Death and Nightmares and Everything in Between.

 ****This blog deals in dark themes. You have been warned.****

The Shadow that had been forming at Eva's back, the one she kept glimpsing from the corner of her eye but could never truly see, edged closer. The wicked weapon he carried, the salted cat of nine tails was whipped toward her unprotected back. Yes it was a dream but he was a Master of Dreams. Over and over he struck the half blood with the deadly weapon, tearing flesh, throwing blood and drawing screams of agony from her throat. It was a damned weapon, one that not even her hellfire could withstand. The girl would fade... drawn back from whence she came.

And she did scream, writhing in agony as those straps bit into her skin. She clawed, trying to grasp anything to keep her grounded, to keep her from fading away. Her purple eyes found Kirk's as she was pulled. Her jaw was clenched. She knew she would pay for this visit but she gave him a fierce smile. It had been worth it. Eva woke from the dream, her head pounding and her eyelids so very heavy. It took nearly everything she had to force them open. She was on her stomach now and shivered at the cold air that moved across her bared back. It was only then that she realized she was naked. A snort was given. If he thought leaving her naked was going to shame her, he had a surprise coming his way. She felt icy fingers crawl up her spine and the agony that shot through her made her writhe on that table. 

      As she moved on that table, she would feel the kiss of a blade run the length of her back, tracing some of those old scars that still marked her even after a hundred years. Tannin said nothing, his form now altered. Now, he appeared as a beautiful man with fine features. Leaning down, his long hair tickled her back and he whispered in her ear. "Abominations must perish. The Lines must remain pure Eva. You know this. You know what must happen." A cold hand slipped into her silver hair and yanked her head back, hard. The blade was pressed to her throat. With a sudden pull, it was drawn across her throat.

   Eva managed a cry of surprise, felt the cool pull of the steel and felt the hot gush of blood pour from her body. Struggling to breathe, she tried to pull away but was slowly fading. Her sight left first, the sound of her blood striking the table was loud in her ears as she simply faded away. 

   It felt like hours later before she gasped for breath and tried to sit up but the restraints prevented that. She was on her back now, still naked, or just naked? She had no idea of the passage of time. Had she been dreaming? Had it really happened? Amethyst eyes flicked over the seemingly empty room as she tried to slip her hand free but... it was too tight. Dropping her head back down, she realized she was awake! She could teleport. So, she reached inside herself, seeking that flame that allowed her to do that and once she touched it, she willed herself to the Inn. 

    Instead of the Inn, she found herself in a small room. Dark and cold. Empty. It was so small, the Girl could not stand. She was curled, on her knees. Shivering in the cold, she tried to lift her head to see where she was but even her demonic vision could not pierce the darkness. She had no idea what the hell had happened. "What the fuck..." She muttered to herself and she tried to teleport out... but she could not. She was trapped. She cursed again, realizing then that she was not awake, but another dream.

   She felt the 'roof' shake a little before it lowered a bit more. Now, she would feel the spikes. First they pressed against her skin, making small indents but not breaking the skin. The cold from these would sear her skin, burning into her body. Eva was a creature of fire, the icy cold touch was divine agony. Slowly, the roof lowered again, now those spears cut into her skin, small rivulets of blood trailed over her skin cutting hot pathways to the floor. Again, the roof moved, further this time and those spikes impaled her, the tips driving into the ground.

   Eva screamed in pain as those spears drove deep into her body. One pierced a lung, another her heart, she felt it drive through and gasped for breath. Blood filled her mouth and she choked on her own life's fluid. She could not move, could not speak nor breathe. So, she closed her eyes and smiled. They would not break her, she thought, no matter how many times they killed her.

  Once more, she tried to sit upright, laying on her back on that table. This time he stood above her, his face as beautiful as any angels save his eyes. Those were dark pits that promised nothing but pain. Eva laughed in his face. "Do whatever ya like asshole. I don't care." She lay her head back down and stared at the ceiling. Tannin smiled and gesture, his freezing fingers caressing her bared stomach, drawing Eva's eyes there. A sharp intake of breath was her only response to the baby bump she was sporting. Terror flooded her body as she realized what he was doing. She shook her head. "Please, don't.. Not this.. not again."

   Tannin smiled coldly and brought that blade back into view. He watched the silver haired Girl struggle now, begging as he knew she would eventually. With a casual movement, he drove that blade into her stomach, the hilt leaving a bruise immediately from the sheer force of the blow. Now, he cut, sawing slowly, painstakingly. A moment later, what he sought was bared. He released the knife, shoved both hands into her belly and ripped forth the baby who was not ready to see the world. Holding the boy up to see its mother, he smiled and with a deft movement, he broke the infant's neck. The child made a pitiful noise in its death throes. Finally, he placed it upon Eva's chest before stroking her face, leaving a long smear of her own blood there.

    Eva screamed in pain, convulsing on the table as he sawed her open. She knew what was coming, there was nothing else he was aiming for but to break her after all. The Girl felt him rip the child from her body and shrieked. Even as she tried not to look, tried to close her eyes to the sight, she looked up at the infant she had almost had.. A soundless cry of torture was torn from her as he wrung her son's neck and placed it upon her chest. She sobbed as he touched her cheek, heavier fluids than just blood clinging to her skin. Never had she wanted to die as she did right now...

    And he obliged. Drawing a sword that looked much like her own, he impaled the baby through the spine and into it's mothers heart. Slaying her and mingling her child's blood with her own. He watched now as she died again. Tannin watched as the last of that fire left her strange purple eyes. He would wake her again soon. Perhaps now, she would yield.

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