Are Werewolves Real?

Werewolf have become a household name in the Hollywood cinemas, it is one popular mythological animal and one of the most talked about throughout the world, you find. Werewolf stories have gone really global in recent times, you find them in movies, novels, journals, blog stories and many more, and these stories bring chills to our spine most time Horrific. According to some very old tales, Werewolves are people who turned into vicious, strong and powerful Wolves. While some of them are said to have a mutant mix of human and wolf. In all, they are one mean and bloodthirsty beasts who are finding it difficult to control their appetite for killing people and animals.

Are Werewolves Real?

The werewolf legend is said to have a medical explanation. Now let’s flash back to this story “Peter the Wild Boy”. In the year 1725, Peter was seen walking naked with his both hands and legs through a lonely German forest. So many people thought that he was a Werewolf or he lived among Wolves.

Peter had the characteristics of a Wolf, he ate with his bare hands and didn’t have the ability to speak. He was later taken by the courts for adoption, he  lived in the house of King George I and King George II, throughout his life as their “pet” in England.

Medical specialist did a thorough research on Peter and they suspected he had “Pitt-Hopkins syndrome”, a severe medical condition discovered in 1978. This disease causes difficulty in breathing, lack of speech, seizures, and intellectual challenges , some kind of facial features. But the main medical conditions that could be linked to werewolf traits from time past are:

  1. Lycanthropy (This a rare psychological condition that causes people to think they are changing into a wolf or a Beast)
  2. Food poisoning
  3. Hypertrichosis (a typical genetic disorder that causes excess hair growth)
  4. Rabies
  5. Hallucination

 For many centuries now,so many people, especially movie director have used werewolves and other mystic Beasts to tell the unexplainable stories. In recent times, Werewolves are used in pop culture horror movies, and made famous by Hollywood, remember the  1941 movie “The Wolf Man”. Year in year out they have been reports of their sightings and it is most likely that Werewolf legends has come here to stay.

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