Broken Wings

Raphael had been getting more supplies after learning that he was running out in the clinic. It was a late night, best way to travel without being seen by any body. At least thats how he wanted it since he isn't much of a social bug like his other brothers. with bags in hand he would cross the street as he was making his way to the crossroads where he goes for a short cut to the clinic. But as he was making his way he suddenly stopped moving, he was stiff and his senses were on fire.

It was then he learned why, when he turned around he noticed a certain invidual wearing all black his eyes glowing gold and with a cane in his hands. He would then frown slightly as he would then sigh to himself. " long has it been since I have last seen you. How I dreaded to see you again.." He would then turn away only to have the demon standing right in front of him. "I know why you are here, and I will not aid you in your pitiful attempt to-"

He was silent by the demons hand on his lips to silence him, finally the demon begin to speak. " need to be so uptight Raphael, I know you wont help me willingly. So I'm just going to entertain myself, but not to worry...I will get what I want from you. But I am curious, will anyone care...after I am done with you." As the demon said that he would slowly lower his hand down toward Raphael's neck.


"..B-" Soon the demon tightens his grip around Raphael's neck soon causing Raphael to widen his eyes in pain.  "Spoilers Raphie....spoilers." After that   he would lose conciousness, he didn't know what happened after that.


3 days laters 


The Demon would be entering a cell while Raphael would be hanging, bloodied and bruised with hooks on his back keeping him up so that he would continue to stand. His lips were chapped and it was painfully obvious that he was like this for the past days. The demon would take a moment as he would then stand before the former angel while grinning. "You look awful, you haven't eaten...can you even eat?" Raphael was silent as he would not even look at the demon.


"Still not talkative, surely you know I do not take joy in hurting you. I just want the key, and I know you have hidden it when you fell from grace.  With the key  the gate will be open and all the souls shall belong to Lucifer, your brother."  The demon would mutter under his breath as would then run his hand against the bruised cheek of Raphael. "..Does he know..that you aren't doing it for the souls...does he know what else is inside of that realm?"

The Demon would smile as he would then grip Raphael by his hair pulling it toward him. "Thats a secret that will be kept between us,  Lucifer has enough issues on his plate. So just for his sake can you please give me the key's location."  The demon spoke demandingly as Raphael merely smiled for a moment. 'Fine...the in my heart." The demon quirked a brow for a moment as he would then run his hand against Raphael's chest as checking to see if he was telling the truth. 


" werent speaking literal, so that must mean...Oh-ho~ you sly little angel. You had a lover or something...who are they.." Raphael merely smiled wide only to get punched my the Demon. "I hate that smile of yours, its always so creepy. Fine I believe thats information out of you, so might as well spare you...with a price.." As the demon said that the cell door opened as a fellow demon went inside holding a  skull of a wolf, the sight of it made Raphael frown.  "What is that, what are you doing?"


The Demon would take the wolf skull and hovers it over to Raphael's face. "This is the skull of the La bete le Gevaudan; One of the first born Lycans that walked among Gods children. His fangs are still sharp, and they say he still lives on in his bones; so then I thought to myself, since you fallen, can you turn into the very same beast?" This caused Raphael to shake and try to flee but couldn't because of the hooks on his back. "No, stop this is madness- please B-!" 

"SPOILERS!....Raphael.....Spoilers." The demon would say before clasping the skull over Raphael's arm only to jam the bone like sharp teeth into the former Angels flesh causing him to scream in agony. Then the demon and its other fellow would step out side while laughing. "Your free to go, once you change."


The Next Day


Laying in his cell with the chains off his back, he was naked, with no scars on his body he slowly gets up as if waking from a nightmare. He would then look around seeing that he was back in his Cell. Seeing that he was no longer hanging, and the cell door wide open he begins to walk around noticing blood on the walls where ever he went.   He noticed the bodies of men who were torn apart, their limbs hanging off their bodies along with their intestines.    As walks through the corpses his eyes barely open while dark circles were around them, he finally stops walks till he was next to another open cell.


'Can you turn into the very same Beast' those words echoed in his head as he stepped inside the new cell. Inside the new cell were woman...and children... Their necks ripped out and half of the limbs were missing as if they were eaten... The one that stuck to him the most was a half eaten head on a little girl on a bed with torn bird wings next to it.  On the wall behind the bed there was two words on it written in blood and those words were; 'Happy Birthday' 


Raphael slowly run his hands against his hair only to realize the blood that was on his arms, his hands, and in the pool of blood below him he saw it all on his face. He was shivering, his eyes bulging out, at this moment he has become completely and utterly vulnarable. He would walk over to the head of the child and slowly takes it in his arms and cradles it as he knelt on the floor and begins to rock back and forth. "Its okay...everything is okay....its not my fault...its not my...' For the first time, Raphael....knew the meaning of despair.



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