First Flight

The little hybrid practically had to run in order to keep up with his mother. He was no more than four years old and only a couple feet tall. Despite that he managed to catch up to Maleficent by the time they reached the drawbridge. She was standing along the edge looking down into the abyss below what the humans referred to as the Forbidden Mountain. Her castle sat on top of a cliff meaning that falling from such an estate would result in certain death.

“Mother what are you doing?” The hybrid inquired as the villainess looked down.

As he waited for her to answer, a raven black wolf pup came up behind him and nudged Malphas closer to his mother. “No Zev…” The little boy was obviously scared. He could never admit something like that to Maleficent though.

“Malphas we are going to play a little game. It is called, fly or die.”

Malphas merely stared at her with bright yellow eyes. “Well..How do I play?” He looked back at Zev for a moment just as Diablo flew out from one of the castle windows. He let out a sharp caw and soared above them as if he was waiting for something.

“Come here my dear and I will show you.”

Malphas nodded slightly not wanting to disobey his mother and slowly inched his way towards the edge of the drawbridge.  “Okay mother.” Once he was standing beside her, Malphas looked down and gulped. It was a long way down. Before he could say anything else, Maleficent moved one of her hands and pressed it against the little boy’s back pushing him off of the mountain.

At first Malphas screamed as he fell into the darkness. He looked around helplessly knowing that there was nothing for him to grab onto. His mother watched from above as he screamed, but just a few seconds before his body hit the rocks, two large black wings shot out of his back allowing him to hover and then shoot back up into the air towards Maleficent. His screams of fright quickly turned into screams of pure joy as he flew through the sky.

“Look mother I am flying! Look at me!!” Zev ran across the drawbridge following where his master was flying clearly finding this exciting. Diablo merely continued to watch Malphas as he soared through the air. Maleficent sighed slightly and looked at her son’s wings. They carried him high into the clouds. She stood and watched knowing she would never be able to join him.  

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