Death do us part. (Threads open)

Many centuries ago…


His dark brown eyes study his ring finger on his left hand. He can see the tan line of what must have been a wedding band. That’s what the little mint-haired girl said to him. She told him that must be where a ring was, just like her parents. He couldn’t remember who though. Who was so important to him before he woke up on that operating table? Do they still exist? Are they looking for him? Or did they see him die?

“I do.” Says the bride to the groom.

“Team two, three, and four stand by for your plot.” Doom instructs over the radio in his helmet. Black pixels cover his hand and solidify into armor. He looks over the venue from the balcony he infiltrated from the two guards. None of the guests from below have caught wind of him just yet. His scentless armor and quiet step made sure of this.

He centers himself on the vantage point to ensure he has the best view of everyone at the wedding. Though it can’t be seen through the armor, but markings began to appear over his eyes. “Pick your targets. As soon as my second shot lands, the rest of you take yours. Team one, ensure those trucks are ready to go.”

“I do.” Says the groom to the bride.

What came next was one of the reasons why has three silver stars on his shoulders. Lieutenant General Doom. He brings up his AR-.50 BMG to his shoulder and aims off to the right of the newlyweds. He snaps into the shadow realm fires one shot, then snaps back out and shoots a shot directly for the bride. Finally he opens a small portal to his right.

The groom heard the metal shifting in the gun, and the small explosion from the bullet being fired. Being a vampire the groom was quick enough to yank his beloved out of the bullets trajectory. He yanks his woman off to his left, which would be Doom’s right. The first bullet exits out of the portal without a sound and hits the bride’s head.

Doom drops from the balcony as other soldiers begin to open fire on the rest of the crowd using the same type of large caliber weapons.

“You vampires are pretty fast.” Doom says as he drops his rifle and draws out his sickles. “But firing a shot in a world that makes no sound, with a little bit of time manipulation, and finally a big fuckin’ bullet that can take a head clean off… Well, I don’t care how fast you are. You’re not escaping that first shot.”

The vampire is stunned looking at his headless wife on the floor. “Fine, don’t say anything. Xavier, I want the location of your-“ Doom crouches down, dodging a punch, hooks both sickles into his opponent’s abdomen, spins, and tosses him into a wall made out of white diamond material. He sheaths sickles now and holds his left palm out. A flash of light came off his palm. A light with the same properties of the sun. This causes the vampire to begin burning up, but as it was just a flash, he hasn’t turned to ash just yet.

Doom wasn’t finished. By now his teams were watching everything happen. All of the other guests of been dealt with, and the groom was the last vampire standing. “You think you suffering now? Oh no, we’re just getting started you sack of shit!” The vampire tries to swing at Doom, but instead his arm is cut clean off by the blade coming out of the top of Doom’s right wrist.

“Where did your boss take the kids?!” There was two punches to the vampire’s face.

“I… I don’t-“Xavier tries to speak only to be interrupted by a punch to his mouth. Doom grabs him by the jaw and yanks one of the fangs clean out of his mouth. He then presses it into Xavier’s eye and punches it in.

“It’s going to take a lot for me to kill you, Xavier! I know you can still feel pain though!” Just then Doom takes out a needle with a clear liquid in it. “Where’s your boss!?”

“He never told us!” Xavier screams out to the man standing over him. Doom injects the liquid into the vampire. Immediately he begins to vomit, but Doom only quicks his chest in. “Where is he?!”

“Hotel… T-T-There’s an underground hideout… At the hotel you saw me at… P-Please-“ Doom begins walking away.

“We need to get back to the Hotel off fifth street! Team four with me and one. Two and three I want to create perimeter around the building. Four, take the roof and go down. One, work your way up.” He grabs the shoulder of a woman with two silver bars on her shoulders. “Captain, execute the vampire.”

“Let’s move Warlords! I want this vampire’s jaw!”

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