The young Malachi groaned as he looked to his friend Arthur. "Does she have to come? Honestly?" Arthur just gave him that soft smile that he always did. The young man's appearance made it hard to imagine anything but a smile on his face, in some situations Malachi almost thought it was impossible for the boy to frown. He had short brown hair and his eyes tended to hold a soft expression. His facial features were defined but not exactly sharp.

Arthur chuckled as he responded. "You know it's safer for her to be with us than at home. Dad's busy, and if she's at the house that means she's left alone with mom. I'm sorry, I warned you about this when we found out about her coming to live with us." Malachi shook his head. In his personal opinion, Faelan needed to just learn to keep it in his pants. However, he also thought it was ridiculous how much of a soft spot his friend had for the young girl.

He watched as his friends smile brightened, his eyes shifting to look just past Malachi. He took the hint, stepping off to the side and looking behind him as a young girl with long brown hair and purple eyes came running towards Arthur. Sometimes he wondered how his best friend made it in this world, with how kind and soft hearted the man tended to be. That is, until someone made him angry.

Malachi coughed, trying to keep himself from grinning as Arthur swept Izzy into a hug. She looked about 13 at that point, but lord knew she was much older than that. Malachi's main problem with her was how spoiled she tended to be. She wasn't a brat, but even before she had moved in with them she tended to cling to her brother and father. Not that Malachi could blame her, if Malisand was his stepmother he'd probably hide behind the men in the house as well. Speaking of, Malachi felt a chill run down his spine. His face formed a hard frown as he looked to Arthur. "We need to head out. She's on a rampage." Arthur gave him a curt nod as he took Izzy's hand and started to lead the way. He kept idle chit chat with his sister as Malachi kept a look out around them. He always felt on edge when Izzy was with them, everything was so unpredictable and they always managed to get into trouble whether they were doing anything or not.

After they had traveled a few feet he felt the hair on his arms stand and he let out a hiss. "Out of time Arthur." His best friend grumbled something about quicker than usual as he waved his hand over his sister, hiding her in the shadows and pushed her into a set of bushes. Almost right on cue Arthurs mother showed up, standing in front of them.

Now, as far as Malachi was concerned at least, Malisand wasn't exactly an unattractive woman. But she was definitely terrifying, with her jaw set in anger on a constant basis and her features sharp. She never bothered to glamour over her eyes, the orange-red hues staring straight at him. Always at him first, he didn't understand.

"Where is she Arthur?" Her tone was like ice, but the heat carried through. His best friend of course played innocent as he always did, claiming he had no clue who she was talking about or where she was after Malisand elaborated. She took a step towards him, her face looking as though she was out for blood.

"I'm tired of playing games with you Arthur, tell me where she is." Arthur's face scrunched up as he shook his head. This was one of the few times Malachi saw a frown on his face, and always when he was dealing with his mother.

"I won't let you hurt her mother. You need to get over this grudge you have with Karen. You need to stop your murderous rampage it's not fair to her, she hasn't done anything." Malisand gave a sickly smile, reaching out a hand to stroke Arthurs cheek. Her finger nails almost looked like talons and Malachi's eyes went black at the sight, instantly in a defensive position in case she tried to plow past Arthur to get to Izzy.

What happened next, happened so quickly Malachi still had a hard time grasping it to this day. One second he was taking a step forward towards Arthur and the next his best friend was slumped on the ground, blood draining from his chest as his face paled.

As Malisand stroked Arthur's face she spoke "My dear sweet child." before her nails grew into sharp claws and she plunged them into her sons chest, presumably piercing his heart. Malachi went rushing towards Arthur, trying to lift him up as much as he could as Izzy came bursting out of the bushes, throwing some sort of spell at Malisand. Malachi just tuned them out, trying to figure out what to do.

He wasn't exactly a healer, he didn't know how and it wasn't within his abilities. And he knew that if he didn't do something this would be it for Arthur, he would be gone permanently. But it was too late. As his best friends face paled he only had one thing to say before the life left his eyes. "Protect her."

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