in the room, The beating of our hearts syncs with each other creating the perfect tempo for our dance. 

And the best thing is that this is just the star start. 

The time get's slower and slower as my playful hands keep warming your corners.

As this delightful moment reach perfection. 

What was once a flame turned into a wildfire. 

The sound of silence is filled with our voices, transforming the kisses into bites and touches into scratches

the dance intensified and we reach for a higher connection until a detonation happens.

As it happens the dance began to slow down. our fingers travel backward through our corners leaving traces of their exploration.

with one more kiss, we say, Farwell, while the clock returns to normal

until the moment arrives again 

with a smile a bite a kiss, and a liquid with the taste of Stars

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