Freedom At Last!

She remembered the day,  like it was yesterday. A witch came and stayed a few days. Maleficent was left in charge of serving her, making sure she had all she needed. The witch ordered her to her, and Maleficent walked to her knelt down, head and eyes downcast to the floor. The witch ordered her to look at her so she did. What Maleficent saw was pity and love in the witches eyes. 

After a moment quiet the witch reached out and touched her nose and began to pet it. "I want you to be free. My dear, Cougar Shifter. To experience the life of a human and their ways. I'll even teach you magic." She told her with a smile.

"I will never be set free, Ma'am. I was raised a slave, that is all I know. " Maleficent said bowing her head towards the floor. "We will see about that!" The witch said tapping the chair she sat in.

The next day, Maleficent woke up to screams and the smell of burning wood and rock. She raced out of the den and ran to her Master and Mistress's den and stopped in her tracks. They laid burned and dead, the rest of the Pride had either perished too or had ran into the woods. The witch walked to her and touched on the shoulder. "They died peacefully. " She told her quietly. "Come we must go." The witch said leading her away from her home and to a better one. 

"Freedom At Last!" She told herself with a small smile as she followed the witch.

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