Aryana Wesker Bio-Hazard Girl

Character Name


Aryana Wesker. The Licker Queen. (Due to her ability of infected Lickers with Viral enhanced Las Plagas that she grows inside of her and then infects lickers with in order to control them.)

Character Age


Barely a year old chronology. Physical age ranges from her child like 9 year old girl to 19 y/o teen

Character Species




Character Gender




Character Relationship Status


Doesn't understand the concept of love


Character Appearance


Atttactive young girl with stunning blue eyes. Appears of Norwegian decent with a Norwegian accent. Adorable cute blond hair blue eye girl who appears as a 9 y/o kid or 19 y/o teen. Face claim -Kristene Froseth

Character Personality


Mercurial, cold, savage, methodical, Abrasive. Much of her personality takes after Alex and Albert Wesker. It is unknown if she can be genuine kind of compassionate like Alice as the child has never known such things. A weapon from birth and treated as such. Due to being artificially aged. Her mentality is very much like that of a precocious child but with a teenagers attitude.

Character Dislikes


Being locked up in a cage or test tube. Being told what to do. Authority figures. Lab technicians.

Character History/Story


Father : Albert Wesker mother : Alex Wesker Genetic parents. Birth surrogate.:: Alice Project W was reopen for one final project. The living virus known as Alixia, has taken over Neo- Umbrella and restored it to fully operational status. She created a Doppleganger of Albert Wesker to serve as CEO and her right hand man.Alixia then wanted a secret weapon and a surrogate daughter of sorts.Taking DNA samples of Alex and Albert Wesker. She fertilized one of Alex's eggs that was on ice with some of Wesker genetic material and then implanted the embryo inside a clone of Alice, from Project Alice.She had found one final hidden blood sample of Alice and used it to clone her. For Alice was the only surrogate who could give birth to the new Project Wesker.The child that was born was infected with the same virus Alice and Albert Wesker were infected with along with a new strain of the Mercer Virus. The child was artificially aged to her preteens in order to begin training and indoctrination.When she grew to what would be her mid teen years, 15/16., she rebelled against her mentor or perhaps it was planned from the start. She was named Aryana Wesker. Arya developed the same powers of Albert Wesker and Alice along with those known as Mercer's Evolved.She would break free from a Neo Umbrella's research facility and headed to the surface in search of , possibly answers or a purpose to her existence. She was programmed with genetic memories of her three "Genetic Parents" in order to bring her up to speed about the world and events that have taken place.Conflicting memories of both Weskers siblings and Alice. Caused a psychoctic break that was responsible for her escape. Walking on the surface in a world full of the dead and dying, Arya wanders in search of herself and meaning.(Cliff notes version)

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