Enchanter, come to see. Enchanter, can you see?

Enchanter, come to see. Enchanter, can you see?

The sound of a fine tuned lute playing melodies echoed through the stone walled chambers of the enchanter’s workshop. The fire crackled in the hearth and the smell of incense tickled the nose. Fingers danced across the strings of the instrument playing a  song that was strong and powerful but also easy on the ears. The enchantress sighs as she begins to get annoyed and couldn’t focus. 


“Miss Rue, strum another string on that sodding instrument and I shall bleed you dry… I’ve been at this for days and I can’t focus when you "play" that… sodding hick instrument!” The Blind Enchantress warned the blue haired witch. The instrument stopped upon the threat but soon fell of deaf ears, because Morgan Rue had the willpower of a small child who loved to annoy their siblings. 


The witch whines. “Oh Ria, come now! I’m a bard in training, you know?” She giggles, trying to sneak around the blind woman and peek at what she was making.


“Morgan, I’m blind… not an idiot. You stole that blasted thing from a bard. Sure you know how to play it, but can’t you do it outside?” The Enchantress shook her head as she tried to focus on beading the crystals onto the chain in her hands. 


Rue’s wine colored eyes stared at the crown, necklace, chains, earrings and even the massive chunk of Dark Amethyst… glowing a faint black and purple color. A wicked craft to get into, Morgan thought. A jeweler of types? “Well, I can play you a song that may help fortify your concentration?” Ah, yes.. The age old lie of Morgan singing a song that will fortify any sort of property… Rue knew of no such thing, but the blind enchantress who now wishes she was deaf too, was not going to call her friend a liar. That’s just rude.


“Oh, alright… If you know of such tunes. but… perhaps you can stop playing the song of annoyance already? Please?” Ria lets out a small sigh as she tries to bead more crystals into the delicate chain.. Fit for a king. 


Rue snickers and finally breaks out into laughter. “Do you have to wear everything you make? N-no, no, never mind! Yes, a song!” She clears her throat and begins to play a soft tune, slow but strong in presence to the room. Like the mix between a lullaby and a song played in the tavern. But just when the tune was getting good, a string snapped and left Morgan with a rude sound to bear, killing her song and tune in one stroke. 


“Not bad Rue, it is… quite comforting. Glad this is your repayment for nursing your sorry hide back to health for those long days. About time you made yourself useful. Fortify concentration, hmmm..? Doesn’t seem to have that desired effect, Rue. Perhaps your skills aren’t what you hack them up to be… perhaps you should stick to your potion brewing..” 


Morgan sighs, placing the lute down at the edge of the hearth, still rather sore in her back, but she has a seat by the fire. “Yes, yes Miss Ria… It’s good to be back on my feet atlast. I appreciate the help. But as you call home in these dwemer ruins, I call home in Davenport. Quite the journey from here. large stretches of land stands in my way, perhaps I may meet a few people along the roads and Ale houses? Ah yes, Madame Ria… it is good to be back.”

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