Frozen Toes at One AM [❤]

I watched my breath evaporate in front of me, let's go back inside. It was too cold to be out in the middle of the night, but he insisted that it was nice enough for a walk. With those puppy eyes, I couldn't say no. So I hugged my jacket tighter and bit my tongue.

"Your hair looks nice tonight" Liam's expression was monotone. Something was wrong, but I didn't want to prod. Tonight was not the night for an argument. My sandy brown locks curled in big spirals, down to my mid-back. I wore a knitted gray beanie that was pulled over my forehead, my hair had been pressed flat throughout the night, so I just kept the hat on, but I took the compliment anyways,

"Where are we going?" I asked, a tang of annoyance nipped my tongue. It didn't mean it to come off that way, but the air was hitting the single digits and I was cold. He sighed but didn't respond, I don't think he wanted to argue tonight either, which was fair. It was the night of love, couples in love don't fight. Then, were we in love? It was a surprise if we went even one day without an argument. I shook the thought from my head, I was not about to ruin Valentines day by asking stupid questions... Haven't I already done that though?

"Let's stop here." Liam grabbed my waist, even with three layers of warmth, his touch took my breath away. I stopped and looked around,

"You... Want us to look out at traffic?" I tilted my head, some romance. He almost laughed at the question,

"No. Em, I want you to look beyond the highway." Snow started to fall in big fluffy flakes. They feathered onto my eyelashes and hair. We were standing under a lightpost on a brigde at one in the morning. I sighed and looked passed the highway as told, It was a gorgeous skyline of lit up buildings laying over a harbor. My mouth parted and I could feel Liam's gaze on my face while I awed the scenery,

"It's beautiful," I said quietly, forgetting how numb my toes were.

"I know... Beautiful" He said, still locked on me. I blush under my already rosy cheeks and slowly turn towards him, "Sailor..." he's never used my first name for anything unless it was serious. I creased my eyebrows, concerned. He sucked in a breath before exhaling, letting the cloud of smoke blur my vision, "I love you,"

Oh no... What is this? I knew something was wrong, but how could he break up with me on Valentines day?

"I have always loved you, and I always will," please, don't do this to me, not now. My lids brimmed with water, I started shaking, not because of the cold, but because I was afraid, "We've been on so many lifechanging adventures together," I let out a hard sob and cover my mouth. He couldn't even look me in the eyes while he did it. I couldn't take it, I stepped back but he took my hand, and he did something unforseen,

he got down on one knee.

My heart stopped. My mouth was gaped open behind my trembling hand, and a tear slid onto my cheek. "Sailor Grace Emerson, will you do me the extrordinary honor of marying me?" I finally took a breath and exhaled another sob. It was like all of the cars underneath us going 70 mph slowed to 2. I clutched his warm hand, it seemed like an eternity that I was standing there. I realized that he had been crying too. It all made sense in that moment, the monotone voice, the walk, everything. It was my dream to get asked in the snow. I finally let out a laugh and quickly nodded my head, holy shit I'm engaged.

He smiled, the water in his eyes sparkled under the streetlight. I fell to my knees and he took me into his embrace, "Yes, of course!" I said in between sobs. He slowly pulled away and dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out a black silk box. 

"I love you, Smalls."

"I love you too, Liam." 

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