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Robbie Reyes is a high-school student working as a mechanic at an auto body shop who lives with his developmentally disabled brother Gabeand seeks to get away from the dangerous, gang-riddled streets of East Los Angeles. To that end, he enters a street race, hoping to use the prize money to move themselves away. When mercenaries gun him down while trying to retrieve pills that caused the transformation of Calvin Zabo into the supervillain Mr. Hyde, which had been left in the trunk unbeknownst to Robbie, the teen is revived as a demonic being with a flaming, helmet-like head. He drives off in the car, now similarly ablaze.[6]

Later, the spirit bound to the car introduces itself to Robbie as the ghost of a man named Eli Morrow, who says he had been killed by gang members. Eli offers to help Robbie clean up his neighborhood in exchange for Robbie helping him avenge his death.[7] Robbie becomes a local hero whose fame catches the attention of Johnny Blaze, who travels to Los Angeles to confront the new Rider. Eli is later revealed as Robbie's estranged uncle, a Satanic serial killer who kidnapped and murdered at least 37 people in rituals before being fatally shot by police in 1999. A possessed Robbie later encounters Johnny Blaze who uses the Penance Stare on Eli's spirit.[8]

Eli was also the one who pushed Robbie's mother down the stairs while she was pregnant with Gabe, causing Gabe's disabilities.[9]

In addition to confronting Mr. Hyde and his criminal underworld, Robbie and Eli fight for dominance over Robbie's body. Robbie eventually permanently bonds with Eli and agrees to sate Eli's thirst for murder, but only by killing people with evil souls.[10]

He appears in The Unbelievable Gwenpoolalong with Hawkeye, both working to stop a ceremony being held by dwarves using a mystical space rock. Gwenpool appeared in his trunk's portal via her friend Sarah "The Terrible Eye" and the police arrived, prompting them all to flee. He had claimed the gem with Gwen's ghost friend Cecil inside and left it in his car, where his possessing spirit was apparently attempting to turn Cecil on Gwen. When that fails he shrugs it off and decides to just go back to corrupting Robbie.[11]

Following a vivid nightmare involving an ancient gathering of heroes that include a previous Ghost Rider, Robbie awakens in South Africawith no memory of how he got there. He is attacked by Star Brand, who seeks to keep him from finding a buried Celestial. Robbie defeats Star Brand by using the Penance Stare, an ability he previously had no idea he possessed.

"They say when the Rider burns you, he burns your soul. And a soul can never heal." "I only kill assassinos who deserve it. It's vengeance, chica."


I only kill assassinos who deserve it. It's vengeance, chica."
"For what? You killed a detective."
"He had blood on his hands.
Robbie Reyes and Quake

Robbie Reyes is a tough and street-smart young man due to his upbringing in Los Angeles. His rebellious side showed when he dropped out of high school during the eleventh grade. However, upon becoming Ghost Rider, he was turned into a ruthless and merciless killer. His targets are anyone who is guilty of a crime and is unpunished for it, especially when it is a violent crime. Therefore, if a person is not guilty of a crime, he will not kill them even if they consider themselves deserving of death for whatever reason, though he could also judge for himself if he felt they should die and would look for proof. However, it is implied that Reyes is not in full control of his actions and behavior as Ghost Rider. He has stated that he is not the one who decides his victims and threatened Quake to leave him alone since he would become angry enough that he would forget what he would do to her. However, he did have enough control to judge people on his own, such as when he spared Quake. He is also very caring and protective over his paraplegic younger brother, Gabe, as he would act as his nurse, help support him with a job as a mechanic, and even attacked and restrained Quake when she mentioned him, since he felt she was a threat to him. He then looked through her belongings to see if Quake was truly worth killing and even seemed to want to find something so that he could justify killing her. He demonstrating the capacity to fight someone without killing them, even as Ghost Rider, as he spared the thugs who harassed him, Gabe and Quake, and later on, spared Hellfire during their fight, having been told that he was wanted alive. While he is displayed as cruel and ruthless to criminals, he believes that atoning for his uncle's attack on Momentum Labs, which created ghosts like Lucy Bauer, will pay his debt to the Devil, and rid him of the Ghost Rider and the curse of having to kill the guilty. He is also out for personal vengeance against the gang that ran over him and Gabe, leading to Gabe's paraplegia.
Immense superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, endurance and durability
Enchanted hellfire chain, motorcycle and shotgun
Invulnerability to fire, heat, lava and flames
Penance Stare
Accelerated healing factor
Ability to project regular/ethereal flame and travel between interdimensional realms and along any surface

