Conjuration? No Comprende.

Conjuration? No Comprende.

“A witch that struggles in the dark arts..? Morgan, what are you doing to yourself? The locals hate you for being a witch, and yet you know no powers to defend yourself in case of an attack?” The raven haired Witch scolds Morgan, caring for her as kin. Taking the role of an older sibling. “You waste your time studying restoration and healing magics! You’re no cleric! You’re a heretic! The world around us is constantly looking for a reason to burn us at the stake!” The Raven haired witch glares at Morgan with her ruby colored hues. “You know your history of our kind, Rue. Not a single infamous witch ever conquered her foes or lived long enough to be heard of by pampering those around her with Healing properties! Everyone knows of tales where the evil witch that dwells within a cave and raises the dead to fend off the heroes of the world!” The raven haired witch chuckles. “It’s time you learned, Morgan! I won’t be around forever to protect you! Conjuration, the dark arts, the-” She was stopped in her lecture by the letting out a loud and dragged out sigh.


Morgan finally stopped when the raven haired witch bonked her on the head with her thick oak staff. Morgan winced in pain before speaking. “No offense, Ms. Vox, but I hope you didn’t travel all the way out here to teach me the forbidden arts! I have a business here, if the guards catch wind that I’m raising the dead in my basement then they’ll come kicking down this door. I want to live peacefully! I just want to help others and see the world! Search for artifacts that can be used for curing illnesses and breaking curses! Vox, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to-” Morgan was now interrupted by a loud and dragged on sigh from Vox, the raven haired Witch. Morgan glares and pouts some, crossing her arms like the little sister. “Come now, Morgan… We’ll be fine! Close up shop early today and we’ll practice ONE lesson. If you’re not interested, then you’re not interested… Simple as that! Deal?” Vox crossed her arms and raised a brow. “I’ll make your favorite cookies tonight to sweeten the deal?”


Morgan was quiet for a moment before silently walking over to the door, locking it, and flipping the sign on the window to close. “That’s a good little Rue. Now come on, the body I brought won’t stay fresh forever!” She giggles and raises down to the basement before Morgan could comprehend what was said. Morgan chased after Vox and found that she’d set up an area in the basement with a corpse on the ground, surrounded by a rune drawn on the ground with a purple keil. Morgan was in shock, jaw wide open and nose tickled by the smell of graveyard soil and early decomposition. Vox smiles and lets out a chuckle. “Well, as fresh as fresh gets… took a while to dig ‘em up.” She hands Morgan a beginners book to conjuration, titled “Conjurations for Dummies Vol. 2” Morgan raised a brow “Wait… Volume two? What about Volume one..?” Vox was surprised Morgan was interested in the chronological order of the book rather than the rune and corpse on the floor. Vox shrugs “The first one is just filled with insults, now close your mouth, Morgan, ‘afore you swallow a fleshfly.”


Morgan blinked a little before her mouth slowly closed itself. Vox nods and readies her hands. “Now, Little sister, do as I saw, when I say! Got it? Position yourself as so!” Morgan tried her best to strike the same pose as the raven haired witch but looked a little wobbly. “Now close your eyes, Rue… focus all your energy to your hands, feel your power course through you… You’ll be transferring this power. Channeling it into something empty and drained of all life… A husk if you will. It will take a lot out of you at first, but you’ll grow over time… that is if you end up taking these teachings further…” Morgan was hands out, with her eyes closed. This wasn’t too different from healing… Transferring energy that is… but raising the dead… That’s the part that’s different. Vox noticed Morgan trying her best. And even noticed a small glow of energy growing in Morgan’s hands. Was it working? Morgan could feel herself draining into this husk.. And sure enough, she was struggling, Vox had a smile from ear to ear, it was working!


Morgan tried to stabilize herself, putting one foot forwards, but neither of them noticed she’d smeared the rune on the floor with her foot. Morgan let out a battle cry as she casts all her energy into the corpse, letting out a huge purple blast of light, blinding the immediate area. Both of the witches were quick to look away, as the blast pushed them back some. The corpse began to move, kicking off the wraps he was in. He let out a blood curdling scream, as he was forced back in his lifeless body. Vox laughed. “Morgan! You did it! You’re a- Wait… BY THE EIGHT!!” The rune formed a tear in the middle of it, a tear to a soul realm. “MORGAN! THE RUNE!” Morgan opened her eyes to see her raised zombie being devoured by a soul eating hole in the ground. Vox was quick to pull Morgan away from the scene… The creams of the reanimated dead being eaten by the unknown could be heard from the woodline outside.


As the corpse was finally consumed by the void, the tear closed and the rune disappeared. It was quiet between the two witches. The silence was broken by Vox clearing her throat and letting go of the nape of Morgan’s collar. “So uhh, the evidence is gone… the wax is cleaned up… corpse devoured… uhh that was an easy cleanup. Let’s uhh not do this again… “ Morgan nodded silently, her eyes fixed in a trance to the ground. “Rue? Should I uhh..?” Morgan shook her head. “Just start on those damned cookies already, Vox…”


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