All Meat Tastes Better With Sweets ...

Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?

"TRICK OR TREAT!" Came the squeaky booming voice from the little dragon as he knocked on a human's door and a pudgy lady came out and looked at him adoringly. "Awwww, well ain't you a cutie!" She beamed unaware that actually this was not a child in costume ... But Meadow  had shrunken himself in hoping to disguise himself to get those yummy treats. Meadow nodded with utter giddiness as she goes to put some yummy goodies into his made shift pumpkin. Then ... From out of nowhere the little reptile beast swipes in fast and impales the fat lady with the blade on his tail acting like a scythe, once the soul slips away from the body Meadow swiftly inhales it. Mmmm nice ...

So this is his game ... I did not see that coming, the little shit ... **Sounds of background noise and chair moving back and forth as story teller coming to terms with what's happened and whats about to happen**

Quickly moving away from the scene the little death critter, as adorable as he may look be careful when approached!

Many children giggling with their pals adorned and dressed in all sorts from zombies to little fairies, even few kiddies pointed at the dragon gasped on how awesome the "costume" looks and tried to make a bee-line for him to get rid of their curiousness of where or how the costume was made. Not realising what attraction he was suddenly making, Meadow made a quick get away and was careful not to drop those surgery tenderness along the way before heading down a blackened alley way hugging his pumpkin.

Once the kids not dare go down there and got bored before moving on the little scaly reaper blinked those white hues and checked area was clear. Check. Meadow moved onto the next street where he repeated the pattern. 

1- Act sweet and innocent

2- Obtain sweets and LOTS AND LOTS OF SWEETS!

3- Don't forget to reap said soul aaaaaaaand repeat ...

Meadow is a clever dragon always careful to go onto different estates to avoid too much attention. Then ... Out of nowhere was a orchestral sounds of screams as in each street in each estate was now home to, rather dead humans ... Kids screaming, adults screaming, officials screaming ... I'm screaming ... Even cats and dogs are screaming! Don't ask me how they just are.

Yet hidden away little cheeky, God damming ... But yet OH MY GOD HE'S  SO £^*%%(£$*£&*( ADORABLE! Meadow chuckles and snorts to himself, his body now nice and full, scaly paws holding his now bulging full to the brim pumpkin of sweets, lots and lots of sweets. Meadow started to eat the sweety goodness rather greedily letting his belly slowly turn into a pop belly, while all the time the sounds of chaos echoes like sweet music to his invisible ears. He loves that sound, sound of mayhem and turmoil. That's Halloween for you ... Not just people dressed in clowns you gotta watch for ... Gotta watch for little dragons too ... 

"Mine, aaaaaaaall MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE HAHHAHAHA!!!!!" Meadow cackles out with laughter in the midst of everything.

(Meadow drawn by me. Copyrighted 2017) 

Author's note:- This was a random piece that inspired me from the drawing I created up on top of this blog. I wanted to make this rather light hearted and comical as most of the time Meadow's main settings etc are serious. Also you can see that I have used varied writing styles and varied paragraph lengths to make it more enjoyable to read (I hope lol). Hope you enjoyed this entry.

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