Characters Information

::Character  Information ::

"Seriously I come here and the first thing you can say is 'What the hell are you doing here?' Thanks, dad, it's good to see you too."

— Elaina Sarah Saltzman to Alaric's reaction to her turning up in Mystic Falls, after she traveled around helping other supernaturals in need. When they had their own troubles to deal with and he wanted to keep her safe.

::Biographical information::

⊝ First: Elaina (El-ah-ee-nah or El-AH-EE-NAW)
∟ Ela (El-ah) for short
⊝ Sarah (S-AW-re-AH)
⊝ Saltzman (s-AW-l-t-s-m-uh-n)

⊝ November 5th, 1994
∟17 Appearance & 17 Actual Age

⊝ May 2nd 2020
∟ Created a Spell while being Compelled by her doppelganger, to make become a Tribred, and to create the First "Original Tribred Spell"

∟ Alive

Marital Status:
∟ Single
∟Looking for anyone that has good chemistry with her.)

∟ Mystic Falls High Student (Previously)
∟ Salvatore Boarding School (currently)

∟ Traveller Witch (Previously)
∟ Petrova Doppelgänger (Active)
∟ Tribred (Active)

Nicknames -:
∟ Ela

Titles -:
∟ Double Dead Ringer
∟ Petrova Doppelganger
∟ Saltzman Witch
∟ Give me more!

Weakness -:
⊝ Hell-Fire
∟Being touched weather physically or Mentally will kill her
∟ A little will make her be unable to move or do anything
∟ A lot like a gallon or so will kill her.

⊝ Sunlight
∟It will weaken and burn her, unless she has a daylight ring or necklace on

⊝ Wolfbane
∟It weakens her, just like sunlight, unless she has a moonstone ring or necklace

⊝ Holy Fire Ashes
∟ It immobilizes her to were she is aware of things, but can't move, as long as it is on her or in her.

Strengths -:
⊝ Vampire
∟ Strength
∟Fast healing

⊝ Wolf
∟ Strength
∟Fast healing
∟Shifting control

⊝ Witch
∟Controlling the elements
∟magick (Good and Bad; more good though than bad)

∟ Shapeshifting (Anything or Anyone) 

Abilities: -:
∟Vampire; Drinking Blood; on occasion
∟Wolf shifting; Partial and full shifts
∟Witch; Magick (Good and bad), Shapeshifting

:: Biography ::

∟ I was born Elaina Sarah Saltzman, often called Ela, for short. I was born, on, November 5th, 1994, to Sarah Pierceson, my witch Mother and Alaric Saltzman, my father, who over time has had many jobs. My Mother had disappeared as soon as I was born, leaving my father to name me. My Mother had disappeared soon after he had proposed to her. Which left him to pick up drinking again. After a while he named me, Elaina saying that I was his “Bright and shining Light”. The one thing that kept him moving and wanting to live. Not long after that, he stopped drinking with the help of my soon to-be step-mother, Isobel Flemming. She treated me as though I was her daughter until she was turned into a vampire by Damon Salvatore, my step-Uncle. She too disappeared and left me Motherless once more. I grew up to the age of 16, being watched over by Elijah Mikaelson, alongside Hope Mikaelson, until I was 10 Years Old.

∟When I turned 10, my father sent me to live with the McCall family in Beacon Hills California, so he could travel around the world , doing research. It was there that things became strange. I learned that I was a witch from a long line of witches, known as the "Travellers", and that I was coming into my powers. I called my dad and told him and he had Bonnie Bennett, an old friend and acquaintance, come by and help me to learn control. Eventually I controlled my powers and was able to use them to help Scott and his Pack with their own supernatural troubles.

∟ I stayed in Beacon Hill for a year until I turned 16. When I turned 16, I was brought to the school my Father and my Step-mother (Through my step-sisters, Josie and Lizzie), Caroline Forbes, had created for people like me and my sister’s. Once at the school, I began to sense something wasn’t right, and I was right. One night, a few days after my birthday, I found myself looking at my reflection in the mirror. I turned around as I checked my clothes to see how it looked. The next thing I knew my reflection moved and I just stood there, staring with a confused look on my face. My reflection moved again, saying “Boo!” very loudly, making me jump.

