Fallen off the Earth: OOC Blog

September can be a busy bee type of time for me. Between child's school, businessy things, and all of that other stresses of life... I've fallen off the face of the Earth. It sucks but what can I do? Child comes first, I'm stressed, and I'm just... Burned out already which should happened but it did! Now, I'm still on HIATUS (spelling is optional right now) until further notice. Once routine and less stress (HA! Less stress! I should be a comedian) happens, I'll be able to come back. Every thing is on hold, every thing is fine. I'm on the Discord server if you wanna ping me there. I can still talk but I'm just stretching myself thin. I'm depressed, I'm stressed, and I'm just... Not mentally doing well. So I've given this more words than what there should of been... I'm going to peace out for now.

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