Transformation: Robbie Reyes is able to transform into a skeletal humanoid engulfed in flames. Even before transforming, a fiery orange glow can be seen in Reyes' eyes when he uses his powers or at times when he is killing his victims. Reyes is able to use his powers to some degree without transforming. Whenever transforming or using the Ghost Rider's powers, he lets out a monstrous roar.
Superhuman Strength: Reyes displayed a certain degree of superhuman strength, being able to overpower thugs, and massacring them without any effort, notably breaking a man's skull with a single attack, dragging another across the floor with one hand, knocking out Mitchell with one hit and then both dragging and lifting him into his car with one hand. While transformed, Reyes could tear the bumper off a car with his bare hands, was able to instantly knock Quake to the floor with a punch to the torso, and pull down an entire shelf on her with one hand. However, he may have a certain amount of superhuman strength, while in human form, being able to tear off a car's engine piece with his bare hands and knock out Quake with just one strike. In addition, while fighting street thugs with Daisy, he overpowered most of them by himself, as well as charging into one and lifting him up to slam him into a wall.

Superhuman Durability: Reyes was able to withstand Quake's attacks, being undamaged when she used her powers to smash him onto a van and then into several barrels. The former case was particularly evident when Quake was visibly shocked after seeing Reyes unfazed after getting smashed on the side of a van. However, he is more vulnerable in his human form, as he gained a cut on his face while fighting Quake untransformed.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Though he received a cut on his face while battling Quake, these injuries disappeared the next day without even a scar. Robbie has described himself as nearly impossible to kill.

Fire Manipulation: Reyes is able to control and generate fire. As Ghost Rider, he is resistant to fire and seemingly no flames are capable of burning either him or his clothing. He is able to imbue an object he touches with fire, using the object as a weapon. He can do so even without transforming into Ghost Rider. His control over fire allowed him to form a ring of fire around the car he crashed into with his own flaming vehicle. He also caused his car to catch fire to make Quake fall off it as she pursued him, with his eyes glowing bright orange and him letting out a monstrous roar. Additionally, he was able to set his entire hand ablaze while transformed to incinerate Frederick by touching him, which he did again to other ghosts, even in his human form and once with his flaming chain. He also caused an entire room to be engulfed in fire to burn Santino Nogara to death.

Empathic Reading: Ghost Rider can look into someone's eyes and see into their heart and soul, to see what kind of person they truly are. He can examine their mental and emotional characteristics and qualities to determine if they are evil and in need of punishment, such as a corrupt cop or a teacher who was secretly a pedophile. While this ability is usually how Ghost Rider is able to find his targets, he can also rule a good person out as a target, bypassing that person's opinion of himself or herself. This was demonstrated by him having the opportunity to kill Quake, while she was even telling him to, only for him to see that she was a penitent woman who was trying to be good.

Intangibility Cancellation: Unlike ordinary humans, Ghost Rider can touch the non-corporeal entities, and if the situation requires, hold them and completely incinerate them with his fire. He was able to grab Frederick by the arm and neck in his human form before transforming and burning Frederick into embers with his blazing hand, he was able to burn Vincent to ambers with the Hellfire Chain, and he was able to to the same to Hugo with his touch, though in the latter events, he was able to do so without even transforming.

Enchantment: Ghost Rider has the ability to infuse his power into inanimate objects. He has used this power to make his car the Hell Charger become nearly indestructible. R. Moore fired a rocket launcher straight at the hood, all the rocket did was launch the car into the air and engulf it in flames, but neither the explosion, the fire, or crashing from several stories up had any effect on the car. It has crashed into other cars and even had a head on collision with an invisible Quinjet at full speed, without any harm such as scratches or dents. Reyes can also project his fire through the car without damaging it. He had the car emit fire from the hood, to knock off Quake, who was on top off the roof trying to stop Reyes. His clothes are also completely immune to fire and seemingly indestructible, as Hellfire's explosive ball and being inside an exploding building did nothing to them.


Combatant: Reyes was able to hold his own against Quake, an Inhuman former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent highly trained in combat, though her use of her powers left him to resort to transforming into Ghost Rider to defeat her. The second time he fought her, he did manage to defeat her without transforming by fracturing her arm with a car engine and knocking her out, showing he was more willing to injure her since she mentioned his brother. Also, her arm was weakened by her repeated use of her powers, with the subsequent pain from it allowing him to beat her easier. In addition, he overpowered multiple thugs unarmed, with him saying that it was him and not the Ghost Rider that was doing the fighting.
He even body slammed one of them, charging into him and lifting him up to slam him into a wall.

Multilingual: Reyes can speak and understand both English and Spanish fluently.



Hell Charger: The Hell Charger is a heavily modified car owned by Reyes. When he acts as the Ghost Rider, the car is able to emit flames from the engine and wheels, superheating it surface at will, and is seemingly indestructible, and is able to withstand attacks that would destroy a regular car
I Believe...
In vengeance
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