∟ After that night, my reflection appeared in every window, mirror, glass of water, making me go insane. Finally on my 17th birthday, I asked her what she wanted and she compelled me to write a spell, and gather ingredients for it. Being under her compulsion, I obeyed and brought the ingredients to her. She then told me to go to the Stone Table, that my step-sister Elena was almost sacrificed, and to do the spell and not stop until it was completed.
∟ So that night I left the school and made the journey to the “Stone Table” and began the ritual. I had killed a vampire and werewolf and had their blood in jars as well as a vial of Elena’s blood. I poured them into the bowl I had brought, cut my myself, with a knife I had brought with me, letting my blood pour out, until I was almost too weak. Finally I said the spell that I had written down, and then I drank the blood. I took the knife and stabbed myself in the stomach, killing myself.

∟The next few days I was in a coma, fighting my doppelganger. I fought to return and to live. I eventually won and came back. I opened my eyes, feeling pain and hunger, my head spun around, and I struggled to focus. Once I was able to focus, I got up and began to clean myself, putting on clean clothes, and making myself look good again. I sat back down on the bed and began to relive what had happened hours ago. I am now an Original Tribred and a doppelganger. I have a new lease on life and want to use it to help others in their abilities, but first, I must learn to control mine and deal with my Doppelganger, to learn more about the history and why I am one.

:: Relationship Information::

† = Dead

The Petrova Line† (Maternal Ancestors)

Sarah Pierceson (Birth Mother)

Lucy Armstrong † (Aunt/Former Guardian)

Kal Armstrong † (Uncle/Former Guardian)

Isobel Flemming† (Adoptive Mother/Stepmother)

Elena Gilbert (Adoptive Sister/Stepsister/ Adoptive Great Step-Cousin (Through Gilbert Line)/Step-Aunt (Through Marriage with Damon her Step-Uncle))

Adam Pierceson (Maternal Ancestor/Godfather)

Elizabeth Petrova † (Maternal Ancestor/Doppelgänger of Desire)

Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce (Maternal Ancestor)

Nadia Petrova (Maternal Ancestor)

Tatia † (Maternal Ancestor)

Amara (Maternal Ancestor)

The Gilbert Family Line (Maternal Ancestors)

John Gilbert (Distant Great Step-Uncle)

Jenna Sommers (Distant Great Step-Aunt)

Grayson Gilbert (Distant Step-Uncle)

Miranda Sommers Gilbert (Distant Step-Aunt)

Jeremy Gilbert (Distant Great Step-Cousin)

The Mikaelson Line (Maternal Ancestor)

Unknown Mikaelson † (Maternal Ancestor)

Elijah (Maternal Ancestor/Current Guardian)

Finn† (Maternal Ancestor)

Klaus (Maternal Ancestor)

Kol† (Maternal Ancestor)

Rebekah(Maternal Ancestor)

Freya (Maternal Ancestor)

Henrik † (Maternal Ancestor)

Mikael† (Maternal Ancestor)

Esther† (Maternal Ancestor)

Hope Mikaelson (Maternal Ancestor)

Daliah Mikaelson (Maternal Ancestor)

Ansel (Maternal Ancestor)

The Labonair Family Line (Through Maternal Ancestor Hope Mikaelson)

Mother † (Distant Maternal Ancestor)

The Hollow † (Distant Maternal Relative)

Mr. Labonair † (Maternal Great Ancestor)

Mrs. Labonair † (Maternal Great Ancestor)

Hayley Marshall-Kenner † (Maternal Great Ancestor)

Jackson Kenner † (Maternal Ancestor through Hope)

Unnamed Paternal Line (Paternal Ancestors)

