Deepest Wounds

Deepest Wounds

Thason groaned as he tossed and turned in his bed, unable to sleep as the rain pelted against his window gently. He sat up and kicked off the blankets like a frustrated child before rubbing his eyes. He reached over and flicked on the lamp and stared down at his chest. His entire left side of his chest was scarred over from an explosion that was detonated near him in his much younger days. He placed a hand over the tissue and took a slow breath. It had been millenia since the great Ra’Zulian War, but Thason had the worst injury of it all: he survived. He rose out of the bed and stared at his body in the mirror and looked to his hands. The Gaia energy had kept his body mostly young and thanks to some rather complex sciences he was able to help heal the scar tissue so that it wasn’t as bad as it originally had been but for some damned reason he couldn’t bring himself to get it fully grafted. It just felt wrong to him, to cover that part of his history. The day Marcus Graves truly died and Thason was born, he turned away from the mirror and closed his eyes. He focused his breathing and allowed the memory to surface to its fullest detail. 

* * * 

Marcus brought his mace down with a furious yell into the helmet of a skeleton knight before yanking it out and surviving the battlefield. Hundreds of corpses laid around his feet as he turned and stared up at the large city wall that separated him from his goal. He sensed the arrow before he saw it and simply leaned out of the way before looking up to his right to see the skeleton with a crossbow aimed directly at him. Thason’s free hand extended outwards and he gritted his teeth as he began to slowly close his fist. The ground beneath his feet shook as large chunks of rock rose from the ground. He pulled his fist back in a jerking motion causing the boulders to fly through the air and slam into the wall tower. He looked to the sky and raised the same hand as he watched the dark clouds form around him. Marcus let out another vengeful yell as he thrust his hand at the large iron gate blocking his path. A bolt of lightning came down from the heavens and struck the stone around the gate causing a massive explosion. He walked towards the gate as it slowly fell towards him landing a mere inches away as he turned to avoid it falling down.

His eyes burned with a fiery gold as the Gaia Energy swelled within him like a raging inferno. The streets he once called home were empty and deserted, large towers of smoke rose from various parts of the city as Marcus continued to make his way towards his goal, The Council Chambers located in the Knights of Gaia Academy in the heart of the city. There was silence now as Marcus strolled his way through the streets. Stopping only to pick up a large shield off a fallen Knight. He secured it to his left arm before moving forwards. His eyes could see through buildings and sense various skeletons and other dark creatures. He gripped his mace tightly as he spun quickly and parried a sword strike from a ghoul that tried to sneak up on him. He bashed the creature with the shield before thrusting his right fist forwards sending a bolt of lightning clean through the ghoul’s head. It dropped down to the ground with a heavy clatter and Marcus continued on his way. He ascended the steps to the Academy before facing a large troll guarding the entrance.

It smirked down at Marcus as it raised its club high into the air. Marcus braced himself with the large shield and made a cross block with his right hand and felt the club hit the shield and knock him to the right. He skid against the stone steps as he yelled and thrust his right hand forwards. The ground shook as a large stone pillar erupted from the ground and knocked into the side of the troll sending it stumbling and Marcus leapt into the air charging his mace with lightning as he brought it down into the skull of the troll with a furious strike. The troll let out a wail of pain as it reached with a large meaty hand to grasp at Marcus but Marcus had countered by kicking off of the troll’s body and landed on the top step. He used both hands and focused on a part of stone behind the troll and threw his hands to the side causing a large stone pillar to erupt from the ground knocking into the troll’s back sending it tumbling down the steps.

“In the name of Mother Gaia, I vanquish you back to hell you vile piece of shit” Marcus spat as he brought up both hands causing large chunks of earth to encase the troll before bringing them together and clasping his hands. The troll let out one final scream before the stones burst with blood. His eyes turned and gazed at the entrance to the Academy. He kicked open the large door and screamed inside. “SSSEEETTHH!” Marcus huffed as he pulled on the quick release strap for the large shield and it clattered to the ground. He glanced around the entrance to the school before sensing a massive dark energy coming from the center school grounds. Marcus smirked to himself and stormed off to find his enemy. “Finally” However, when Marcus kicked down the last door separating him from his enemy all he saw was a bright flash of light followed by a searing pain on his left side and then it all went black.

Marcus couldn’t breathe, his body felt sore and tired, the left side of his body was burning hot. He rolled himself onto his stomach and felt hot ash on his skin. He winced as he slowly stood up and stared at his feet. Black ash surrounded his feet and had tainted his once white armor. He blinked as he suddenly realised where he was standing. He slowly looked over his shoulder and saw nothing but a large field of black ash. The entire city, the school, his home…. whipped out in a single moment. He alone stood in a massive dark crater filled with the ashes of his home. Marcus fell to his knees and let out a wail of anguish and despair.

* * *

Thason opened his eyes as he brought himself back to the present day. He had somehow managed to climb back into bed and curled into a fetal position. As if on autopilot, Thason reached up and brought the blankets over his body and turned over, closing his eyes. Allowing sleep to finally take him. 

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