Confessions of a War Dog [❤️]


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"What is love?"

"What's so special about this word love?"

"Does love come in all shapes and sizes?" 


They say that animals don't understand feelings, that we don't feel like humans do but I beg to differ on that subject; I felt once....I loved someone love wasn't enough to keep them around for them to stay with me forever. Every day I constantly ask myself what is that makes people do the things that they do when it comes to love? Why not show it every day instead of just one particular day? If you love someone then you should show it every day right? Why wait till the date of Valentines day to show someone you love them, maybe that's how its suppose to be who knows. Will I ever be able to feel love like I did all those years ago again? I would think I would hope that I would feel love once more, to be able to fall in love again and have this....mushy feelings that humans constantly have whenever they were around their partner but what about me? What of animals? Don't we have a say so for what we love or for who we love? It was because of him that I'm feeling this way; whenever he's not around I start to freak out, my nerves are through the roof right now. Whenever he's near me, I feel these....butterflies in my stomach that makes me go weak, I just want to be close to him, was that so hard to ask? I just wanted him in my life! I love him so much but in the end...he turned my world into a black mass...


Then, he came along into my life. His name.....oh god his name, such a strange name but I actually liked his name...his name was Creo and by god was he a handsome devil of a doberman. Now, I know what most humans are thinking right now....'Is this dog serious?' 'There's no way that a dog can love' Well, you're wrong there buddy. I am a dog and...I've fallen in love with another dog; it wasn't love at first sight or anything really, more like that I got to know more about him, of course he learned about me as well in the process but at the same time, the more I learned about him, the more I found myself falling in love with him and I couldn't help it. My heart would skip a beat when he spoke to me, how the words that I wanted to say would sometimes get caught in my throat whenever I'm talking to him. Is this what humans went through when they were in love? They get so nervous to the point that they get scared? Was I scared to tell him my true feelings? Truth was....I was scared. I was scared to tell him everything that was on my heart, I was afraid of rejection and no one likes being rejected by their crush, but it was better then getting it off my chest now then to wait till someone else came along and swept him off his paws right?


"If and when you get this Creo....I thought you should know something...for so long, I've always wanted to tell you how I truly felt about you and whenever I get the chance, I get scared and run with my tail between my legs but I'm not doing that anymore, I'm telling you this now so...if you have fallen in love with someone else, then at least you would know something that I've been keeping from you all this time. Truth is...Creo....I've always liked you, no...that's not the word....I've always loved you Creo, I know it sounds crazy and so sudden but you need to know that I'm so in love with you that I can't even stand it! I may not show it at times but you're always on my mind, day and night...whenever you are away from me, I feel alone and scared and that the world is against me, but when you are close to me, I feel like I'm standing on top of the tallest mountain, facing the world with you at my side..." 


Its funny isn't it? Here I am, confessing my love to someone who may never return my affections in the end, its stupid I know but at the same time, he needs to know how I feel. Should he turn down my feelings for him then I will understand; he's my best friend after all and I care deeply for him, he has that right to know what's on my heart right? In a world of black and white, he happens to be the only color in my life, he was somone that was willing to stick with me through my darkest times...and he's someone that I'm not letting go. He means the world to me, you have to understand that animals like me have feelings and we too fall in love with someone. He is my light in the darkness that I'm in...he's means the world to me and I'll be damned if I let someone take him away from me!


"Creo...I....I love you so much...." 


There. I said it. I love him....but does he love me in return? Who knows, only time can tell with this one. If there was anything...anything I can do right in my life, was this; all my life I grew up hating the world and getting even with the world, here I thought that everyone was out to get me and wanted me dead but because of him, I realized that not everyone was out to get me, that some was willing to help me from myself from slipping into madness. Is that what love is? Is this what love should feel like?

Is this....

Unconditional Love?

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