The Saltzman Line (Paternal Ancestors)

Alaric "Ric" Saltzman (Biological Father)

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Saltzman (Step-sister)

Josephine "Josie" Saltzman (Step-sister)

Alaric † (Great Great Paternal Grandfather)

Ed Saltzman † (Paternal Grandfather)

Dianne Saltzman † (Paternal Grandmother)

Parker Family Line (Maternal Ancestors)

Josette "Jo" Laughlin (Maternal Stepmother)

Kai Parker (Maternal Step-Uncle)

Joshua Parker † (Maternal Step Grandfather)

Mrs. Parker † (Maternal Step Grandmother)

Malachai Parker † (Maternal Step-Uncle)

Olivia Parker † (Maternal Step-Aunt)

Lucas Parker † (Maternal Step-Uncle

Joey Parker † (Maternal Step-Aunt)

2 Unnamed Sisters † (Maternal Step Aunts)

1 Unnamed Brother † (Maternal Step-Uncle)

Joshua's Twin Brother † (Maternal Great Step-Uncle)

Surrogate Family Line (Maternal Through her step-sisters)

Caroline Forbes (Step-mother Via her Step-sisters)

Stefan Salvatore † (Late Step-Father via Marriage to Caroline)

William Forbes † (Maternal Step-Ancestor)

Gerald Forbes † (Surrogate Maternal Step-Ancestor)

Margaret Forbes † (Surrogate Maternal Step-Ancestor)

Bill Forbes † (Surrogate Maternal Step-Grandfather)

Elizabeth Forbes † (Surrogate Maternal Step-Grandmother)

Bob (Surrogate Maternal Step-Great-Uncle)

Mary (Surrogate Maternal Step-Great-Aunt)

The Salvatore Line (Paternal Surrogate Step Ancestors through Lizzie and Josie Saltzman)

Silas † (Progenitor Of, Distant or Step Ancient Paternal Ancestor)

Unknown Silas Doppelgängers † (Distant Step-Paternal Ancestors)

Giuseppe Salvatore † (Step-Grandfather)

Lillian Salvatore † (Step-Grandmother)

Damon Salvatore † (Step-Uncle)

Elizabeth Forbes † (Step-Mother-In-Law)

Unborn Child † (with Valerie Step-Cousin)

Giuseppe's Unnamed Son † (Paternal Step-Half-Uncle)

Zachariah Salvatore † (Paternal Half-Cousin)

Zachariah's Unnamed Son † (Paternal Step-Half-Cousin)

Joseph Salvatore † (Distant Paternal Step Half-Cousin)

Joseph Salvatore's Unnamed Son † (Distant Paternal Step-Half-Cousin)

Zach Salvatore † (Distant Paternal Step-Half-Cousin)

Tom Avery † (Doppelgänger of Stefan, Step-Descendant)

Sarah Salvatore † (Distant Paternal Step-Half-Cousin)

:- Possible Character Creation -:
Elizabeth Petrova † (Maternal Ancestor/Doppelgänger of)

:: Supernatural information::

Significant sires: N/a

Significant kills: N/a

:: Appearances::

Played by: Nina Dobrev

First seen: "Blood Brothers"

:- Mains -::

Character Name: Landon Kirby
Relationship Status: Best Friends & Soon-To-Be Brother-in-law
Relationship: They help each other with everything.

* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚

Username: @
Character Name: Alaric Saltzman
Relationship Status: Biological Father
Relationship: She is getting to know her Father.

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Username: @
Character Name: Kai Parker/Ryan Clarke
Relationship Status: Distant Step-Uncle/Soon to be Brother-in-law
Relationship: Add Relation

* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚

Character Name: Josephine "Josie" Saltman
Relationship Status: Step-sister
Relationship: Add Relation

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Username: @
Character Name: 
Relationship Status: 
Relationship: Add Relationship

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Username: @
Character name: Caroline Forbes
Relationship Status: Ex-Step-mother
Relationship: Add Relation

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