Headcanons (OOC)

Hello friends! I wanted to make a little fun page of headcanons for Coninia! I wanted to use this to give useful little things about Coninia that may help you understand her better or visualize her better. So here we go! This page may have more added on to it, later on, so do feel free to occasionally stop by.

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  • Deirdre is one of my first developed characters and has been around in different RPs on Youtube, Tumblr, and other sites for at least 7 years of my roleplaying life. I retired her for two years to try and develop her more.
  • Her story is partially based off of the move The Sorcerer's Apprentice. I know it was not a film many found popular, but I did like certain concepts it had in it. 
  • Deirdre's name is indeed based off of the Celtic Myth of Deirdre of the Sorrows. In most of her lfie, she is supposed to endure through many sorrows. 
  • Her father- Nathaniel Lafayette was cursed to be a dragon and looked at as an evil creature. Technically, this makes Deirdre a half-dragon. 
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