And The Darkness Came Again

Dominik Ford got home late that night.

Covered in grime from another hard day at work, he stepped out of his truck and grabbed his things from the passenger side before sifting through his keys for the one to the house. There then came another sound beyond the jingle of his keys which caused him to pause. He couldn't be sure what it had been, but after glancing around his driveway and front yard, he saw nothing out of place or at least what he could see through the darkness. His eyes narrowed, something unsettling in his gut which prompted him to quickly get his house key and get in his house.
Later that night, while brushing his teeth before bed, that feeling had returned to his gut. He listened, but the house was silent. Since his wife passed, the house was always too quiet.. He shook his head and went back to brushing his teeth and the moment he rinsed his mouth out and stood back up to glance at his reflection, that's when he saw it..
Something like black mist loomed around the window, pushing it's way through the smallest of cracks. Turning around quickly, he had no time to further react when the smokey air rushed him and filled his lungs..filled him entirely causing him to stumble back over the sink and lose his footing to crash onto the tiled floor. There he struggled, trying to breathe when his body began to betray him entirely and from there came the burning sensation like a thousand suns, burning him from the inside out. All he could do was let out a gutteral sound before the world around him darkened and then came the sweet oblivion of an existence vanquished...
The original Dominik Ford was no more..

His wings were gone.

They'd been torn from his last body and so of course they'd not yet return even with a new body. Having taken this body, those wounds inflicted still followed him and tore anew in the new body's back and shit, he really didn't want to have to feel that a second time.. It took nearly ten minutes to get to his feet and in a disoriented daze, he looked around the bathroom he stood in now. His eyes caught the mirror and in turn caught the new face of his body..his face now.
A hand raised to run along the new features, eyes narrowing to see while he looked different, he still could recognize himself in a way most people could. In a way that anyone who knew him well enough would as well.

Blood trailed wetly down his back and caused the shirt he was wearing to stick to him. He looked at the shower behind him and started to strip..

It was a nice long shower to rid the daze, the pain and orient himself with his new body. The water eventually became more clear again as enough time went on for the bleeding to stop where his wings had once been. He was younger, more fit and had less tattoos and well damn, he's gonna miss the old ink. It's just a reason to get more then. The personality traits were different and though mostly everything left with the soul, he still had to mute some things..

A year or two later and he had his wings back.

Painful coming back as they'd been being taken from him, but this time he relished in that pain. All the while he'd been weaker and had been closer to his husband despite his increased dark nature that pushed the fallen angel further and further away.. but the moment he could take to the skies again and shift his forms, he was once again wandering at his own pleasures.. as though nothing that had happened had taken place and as though nothing had changed.

Nothing had truly changed.. but it would.

( I have not written this character in years... I'm..I guess you could say I'm kinda bringing him back but I'm not actively writing as him too much. I've gotta remember his head space, which was very dark and it may take time before I even consider bringing him around others. This was just a little random thing I put together in some more kinda recent events since the last I wrote as him.. )

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